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Tuggeranong people not allowed a good feed?

By junkett - 13 January 2008 35

The boss and I were thinking about getting a nice eat at home feed. We packed the kids off to bed, and went to our collection of local fliers hoping for something different besides chinese or pizza.
bzzzt, wrong.
A local restaurant near the Lanyon shops without being inthem (is that vague enough?) sent us a flier at Xmas offering Turkish. Yum! But not to be. When we called it was “ah, it wasn’t popular enough so we aren’t doing Turkish.”
“When did you decide this?
“About two months ago”
“But we only got the flier less than a month ago.”
“Yeah”…was the sage reply as if that would answer all.
Now I know businesses have got to keep themselves economically viable. But shit, give something a decent chance before you give it up! No one else in Tuggers delivers turkish, and I’d rather wait for an hour at home than an hour standing in the shop given Saturdays will be a busy night.
Now I cringe and wonder what life would be if we moved to Woden, or worse still, gasp – Belconnen. Maybe then we would be a chance of getting something different delivered home. I wonder if they where “crocs” outside Tuggeranong?

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Tuggeranong people not allowed a good feed?
Kramer 10:08 pm 13 Jan 08

OK Belconnen people, don’t let him know we have all the good food here like the Italian Kitchen, Vietnam Village Inn, RockSalt, Phenom Penh, Ruchi, Taj Agra, the Pide House, and a million Chinese restaurants.

I-filed 8:14 pm 13 Jan 08

“My friend is not the type of girl you take to the Leagues club for tea!”
I do sympathise. Has she been banned for soliciting or something? Or is she a problem gambler?

adeptacheese 6:01 pm 13 Jan 08

you can get stuff other than pizza delivered in belconnen?! where are these amazing establishments?

el ......VNBerlinaV8 4:07 pm 13 Jan 08

Lakeview at Tuggeranong is pretty bloody good as far as Chinese goes.

realityskin 3:35 pm 13 Jan 08

Little Istanbul on the main drag at Tuggers is awesome turkish

Joe Canberran 1:27 pm 13 Jan 08

North side does seem spoilt for choice restaurant and take-away wise with some good home delivery but is there a turkish home delivery. I live quite close to a great turkish take-away but have never enquired about home delivery…

tuggers in my experience seems to have a decent range of take-aways (although spread a little thin in some spots) but many of them close early and it seems to lack any really high class restaurants (let me know what and where they are if I’m wrong on that point)

bighead 1:23 pm 13 Jan 08

Belconnen is fantastic for food. There is an awesome little Chinese shop in the Boardwalk along the lake. Owned by the same people that own the one at Kippax I believe.

Danman 12:44 pm 13 Jan 08

I think we are spoilt for choice in gunghalin..

We have all versions of Asian (Thai, Korean, Chinese), we have an Indian restaurant, a good Turkish restaurant (not ali baba) and a few clubs if you like club grub. If you’re not happy with that then I would lean toward you being hight maintenance

PS Where else in Canberra can you get drunk at a golf club then head out the door at 3am guaranteed to get something greasy from the g spot ?

VicePope 12:31 pm 13 Jan 08

The Erindale Turkish and Thai places are good. I like Ramas, but have T/Ad from there.

s-s-a 12:25 pm 13 Jan 08

Ramas in Pearce has been closed over Xmas but reopens this coming week!

Deano 10:54 am 13 Jan 08

Other home delivery options in Tuggeranong:

Ramas in Pearce deliver magnificent Fijian Indian to your door. The Chicken Korma is superb.

Thai Amarin in Erindale.

The Italian Grill in Erindale is also good for takeaway – just phone your order through beforehand.

Deano 10:46 am 13 Jan 08

I’d concur regarding the Turkish Grill’s banquet for 2 people being great value, it feeds our family for a weekend. However a gotcha we discovered is that the banquet for 3 and 4 is exactly the same size except for an extra zucchini ball or two. So if you’re feeding more than 2 you are much better off ordering a banquet for 2 twice.

Duke 10:13 am 13 Jan 08

Thank your lucky stars you don’t live in Gunghalin, Junkett. I regularly visit a close friend out there and trying to find a decent restaurant or even takeaway is near impossible.
My friend is not the type of girl you take to the Leagues club for tea!

blingblingbears 10:04 am 13 Jan 08

The Turkish Grill at Erindale in fantastic… a banquet for 2 will easily feed 2 people for 3 whole meals… and delicious too.

You just have to look around for the good places to eat. Dont expect them all to come putting plamphets in your mailbox.

Tiffo 9:58 am 13 Jan 08

There is a Turkish Restaurant in Erindale and one in the restaurant strip in the town centre.

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