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Tracey Lee Buggy gets a suspended sentence

By johnboy 28 March 2006 11

Earlier this month we reported on the repulsive Tracey Lee Buggy who wasn’t rich enough so decided to help herself to our money via centrelink.

The ABC is now reporting that being caught has been puishment enough, and Tracey isn’t going to the pokey.

In sentencing Tracey Lee Buggy, Justice Malcolm Gray took into account defence submissions showing the 36-year-old from Wanniassa suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

He told the ACT Supreme Court she had been mentally and emotionally disturbed and a prison term could hinder her rehabilitation.

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11 Responses to
Tracey Lee Buggy gets a suspended sentence
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Thumper 4:17 pm 29 Mar 06

Canberra- The Nanny State

Les Whinin 2:13 pm 29 Mar 06

Number plate slogans?

“Canberra – Where Crime Pays”
or perhaps
“Feel the power of Canberra’s judicial system”

bonfire 12:17 pm 29 Mar 06

come to canberra and committ crime – we wont lock you up.

put that on a numberplate stanhope

Maelinar 9:40 am 29 Mar 06

I abhore the fact that she has only been required to pay back what she has defrauded out of the system. She should have in the least least been made to pay a fine as a reprimand not to do it again.

PTSD my ass.

The only trauma she had was getting caught, everybody else in the cell with her has suffered that paticular ailment.

seepi 7:53 pm 28 Mar 06

Did she even get a fine?
Are we paying for this compusory councelling and therapy she is having???

midnitecalla 6:12 pm 28 Mar 06

financial Kleptomaniac? she should be stripped of the assets that made her secure. and slammed in the pokey. as for ptsd its a legal smoke screen for the legaleagles, to utilise as to claim full benifits for winning the case.and find another exasperating avenue to further soften the system.

Ps whos repping the plaintiff? they should be shot!

ok so some poor shmo with less than 500 in the bank i can understand as it it urban survival , but this bogan wasnt out of pocket and counting the beans in the tin/ slices in the loaf. she was in a house that was being refurbished, prolly with a seriously nice car and good foods as well.

she isnt sorry that she took the funds, its more the case she is sorry that she has been caught out and her arrogance has been exposed.

Absent Diane 6:01 pm 28 Mar 06

that’s pissweak

johnboy 5:38 pm 28 Mar 06

maybe it was the trauma of having been caught?

Thumper 5:31 pm 28 Mar 06


Where the fuck did she get that?

Vietnam? Korea? Timor? Iraq? Shopping at Woolies on a late Saturday night?

Geez, I could use the bushfires as an excuse.

Sorry, I’m not responsible….

Thumper 5:28 pm 28 Mar 06

Why does it seem that everytime some one gets sentenced they get a whack in the cheek with a wet tissue because it was ‘really not their fault’.

Fuck me, no wonder VG gets the shits with the system….

RandomGit 2:41 pm 28 Mar 06

…. cricket bat.

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