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Todd Carney to play for Atherton

By johnboy - 8 March 2009 58

[First filed: March 05, 2009 @ 10:55]

Regular readers will be thrilled by an ABC story reporting that perennial favourite Todd Carney has signed to play for the Atherton Roosters in the Queensland competition.

I also hear the gig involves a job working in the pub.

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UPDATED: Todd is nothing if not reliable. LeagueHQ notes that Todd’s signing with Atherton followed his being handcuffed by eight police officers in Goulburn after jumping up and down on the roof of a car outside the Carlton Hotel.

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58 Responses to
Todd Carney to play for Atherton
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TroyWilliams 12:57 pm 12 Mar 09

At the pub last night here in Cairns and a mate asked me “what do I know about this Carney bloke”. The initial response went along the lines of where do i start.

ant 9:48 am 11 Mar 09

Mr Evil said :

I reckon Carney should be checking out Manly, as they seem to have a good drinkin’ culture, and a young bloke like Carney’d fit right in with them!

… and it looks like they now have a vacancy…

Mr Evil 9:09 am 11 Mar 09

I reckon Carney should be checking out Manly, as they seem to have a good drinkin’ culture, and a young bloke like Carney’d fit right in with them!

Holden Caulfield 9:05 am 11 Mar 09

Just heard on the radio this morning that Carney has been banned form Goulburn for 12 months. Haha!

Mr Evil 11:31 am 10 Mar 09

Well FNQ has survived Cyclone Hamish – but they won’t know what hit them when Cyclone Todd comes to town!

misspris 11:17 am 10 Mar 09

BerraBoy68 said :

While there is no doubting Todd is an idiot, his manager should be looking out for him and, for that matter, so should Todd’s family. Are they counseling him at all over any of this? Escorting him on his nights out? FFS, where are their objections to his living and working in a Pub?

The person arrested with him was probably his dad.

Granny 1:56 am 10 Mar 09

I don’t know that it would be a great idea to entrust a wheelbarrow of bricks to Todd Carney … are you sure we really want to do that?

Oh, what the heck! I’m always up for a bit of an experiment!

ant 12:43 am 10 Mar 09

I can hear the toenails scrabbling on the wood…

Oh for the 80s, when our sports people still had to pretend to have real jobs and earn real livings. and some of them really were glassies at the QLC and they really did push wheelbarrows of bricks in Bung.

G-Fresh 10:52 pm 09 Mar 09

*scurries away*

johnboy 10:50 pm 09 Mar 09

last warning on language G-Fresh.

G-Fresh 10:49 pm 09 Mar 09

You whining twats wouldn’t ever be able to handle the scrutiny this bloke and other sports players are put under. Regardless of your occupation haha

sunshine 4:06 pm 09 Mar 09

exactly…..the manager is probably trying his best however if Carney doesn’t want to change or fix anything…nothing anyone else can do. It’s all up to CArney

ant 12:08 pm 09 Mar 09

I think that, if you mention the police here, you have to insert a fawningly positive comment straight after, or certain police-persons think you’re having a go at them. (insert fawningly positive comment hastily).

As for Carney’s manager, well, he’s not in a position of authority over Carney, he’s an employee of Carney. It would be very difficult for him/her to make Carney do anything. Just giving him some sound advice would be risky, if it wasn’t something Carney wished to hear.

Gungahlin Al 12:08 pm 09 Mar 09

God you people are so cruel. The poor thing is clearly battling to get over the toxic media commentary he has been copping. Is it his fault that he wasn’t born 20 years earlier when he was just another good bloke having a bit of harmless fun? Perhaps he’s caught in a Life on Mars plot, but in reverse?

So when he’s only getting wasted to help himself “forget his past”, let’s just let him get on with it hey? What’s a few trashed cars and stuff, when he’s investing time, money and reputation so heavily in getting his forgetfulness cranked up?

[sarcasm off] Sheesh – why would any team employ this stupid pratt???

johnboy 11:46 am 09 Mar 09






Humour module engaged, antagonism levels decreasing….

Nosey 11:44 am 09 Mar 09


Is he sponsored by the Police Union to generate overtime for their members or something?

Huh? Stupid comment alert…. (AGREE)

Um, why? Its fair to say that Carney has occupied more police time than most other people…

Do you really think it’s fair to say that he has occupied alot of Police time?

I think not. Carney is an idiot and a comment like that has you close to the same basket.

BerraBoy68 10:29 am 09 Mar 09

sunshine said :

where’s todd’s responsibility in all this???

I’m not arguing Sunshine. What I’m saying is that Todd has proven himself to be an idiot who, through immaturity, lack if intelligence or just being plain stupid simply can’t look after himself. That said, he is paying a manager to do some if this for him, especially where it relates to prolonging what’s left of his long term playing career. This guy should be focusing Todd ion getting clean, engaging in some serious self-assessment and keeping fit for next season. Giving him the OK to live in a pub is stupidity at best and the Manager seems to be not acting in Todd’s best interests.

Skidd Marx 9:35 am 09 Mar 09

Saturday’s CT headline:

“Carney looks to forget the past”

and on Sunday…

“Carney arrested again”

Looks like Toddy forgot to forget again.

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