Tuggers U?

johnboy 12 April 2011 13

The ABC has the intriguing news that the Tuggeranong Community Council is pushing for tertiary education in the valley:

The Tuggeranong Community Council says the region is fast losing its tag as the “nappy valley” and needs facilities to match the older population.

Council president Darryl Johnston says a growing number of residents are attending TAFE classes or university.

“We have almost 10,000 who are undertaking tertiary education studies either at university or at the CIT,” he said.

“That clearly indicates to me a need to establish a combined institute of technology and university campus in the Tuggeranong valley.”

How would you like to see this progress?

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13 Responses to Tuggers U?
Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 11:26 am 14 Apr 11

So they’re finally going to build Annabel Crabb’s University of East Bumcrack, are they?

Jclarke Jclarke 8:46 am 14 Apr 11

University of Canberra; Southside, anyone?

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 9:10 am 13 Apr 11

Arrgh! Ok, I’ll take that one on the chin, mea culpa.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 9:09 am 13 Apr 11

Tuggers Uinversity? I think that sums it up.

Chop71 Chop71 2:02 am 13 Apr 11

Can’t wait to see the UAC scores to get into Tuggeranong University

WonderfulWorld WonderfulWorld 11:03 pm 12 Apr 11

Show me the stats.
Lets have another Brand Depot only to fail to Direct Factory Outlets sale on kids education this time!
We do need availability to tertiary facilities in southern Canberra but not at the expense of closing others.
Good try Darryl

hominoid1 hominoid1 6:10 pm 12 Apr 11

Remarkable lack of logic and insight full stop, let alone an understanding into how the higher education system works. Yes, let’s look at Monash for example which is nearly bankrupt because it has had to rely on foreign students to generate much needed income just to survive, which has declined over 30% last year.
What about something sensible like putting the money they would spend on duplicating an entirely new campus into a great public transport system and improve other traffic flows to get the Tuggeranong students to and from the institutions that currently exist in Canberra.
Perhaps they need to understande the concept of “satellite” city? Nothing wrong with being a satellite town, but what it does mean is that it was never meant to duplicate everything in the nearby city centre that it supports. So the council should be developing it’s strengths as a commuter city instead of trying to be Canberra MKII. And finally, maybe the kids just want to go somewhere else for a change? Did anyone ask them?

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 4:39 pm 12 Apr 11

chrisbo said :

“Yes, I received my Doctorate from the University of Monash”
“You mean, Monash University?”
“There’s a difference?!”


chrisbo chrisbo 3:36 pm 12 Apr 11

“Yes, I received my Doctorate from the University of Monash”
“You mean, Monash University?”
“There’s a difference?!”

djk djk 2:48 pm 12 Apr 11

I am going to major in burnouts!

Keijidosha Keijidosha 2:32 pm 12 Apr 11

If this goes ahead they’ll need a daycare centre the size of Queanbeyan.

Antagonist Antagonist 2:24 pm 12 Apr 11

They could put it next to the Kambah super-school. We will call it the ‘Kambah Ultra-Mega-Mega School’. Or perhaps just ‘Boganville’ will do.

tonkatuff82 tonkatuff82 2:10 pm 12 Apr 11

He does know it’s April 12, not April 1 right?

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