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Trapped in an elevator for 15 minutes….call the President and go to DEFCON 4!

By Captain RAAF - 5 October 2010 43

Heard on 106.3fm and those two twits Cam and Lisa this morning  jibber jabbering (it’s all they ever do) about a group of seven people who were trapped in an elevator that had broken down for…wait for it….15 minutes!!

15 minutes, how did they ever survive? Will there be 7 PTSD claims inbound?

Should the elevator servicemen be sent to Guantanamo Bay, A Russian Gulag or maybe even Queanbeyan?

Has society reached the point that 15 minutes trapped in a box with 6 other people, one of whom was a fireman who reassured them that everything would be fine, is now classified as a noteworthy and potentially dramatic and stressful experience?

Can’t wait to see what the next topic will be that gets Cam’s nerves all a’twitter, maybe he’ll be stuck in a queue at Woolworths for 15 minutes AND IT WON’T MOVE, or maybe the remote for his car won’t work and it will take 15 minutes for someone to come and rescue him and show him he could have just used the key!! Oh’ the humanity!!

Have we all just forgotten what real hardship is? Will we, as a society, cope when something really significant occurs or will we just collapse in a screaming heap?

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Trapped in an elevator for 15 minutes….call the President and go to DEFCON 4!
Captain RAAF 12:37 pm 05 Oct 10

One thing worth noting though is the trend to form a lynch mob post any disaster of any sort to find a scapegoat. No wonder we all panic when something goes wrong, we’re all worried we’ll have the finger pointed at us as being responsible!

James-T-Kirk 12:29 pm 05 Oct 10

I would *love* to spend 15 minutes trapped in a lift with a couple of hot chicks!

Me no fry 12:05 pm 05 Oct 10

Ah, Captain RAAF – RIOTACT’s other angry man….

Totally agree, we’ve all forgotten what real hardship is – not that most of us ever knew what real hardship was in the first place. I can’t help feeling we’ve all got a big shock coming sometime in the future, and I’m not sure we’ll cope at all well. People complain if their latte is slow coming, how will they cope when there is no latte, no power, no petrol and no food?

Sorry, you’ll have to forgive me, I watched The Road recently.

gingermick 11:49 am 05 Oct 10

We don’t want no pukin wimps in Queanbeyan!

troll-sniffer 11:48 am 05 Oct 10
Thumper 11:37 am 05 Oct 10

Ah.. the Sports. Those guys were legendary….

georgesgenitals 11:31 am 05 Oct 10

Tooks said :

Commercial radio – makes me thankful I have a CD player in the car.

Soooooo true. Radio in Canberra is total crap. On a recent overseas holiday I actually found a radio station that played ONLY 80’s and 90’s hair metal! Now THAT is worth listening to.

neanderthalsis 11:24 am 05 Oct 10

Really, in this day and age who listens to the radio.

eyeLikeCarrots 11:20 am 05 Oct 10

Much too my shame, I admit that I listen to AM stations more often than FM stations. I’m not some high-brow brainiac… but I like listening to ABC FM and another station that features a NPR and a German/Europe news focused show.

Also – oh noes 15 mins in lift. Still, once in the dark past I was a security guard in a public hospital, I ended up on a phone talking to a young man with mental health problems who’d gotten caught in a lift alone for 45 minutes after a series of unfortunate events in his life – I could just hear how close to Postal he was…

I can’t say I’d be any more or less than ‘annoyed’.

JessP 11:18 am 05 Oct 10

Actually Captn RAAF I am with you on this one.

We live in a society where there has to be an immediate response to everything that happens – 15 minutes of inconvenience is 15 minutes too long for most. Got a problem, something happens andwe complain if there isnt an immediate response (I havent got my coffee yet, a machine broke down ON PURPOSE, why didnt they call in the army for god-sake?). Suddenly questions are being asked and the plebs (and radio losers) get ansty.

We need to chill. 15 minutes is nothing in the scheme of things.

Listening to Cam and Lisa? Now that is a bigger problem, however I am also guilty but for only about 15 minutes before I have to change stations.(16 minutes is too long!)

Kath 11:04 am 05 Oct 10

I’m most amazed that they got out in 15 minutes – took the service guys at about 45 min to get me out when I was stuck in one at work. I passed the time by calling a workmate on my mobile to let them know where I was (the lift service company’s services doesn’t seem to include telling anyone else) and having a yarn, s’pose I should have called up the national media outlets instead.

ThatGuy 11:03 am 05 Oct 10

Wow, we should change over to those lift service providers in our building. Minimum turn around is 45 minutes to get a tech in, provided the emergency phone actually connects to the call centre which is in Sydney.

Don’t 40-50 year old single Mum’s listen to 1053 2CA (if that still exists)?

Captain RAAF 10:46 am 05 Oct 10

Diggety said :

a) it’s Canberra- nothing ever happens.
b) you’re listening to 106.3- are you a 40 single Mum?

I’m 42 mate, a bloke and only listen to 106.3 when Scotty and Nige insist on playing some cRAP music or Hamish and Andy are on holidays, or as I’ve found lately, to listen to first thing in the morning to see what mindless drivel they are starting the day with before I change channels….such as being stuck in an elevator for 15 heart wrenching minutes!

…that and they do play some good music from back when I was normal. =-)

Diggety 10:22 am 05 Oct 10

a) it’s Canberra- nothing ever happens.
b) you’re listening to 106.3- are you a 40 single Mum?

Tooks 10:22 am 05 Oct 10

Commercial radio – makes me thankful I have a CD player in the car.

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