Todd Scott Lemmon gets $50k for falling off a swing

johnboy 15 July 2008 36

The ABC informs us that one Todd Scott Lemmon, 20, has been awarded $50,000 for injuries caused when he fell of the ‘giraffe swing’ in the Gungahlin Town Park. He was 14 at the time.

A welcome reminder of the need of the Government to take care of these facilities? Or litigation robbing the community of money and amenity?

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36 Responses to Todd Scott Lemmon gets $50k for falling off a swing
Mish_Mash Mish_Mash 10:50 am 18 Jul 08

i don’t think the government should be blamed or my tax dollars should have to pay for someone else’s lack of co-ordination.
i agree with many other statements here…. what ever happened to people taking responsibility for their own actions????

If i knew the guy i’d punch him in the face. then sue him for hurting my hand.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 10:00 am 16 Jul 08

Also here’s a older discussion about the destruction of our childhood dreams .

hk0reduck hk0reduck 9:57 am 16 Jul 08

From today’s newspaper –

“Mr Lemmon fell against a metal fence and broke his nose. He was taken to hospital with facial cuts and concussion.”

“He has since experienced neurological damage, breathing and sleeping difficulties, headaches and learning difficulties because of the accident, and may need further surgery.”

It’s a bit odd that ABC would concentrate on superficial facial injuries that occured and not on the brain which might cause people to have a bit more sympathy for the guy.

I can’t think of any way that he could slam into a metal fence without himself being negligent in some way. Either by swinging sideways,trying to jump in the wrong direction, or purposefully putting a wobble on your swing (in these cases you normal swing into the metal support beams).

Screw this guy for ruining it for everyone else, I’m still upset by the idiot who fell off the GREATEST PLAYGROUND IN THE WORLD(fadden pines in all it’s wooden 3-level glory) and got it to the neutered version that it is today.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 9:36 pm 15 Jul 08

$50,000 FOR FALLING OFF A SWING?! WTF! My best mate was offered just $10K more than that when a helicopter he was in at work was hit by another helicopter and both dropped out of the sky killing quite a few very good people. And he’s in a wheelchair for life.

This is a total farce. playgrounds are where kids should be getting hurt. Learning by trial and error, falling out of trees, falling off bikes etc… not learning about the vagueries (sp?) of the legal system.

I’m now waiting for the government to remove all playgrounds in the ACT to reduce their liability. Anyone for obesity, laziness and a system where no-one takes responsibility for their own actions/decisions? Yes? Line up at the door…, no, hang on sit where you are, we’ll come to you…

ant ant 9:27 pm 15 Jul 08

What crap childhoods kids have nowadays. Can’t do anything, can’t have fun, can’t learn and get dirty. Waht even happened to parents getting together and looking after/building the stuff their kids need? Now it’s bleat at the government for more handouts, and litigate when things aren’t perfect.

They had one of those garden/house makeover shows on the other night, for a lady who’d fostered 500 kids. So they did up the kid areas, by making their playroom nicer with a big couch, and a giant TV. Ye gods. This is “play” now, watching DVDs.

Poor pasty useless little kids.

Pandy Pandy 7:50 pm 15 Jul 08

When i were a lad, I jumped out of a try at school and knocked myself out. went to hospital. but i were fine.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 7:40 pm 15 Jul 08

The government effectively admitted liability (as recorded in Hansard – link above)

“(3) The Assessment of Safety Risks and Compliance completed in January 2004 by the Playground People found a number of non-compliant items associated with the giraffe swings in ACT District Parks. The giraffe swings in the South Canberra District Parks did not comply with ACT and Australian Standards and compliance could not feasibly be achieved. The giraffe swing in North Canberra did not comply with ACT and Australian Standards for several elements, however compliance can feasibly be achieved through modification of the giraffe swing.”

Spideydog Spideydog 7:31 pm 15 Jul 08

Was it a government car…. “Oh bugger, my neck !!!”

Pesty Pesty 6:09 pm 15 Jul 08

Whatsup said :

neanderthalsis said :

Hands up everyone who as a kid or even as an (ir)responsible adult has fallen off a swing, slippery slide, fallen out of a tree or had a slip/trip/fall due to their own stupidity?

I’ve got both hands up !

I’ve got both hands and feet up, Oh shit, i fell off the chair… hang on! I fell off the chair! Yay! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Ari Ari 5:59 pm 15 Jul 08

Spideydog said :

astrojax said :

But as a kid, I had been to a few playgrounds that looked a little dodgy from vandlism etc and thought, “Gee, that might be a little dangerous.

Nah, Lemmon was up for it. He’s not yellow.

Ari Ari 5:57 pm 15 Jul 08

Perhaps they should re-peel the relevant compo laws.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:59 pm 15 Jul 08

I’m sure he feels slightly less pipped now and will approach life with considerably greater zest…

Whatsup Whatsup 4:57 pm 15 Jul 08

neanderthalsis said :

Hands up everyone who as a kid or even as an (ir)responsible adult has fallen off a swing, slippery slide, fallen out of a tree or had a slip/trip/fall due to their own stupidity?

I’ve got both hands up !

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 4:40 pm 15 Jul 08

Scott Lemmon has 50 000 reasons to feel less BITTER about his accident. Its just a shame these claims are a SQUEEZE on the taxpayer’s hip pocket.

Thumper Thumper 4:27 pm 15 Jul 08

oh, yeah, and of course, man-bear-pig too…

Wide Boy Jake Wide Boy Jake 4:24 pm 15 Jul 08

Well I think this award is a Lemmon.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:23 pm 15 Jul 08

Serious facial injuries?

One does wonder what he actually did and if he was clowning around(i.e. being a normal 14yo). I can see how a swing can cause serious facial injuries, but only if you were being a bit of a git to begin with.

Hands up everyone who as a kid or even as an (ir)responsible adult has fallen off a swing, slippery slide, fallen out of a tree or had a slip/trip/fall due to their own stupidity?

Some people grow up and learn from their mistakes, some people sue…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:07 pm 15 Jul 08

Working Families could do a lot with $50 000.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:05 pm 15 Jul 08

I blame man-bear-pig;

Thumper Thumper 4:02 pm 15 Jul 08

I blame global warming…

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