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che 20 August 2007 10

ComputerWorld Have this article On TransACTs plans to provide Fibre to the Home for the new Canberra suburb of Forde as stage one and then further suburbs as they are released to include up to 1000 houses by 2013.

Do any of our turbo nerds have something to say on the proposed speeds and technology being rolled out. Will they achieve their goals, will it provide the stated goals or is it just another big marketing exercise, like when TranACT first started and they kept saying “we’ll be coming to your suburb soon”. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

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10 Responses to TransACT To Fibre Forde
utah utah 10:29 pm 20 Aug 07

Internet access is only as fast as the slowest link in the chain; the bottleneck’s still going to be our offshore links.

grundy grundy 5:45 pm 20 Aug 07

Really? Is that a Canberra thing? I haven’t heard of that before.

Yeah, the first place was an apartment block that was TransACT cabled only, the house I’m in now is only 2 years old and when built, no telstra line was conencted. (It stops at the driveway)

cranky cranky 5:29 pm 20 Aug 07

I’ve had Transact for a few years now, and whilst no techno, have been quite satisfied.

Took enormous pleasure in putting the wire cutters through the Telstra copper connection, and getting out of their ripoff line rental.

jemmy jemmy 5:06 pm 20 Aug 07

Telstra copper wasn’t physically connected to the house
Really? Is that a Canberra thing? I haven’t heard of that before.

grundy grundy 4:57 pm 20 Aug 07

Yeah, I have been within a reasonable distance of the Civic exchange for several years, but my current and last place of residence were both TransACT Cabled and the Telstra copper wasn’t physically connected to the house.
The expense of getting a copper line installed in both cases was way to expensive to be worth it, so we’ve stuck with the TA Cable.

We’ll see come Sept 3rd!

jemmy jemmy 4:44 pm 20 Aug 07

Grundy, I’m on a 20000/2500 ADSL plan for $70. I get 5000/900 actual since I’m about 5km from the exchange. You want an ISP with their own DSLAM exchange equipment and you can already get really useful speeds right now.

ctd ctd 10:52 am 20 Aug 07

I recently switched to broadband. My house is transact cabled already, so I looked closely at what it offered.

It was (1) slower and (2) more expensive than ADSL. Even with the bundling discounts taken into account.

Transact needs to fix itself up. It might be competitive with ADSL, but not with ADSL2+. If grundy is right, perhaps it comes into the equation – but only if the prices dont increase.

GnT GnT 10:05 am 20 Aug 07

Although dedicated fibre connections have the potential to provide very fast connections, the problem Transact have is that the speeds currently demanded by consumers can be provided by ADSL over phone networks. Soon we may also see broadband over power networks which will also be another dent in Transact’s revenue. Finally there’s wireless (such as iBurst), although not as fast as cable, it’s gaining speed and support.

In the long term I think fibre will eventually win, but the question is whether Transact can keep afloat until then…

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 9:39 am 20 Aug 07

Of course the Transact fee is just for the carrier side of the equation – it does not include whatever the ISP will charge for the actual data downloaded.

I remember when Transact was first being rolled out and it was going to be revolutionary. Unfortunately the pricing wasn’t very appealing considering that they weren’t offering much more (internet wise) than an ADSL connection, despite the capabilities of the technology.

grundy grundy 9:34 am 20 Aug 07

They already have the new plans and prices on the TransACT website.
30Mb / 10Mb for $124 a month? Yes please!

In the mean time, TransACT will be offering new ‘cable’ plans on September 3rd which should make it a bit more competitive than the current 2Mb.
8000/450 guaranteed is on the way.

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