Tuggeranong people not allowed a good feed?

junkett 13 January 2008 35

The boss and I were thinking about getting a nice eat at home feed. We packed the kids off to bed, and went to our collection of local fliers hoping for something different besides chinese or pizza.
bzzzt, wrong.
A local restaurant near the Lanyon shops without being inthem (is that vague enough?) sent us a flier at Xmas offering Turkish. Yum! But not to be. When we called it was “ah, it wasn’t popular enough so we aren’t doing Turkish.”
“When did you decide this?
“About two months ago”
“But we only got the flier less than a month ago.”
“Yeah”…was the sage reply as if that would answer all.
Now I know businesses have got to keep themselves economically viable. But shit, give something a decent chance before you give it up! No one else in Tuggers delivers turkish, and I’d rather wait for an hour at home than an hour standing in the shop given Saturdays will be a busy night.
Now I cringe and wonder what life would be if we moved to Woden, or worse still, gasp – Belconnen. Maybe then we would be a chance of getting something different delivered home. I wonder if they where “crocs” outside Tuggeranong?

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35 Responses to Tuggeranong people not allowed a good feed?
fine food lover fine food lover 8:46 pm 22 May 08

For anyone going to Gungahlin, Cafe P & Ms has opened where the old dog cafe was, I have been there once a week since they opened 5 weeks ago. AWESOME lasagne and POT PIES. and really cheap.

3 generations own it. GIVE IT A GO

smilesr smilesr 11:00 pm 02 May 08

Who’s been praising that Turkish Pizza place at Erindale? To revive an old feed, I visited recently on the strength of those recommendations and unfortunately a spinach and feta pizza there is little more than a toasted (chedder) cheese sandwich. Turkish Pizza at Weston (next to video shop) is far superior (but that’s not in Tuggeranong is it so I guess it’s still “Tuggeranong People not allowed a good feed”?

howdy howdy 3:15 pm 14 Jan 08

No wait, that was an ad I saw for a house in Wanniassa that was 5 minutes from the city.

I think your 15 minutes to anywhere from Weston Creek is therefore far too generous…

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:07 pm 14 Jan 08

Phillip is the geographical centre of Canberra, Weston Creek would only qualify if you were including Cotter as part of the city or left our Fyshwick.

howdy howdy 3:06 pm 14 Jan 08

Actually its 5 mins from the city I hear?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:03 pm 14 Jan 08

Weston Creek is the hub of the universe, and coincidentally also the “geographical centre of Canberra”, so why you didn’t go there is anybody’s guess. Because the universe revolves around Weston Creek, there must be something there to satisfy. I hear it’s only 15 minutes to anywhere in Canberra as well.

Shame on you for not thinking of this!!!

howdy howdy 3:02 pm 14 Jan 08

Not sure what type of food the palmerston one is tho but by golly it’s apparently good.

howdy howdy 3:01 pm 14 Jan 08

There’s a good restaurant in Palmerston too I heard.

(ps. nothing against good Italian just when that’s all people will eat. Cause there’s other great stuff out there :P)

sepi sepi 2:52 pm 14 Jan 08

La Porcini at Nicholls shops is italian.

howdy howdy 2:13 pm 14 Jan 08

Yep I support the motion that Gungahlin is suffocating in great restaurants : )




I’m not sure what that totals with double listings etc but at least 20 restaurants, in the one smallish area. Seems almost too many?
There are also two clubs, the Raiders and Gungahlin Lakes. The food at the Lakes isn’t just battered junk either, there’s a range off diff meals including prawns, stir fry and even Indian variations.

I agree there isn’t really any Italian food if that’s your idea of ‘fine dining’ but Dickson is only 15 mins away and pasta and rice with cream in it isn’t really that adventurous and kind of over priced when you could pay $18 or more for a plate of rice & pasta with cream – when half a kg of rice or pasta (or the ingredients to make) can make several quick meals at under $5 at the most extreme… Even when it is ‘authentic’ Italian I’m sure they make a killing in profit…

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 10:47 am 14 Jan 08

What are you one about Duke? The food at at Gugahlin is fantastic. Plenty of good Seafood, Thai, Indian and Chinese restaurants. There are also plenty of good Cafes. I haven’t tried the Turkish place yet. Gungahlin lacks a good Italian restaurant though; I usually just drive to Belconnen as its not that far away. I can’t complain about anything else.

My faves are Ginger and Spice and Jasmine House in Gungahlin. For Indian, Kitchen of India in the Platypus centre is great.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:58 am 14 Jan 08

If you’re trying to impress your lady in Gungahlin and have a hard time dealing with your options, learn to cook & washup, and then impress the pants off her?

Direct and effective.

Proud Local may have a point though.

barking toad barking toad 9:01 am 14 Jan 08

Learn to cook. It’s not hard.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 8:43 am 14 Jan 08

Travel times from Kambah to nearby suburbs like Forrest, Griffith and Kingston are nowhere near half an hour. Kambah to Kingston is around 14-16 minutes. Obviously it’s quicker if you’re travelling outside of peak hour. Places like Lyneham and Dickson take a bit longer because of the need to negotiate the mess at Glennloch interchange. For the city it’s parking that probably adds the most time not the travel between home and destination, but then again it’s not like there’s much to go to Civic for – with the possible exception of the ice crab at Kingsley’s Steak & Crab.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:32 am 14 Jan 08

Is that a cloud of smug I see building?


caf caf 12:24 am 14 Jan 08

Joe: TurkOz in Dickson and the Pide House in the City both deliver.

Proud Local Proud Local 11:20 pm 13 Jan 08

Yeah but I get to stay out for that extra “hour” (both ways) that you wasted in your automobile smogging up the planet and enjoy a couple more drinks and company with my friends and lovers. Then go home to some walls with a ceiling on top, sleep, then go out the next day and enjoy myself some more.

Pandy Pandy 11:17 pm 13 Jan 08

The better class of people have one acre blocks in Forrest. Enough room to give the hounds a jolly good run after the riff-raff who come calling. Probably come from one of those aweful housing commission cottages in Queanbeyan.

It is sometimes such a bore to get the Cayenne to travel to the restaurants in Maaa-nieu-kar, that I take the Maybach instead.

MrM MrM 10:56 pm 13 Jan 08

Meh, Proud Local…in under half an hour I can be eating in the same places that you do thanks to the miracle that is the car, but I get to go home to a decently sized house with a nice view too 🙂

Proud Local Proud Local 10:49 pm 13 Jan 08

There are restaurants in Tuggeranong? If you people want to live down in the sticks with big houses and lovely mountains around you then you have to forfeit some of the finer things in life I’m afraid.

Give me a smaller inner city wall to wall townhouse any day of the week. Hell I am never there anyway cause I’m too busy walking to and from town sampling all the great restaurants.

Proud “Posh” Local 🙂

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