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Top Five Fave Canberra Records of All Time

By Nickamc - 7 December 2007 55

Obviously this is going to be very contentious, what with large age ranges and differing musical experiences and preferences, but I think it’s going to be fascinating to see what albums people really treasure from this cold little town.

My top five:

5. Mightyfew – Mightyfew
This cd was Canberran music when I was 15. One of the first ever gigs I went to, and a really solid, if someone dated, release.

4. Dahahoo – Jim & The Haircut
I’ve been following Dahahoo around since they started, and when this first record came out I would listen to it back to back, end on end for hours, singing along and then bugging Sam and Toby King for demos of their newer stuff. Fairly unpolished sound, but that’s what makes it pretty. The boys say the songwriting is quite up to standard anymore, but I love it.

3. One Night Jam – Turn Fish Back On!
I was in and around the studio alot while they recorded this album, and at the time Vorn Doolette’s songs were some of the prettiest I’d heard come out of a local mouth.

2. Henry’s Anger – Personality Test
In terms of mass appeal, next to Alchemist I think this is one of the most successful Canberran records ever. Still one of my favorite bands, this album has a sonic quality to it that I think all Canberran hard rock bands should aspire to. Pure unadulterated rock.

1. The Henchmen – The Henchmen
Every song, every minute of this wonderful album is a treasure. I remember how excited all the boys got when this came out, and it stands alone as some of the best songwriting I’ve heard in this city. It also marks the first time I really heard a band sing about Canberra (Macarthur/Northbourne) Blending a perfect rock and folk fusion, its a real shame these guys aren’t still around, but it makes me even more excited about their reunion show on Saturday at Transit. Be there.

Other notable mentions: Dahahoo – Da-Demo/Tarantism, Alchemist – Organasm, The Ellis Collective – Orange EP

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Top Five Fave Canberra Records of All Time
ant 12:55 am 09 Dec 07

“I think I’m falling in Love”

The Word

Anyone remember them?

The Rabble 11:48 pm 08 Dec 07

Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens.

Los Capitanos.

Anything by The Fuelers.

P J Woof.

Australian Kingswood Factory – Cruisin EP.

Deadmandrinking 3:50 pm 08 Dec 07

Oh, what about Koolism? They’ve got some good stuff out there.

astrojax 7:11 am 08 Dec 07

oh, and how could i have forgotten naughty rhythms’ ‘look like me’?? fantastic iconic music from the pinnacle of australian ska.

how do the church count as a canberra band? did some of them hail from here? (my sister shot the cover to ‘heyday’, so that’s a connection – thought they were sydney but..?)

johnboy 6:38 am 08 Dec 07

and do The Church count as a Canberra band?

Danman 12:48 am 08 Dec 07

Lunasphere by Alchemist ?

johnboy 10:31 pm 07 Dec 07

there was a radford boy in early sidewinder too.

gun street girl 10:13 pm 07 Dec 07

Yep – Sidewinder were Canberra boys (Narrabundah College, I think).

staria 10:08 pm 07 Dec 07

Geez, had to dig out some of the old’s here!
Second for P. Harness (still have an EP floating around here somewhere). You know you have a Canberra band when you have a song called “Belconnen Mall”
Befuddle – Befuddle
Sidewinder (or were they Sydney?) – The Gentle Art of Spoonbending
Forward Defence (remember all the metal bands in the late 90’s?)
Sofa La Teido – Flies

Ahh, the good times :o)

gun street girl 9:29 pm 07 Dec 07

*connection*. Not collection. Damnit.

Votes also for The Falling Joys and P. Harness.

johnboy 9:11 pm 07 Dec 07


Some good picks there.

Fred smith and trouser trouser need some consideration too.

Deadmandrinking 8:30 pm 07 Dec 07

C’mon dude, Tarantism beats Jim and the Haircut by far. Get with the times.

gun street girl 6:49 pm 07 Dec 07

Can we claim a tenuous Canberra collection to The Bedridden? If so, they’d be in my top five.

caf 6:45 pm 07 Dec 07

Liquid – Abdul’s Secret Movie
Henry’s Anger – Personality Test
A Band Called Horse – The Shame Of Arizona

(only can come up with 3, sorry…)

astrojax 6:42 pm 07 Dec 07

i’m not so much up on a lot of canberra music, but i’d rate birdseed’s [an early 90s funk band] debut – and i believe only? – release, an ep, it in particuar has one of my favourite songs from any band ever anywhere – a big call – in ‘christopher’. a beauttiful song with technical competence to rank with musicians from anywhere.

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