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Too Old to be hardcore

By Blamemonkey 19 May 2005 18

There was a guy in a Lavender bathrobe and a bike helmet on backwards I knew I was out of my depth

Last Night saw the release of George Lucas’s Final (maybe) instalment in the starwars um…. What is a trilogy times two??? Any way the final instalment the prequel trilogy and I think it was a huge improvement on the two previous prequels.
Not to the point being the geek that I am, I decided to attend the 00:01am screening at Woden Hoyts and what I saw stunned me.

I thought I was hardcore geek; Role-playing, being involved in the SCA, attending gaming conventions I even started queuing for the screening of the phantom menace at 4:00 pm but here I was out of my depth.

There where kids (god I feel old) running around with light sabres and robes everywhere, people dressed as superman and batman and even a guy dressed in a lavender bathrobe with a bike helmet on backwards.

Now I’m a fan of starwars don’t get me wrong but I’m thinking of changing that simply because I feel I give the fans a bad name, not living up to ridiculous costumes, didn’t start queuing up at 11pm Tuesday night not even clapping when the movie started.

the whole point of this rant is the movie was good but starwars fans you have reached a new low only just above Magic the gathering players…….

What’s Your opinion?

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Too Old to be hardcore
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Maelinar 9:45 am 23 May 05

Trilogy x 2 = ‘Biology’ perhaps ?

Just my attempt at a pun

johnboy 11:22 pm 22 May 05

Em – The bots classify on the first hit on the story. they don’t re-visit for a week.

Anyway the movie was really pretty good.

It *IS* an M rated movie. do not take the kiddies.

The depiction of a coup was as good as anything that exist in cinema.

The play on greek tragedy is solid.

And the depiction of entrapment by complicity is masterfull

the policitical allegory is clunky. But it is trying to ram through some very thick heads.

em 12:27 pm 20 May 05

You’d think my last comment about silly drunken behaviour would at least give me a link to a wine merchant…..

Blamemonkey 9:13 am 20 May 05

We have taken over the ads by Google YAY batman costumes 🙂

em 9:07 am 20 May 05

Geekspotting sounds like the teenage boys equivalent of the P&L Tour (Point & Laugh). A way for nasty teenage girls to pass time at a boring party, by observing the poor dress sense and silly drunken behaviour of their peers.

Blamemonkey 4:49 pm 19 May 05

Wow now people will think this is an exciting post with all the comments attached but as to “Geek Watching” If the display we had at Woden hoyts was anything to go by it could become a world wide Popular past time, there was quite a display last night

RandomGit 4:17 pm 19 May 05

All gone, normal service resumed.

RandomGit 4:16 pm 19 May 05

Let this be a lesson to always fully qualify your href links.

One more spam ought to do it.

RandomGit 4:15 pm 19 May 05

Almost there

RandomGit 4:15 pm 19 May 05

Three too go

RandomGit 4:11 pm 19 May 05

Great, now everyone has to post comments to push your oversized http address off the recent comments panel.

Chalker 4:09 pm 19 May 05
Chalker 4:09 pm 19 May 05

For a really good costume idea:

Jazz 3:58 pm 19 May 05

There is someone lower.

My sisters boyfriend also went along to the woden screening & noted a few skaters hanging around with their boards, obviously not part of the queue. Being the inquisitive sort he asked what they were doing.

“Geek Watching” was their reply.

When I heard this I couldn’t help but thing they need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Its bad enought to dress in a bathrobe with a bike helpmet on backwards (a poor costume in anyones book) but who in their right mind goes out at midnight to watch OTHER people queue for a movie.

RandomGit 3:40 pm 19 May 05

In my defence I go for the free beer, pide and dips.

Blamemonkey 3:09 pm 19 May 05

I may hate myself but at least i don’t play CCGs

Canberra_unsung_hero 3:07 pm 19 May 05

Let’s hope it IS the final one….. and may the force be with Industrial Light & Magic.

RandomGit 3:03 pm 19 May 05

Your self hatred is noted.

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