UC SA on the skids

johnboy 9 March 2007 18

NowUC is reporting that in the golden dawn of voluntary student unionism a mere 500 students at the University of Canberra have chosen to pay for the services of their student association.

With about 500 members two weeks into the first semester of 2007, Mr Emerson says that he faces an uphill battle to recruit another 4000 students just so the association can meet its 2007 projected expenditure of over $250,000. Yet one of the problems facing Emerson is convincing previous members and first-year students that the association provides unreplaceable services exclusively for the students of UC.

With only 7% of the previous membership surely they can trim their budget for the reduced services they’re going to be called to provide?

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18 Responses to UC SA on the skids
simbo simbo 7:56 pm 09 Mar 07

Well, this was when I was living in Wollongong, so it was only two hours. And I WAS a whinging student at the time.

Okay, and I had a crush on one of the people organising the protest rally. Shut up.

bighead bighead 6:29 pm 09 Mar 07

Wait…Am I meant to sign up to this….?

I just took the free bag I got in O-Week…Thats good enough for me.

nyssa76 nyssa76 4:51 pm 09 Mar 07

I resented paying the $135 because I went at night and NEVER used their services.

Similarly don’t expect that anyone not in the inner circle will ever see the Xboxes or plasmas I’m guessing someone is making room in their living room right now.

Nah, they’ve most likely “purchased” them first at a severely discounted rate….

Sammy Sammy 4:40 pm 09 Mar 07

the free ride won

If you would take a 7-hour bus-ride with a bunch of whinging students for a chance at 1 hour of shopping in Sydney, then you truly are mentally ill.

simbo simbo 4:13 pm 09 Mar 07

Well, back when I was going along to protests, it meant a free bus-trip to sydney, including a spare hour afterwards for shopping.

Considering that our beloved lecturers had cancelled classes anyway, in a choice between staying home and a free bus trip, the free ride won…

No contest, really…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 4:11 pm 09 Mar 07

Yeah, but who were the mongs who went a protested anyway? They obviously didn’t have enough work to do!

I remember standing around with my fellow engineering students gobbling down the ‘free’ barbeque the lefty protesters would put on, and when one of them asked how we were getting to the protest march simply replying that no, we weren’t going, but thanks for the sausages.

bonfire bonfire 3:44 pm 09 Mar 07

isnt it fascinating that despite hordes marching in protest at ‘voluntary’ student unionism, the hordes have themselves spoken with their hip pocket.

johnboy johnboy 3:34 pm 09 Mar 07

They take your money, divide it up between their mates, and practice being politicians until such time as they can land a job on the staff of a member of parliament.

Similarly don’t expect that anyone not in the inner circle will ever see the Xboxes or plasmas I’m guessing someone is making room in their living room right now.

snahon snahon 3:31 pm 09 Mar 07

schmerica_, I went to UC and still don’t know what they do. It would seem with the lack of membership, the students have spoken !

schmerica_ schmerica_ 2:40 pm 09 Mar 07

I go to UC and I don’t even know what they do… I’m not going to pay money for something that I know nothing about

LG LG 2:38 pm 09 Mar 07

simbo, when’s the auction?

morgan morgan 2:34 pm 09 Mar 07

i hope they don’t go broke… i’ve got a patsy first year lined up to apply for UCSA funding for MY next short film… they will be part of the crew as executive assistant left-right-out producer

wouldn’t want to curb my artistic expression by denying me $$$ i am not entitled too

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 2:32 pm 09 Mar 07

Sucked in to them. They also took my money and did zero for me (although I did a degree that actually took most of my time, and didn’t consist primarily of wanking around for 9 hours a week).

Voluntary unionism is one the best things to happen to universities ever.

simbo simbo 2:27 pm 09 Mar 07

The plus side, LG, is that there’ll undoubtedly be remarkably cheap second hand plasmas available very soon, available from what used to be the UC SA before they went broke…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:02 pm 09 Mar 07

Get Stanhope to cry for ya, UCSA!

LG LG 1:56 pm 09 Mar 07

maybe they shouldn’t have bought those new plasma tvs and game consoles and instead focused on providing services..

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 1:40 pm 09 Mar 07

Boo hoo.

Want someone’s money? Provide them with a service they think valuable enough to pay for.

mlm mlm 1:15 pm 09 Mar 07

It is nice to know that they still have cash reserves to fall back on from when I was compulsorily fleeced of my money to the tune of $135/semester.

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