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q-hole 16 November 2010 10


Hi all,

Our TV antenna was knocked off our roof during one of the recent storms.

Having never had any dealings with TV antenna guys before I’m looking for advice on:

1. How much – ball park figure – will a replacement antenna cost, including labour?

2. Does anyone have any recommendations? I live in Queanbeyan.

I would normally replace it myself, but am living overseas until February and the house-sitter desperately needs his fix of daytime TV.

Many thanks

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10 Responses to TV antenna repair
zllauh zllauh 2:43 pm 27 Jul 15

Hi q-hole,

We recently moved into our new house in Bonner and had got the 50 inch wall mounted.

The Signals where weak and we got the mob to look into the antenna as well.

All sorted and love watching the ashes series now ! – I have got them bookmarked as well.

My 2 cents.

JC JC 9:21 am 17 Nov 10

+3 for Kaz.

realityskin realityskin 9:09 am 17 Nov 10

+3 Kaz, and they are in Qbyn

pezza pezza 3:04 pm 16 Nov 10

As someone who used to do some TV repair, one bit of advice I would offer is to get the antenna tech to measure the signal not just at the wall outlet, but also at the other end of the fly-lead where it plugs into your TV/Set-top Box/DVD recorder/whatever.

It’s very common to have a situation (especially after storms) where, if you still get bad reception, you assume that the TV tuner must be faulty (maybe a power surge?) since someone’s already tested the antenna, but it turns out to just be the short piece of cable running between the two.

The guy will probably have a good one in the back of his van for a couple of bucks which is a lot cheaper than getting a service call from a TV tech.

shadow boxer shadow boxer 10:39 am 16 Nov 10

+2 for Kaz, friendly, reliable, i’ve dealt with them a few times over the years and it’s always been a pleasure

q-hole q-hole 10:26 am 16 Nov 10

Thanks for the suggestions. Rabbit ears are a no go unfortunately and the house has more than one antenna outlet.

I think someone from Kaz’s is coming today, so it’s good to know in advance what the damage might be.

Love the RiotACT!

Spectra Spectra 10:02 am 16 Nov 10

+1 for Kaz’s – they do good work.

Keijidosha Keijidosha 9:57 am 16 Nov 10

A simple replacement shouldn’t cost more than $300 including the antennae. I’ve used Kaz’s Electronics before and found them to be reliable and competent.

Morgan Morgan 9:55 am 16 Nov 10

Depending where you are (Not sure about Queangers)but in O’Connor I just use rabbit ears and get good signal, as long as you are line of sight to Black Mountain, not many houses in my street have aerials on the roof (Although that could be a hippy O’Connor thing) Worth considering

far_northact far_northact 9:48 am 16 Nov 10

I just had one installed, new, for less than $300. I used ‘Jims antenna’s’. Very good work.

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