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Life is looking up

Tougher smoking laws on the cards.

By GnT - 15 October 2009 58

The government has tabled a bill cracking down even further on smoking. With the Greens likely to support it, it will mean no smoking anywhere food and drink is served, even in outdoor places.

At the risk of triggering some strong opinions, all I can say is thank goodness I will be able to enjoy the fresh air while eating al fresco.

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58 Responses to
Tougher smoking laws on the cards.
Fisho 8:37 pm 15 Oct 09

Funniest spot for this is Baileys corner where people get to suck in bus fumes while eating outdoors.

But at least it’s not cigarette smoke.

Generally the anti-smoking zealots* are those that need a group in society to direct their hate at, and it’s not cool or PC to spew vitriol about niggers, kikes, wops, dagos, dykes and queers anymore. All they’re allowed to vent on about are the smokers. Just an observation.

The zealots will never be happy because zealots never are.

*as opposed to people who just don’t want to breathe smoke.

bd84 8:22 pm 15 Oct 09

Smoking in outside eating areas should have been banned when the inside laws came into effect. There’s nothing worse than sitting down wind from a smoker while trying to enjoy a nice meal. Smokers will realise one day that they will be pushed further and further away from everyone if they don’t quit the habit.

nyssa76 8:21 pm 15 Oct 09

As a ex-smoker, I personally don’t care where you smoke. It’s legal.

It’s nice to know with all the crime, school troubles, hospital troubles and more the Government has time on it’s hands to attack something which is LEGAL.

Why don’t they have a go at the druggies who STILL leave needles around or better still, have a go at the druggies for, omg doing something ILLEGAL.

Why don’t they ban car exhaust around cafes and other places where food is served. You’ll suck down more toxins sitting a a main road eating lunch than you would from sitting near a smoker.

The Government representatives needs to wake up to themselves.

Special G 8:18 pm 15 Oct 09

Smoking is a disgusting habit. The last thing I need is some filthy smoker sitting downwind from me and and my kids and lighting up a cigar. Don’t care if people want to slowly kill themselves just don’t inflict it on other people.

Kramer 8:15 pm 15 Oct 09

…and beer gardens can become beer gardens again (instead of freakin smoke gardens)!

Kramer 8:14 pm 15 Oct 09

Yay! Now I can eat outside again!

Just waiting for them to ban smoking completely now (hint hint Greens).

Granny 8:13 pm 15 Oct 09

Smoking around food is just crass and inconsiderate and extremely unpleasant.

GnT 8:01 pm 15 Oct 09

DarkLadyWolfMother said :

As a non-smoker, I’m becoming really irritated with the constant clamping down on this legal drug.

It would be easier, and better I think, for a business to deem itself ‘smoking’ or ‘non-smoking’ and let people decide where they’d rather eat/drink/be merry.

The only problem with this model is the workers – it’s an OH&S issue, they have a right to work in a smoke free environment.

Mimiboo 7:54 pm 15 Oct 09

Bring the laws on!

Thumper 7:06 pm 15 Oct 09

As a non smoker, this is getting ridiculous.

thomped2 6:13 pm 15 Oct 09

Im a non smoker,
I have no issues with smokers outside….
Why dose the government have to screw with us some more, we are not allowed to do anything these days, its just another example of how screwed up Australia and specifically ACT is being screwed up.

If the government keeps cracking down we all may as well go out and smoke cannabis at least its De-criminalized!

Fiona 6:06 pm 15 Oct 09

Looking forward to it, if it happens. There’s signs up all around Cooleman Court saying no smioking within 5 m of the doorways. Saw a Woolies worker midway between 2 door, probably 5 metres from each.

I think I’m getting more and more sensitive to the smell of smoke as I get less adn less exposure to it!

LlamaFrog 5:35 pm 15 Oct 09

what’s bugging me is when you are forced by physical restrictions to walk by people who are smoking. for instance at the belconnen mall it seems everytime you use the red bridge people are smoking at each end with no choice but to go right next to them to go by. how about some decency by the smokers and move away from everybody else. its your choice to smoke.

OzPhoenix 4:18 pm 15 Oct 09

I was wondering why people could still smoke in outdoor eating areas, now I understand the law was only against smoking inside. Well, I reckon it’s about time that’s fixed!

DarkLadyWolfMother 4:11 pm 15 Oct 09

As a non-smoker, I’m becoming really irritated with the constant clamping down on this legal drug.

It would be easier, and better I think, for a business to deem itself ‘smoking’ or ‘non-smoking’ and let people decide where they’d rather eat/drink/be merry.

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