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Ugly Americans ruin Show

By scumdorg - 24 February 2008 37

I went to the Canberra Show this morning and can report that it was a very pleasant experience. The tension and aggression which quite often marred past Shows was gone, in fact it seemed almost carnival-like. People were friendly, the exhibits were of a high standard and it seemed everybody had a good time. Well, almost everybody.

On the bus coming back to Woden Interchange, two young men boarded and sat behind me – one was fairly large, the other average build. During the entire trip home they drawled in American accents how the morning had been a waste of time. They kept up a solid drumbeat of whinging about Australia until the bus arrived at the Interchange. When they alighted one of the others on the bus approached them and explained he was from interstate and if they’d let him take a snapshot for a course he was doing. He first asked if they were Canadian and one of them said “no, American” before the large one snapped “absolutely not” to the request before both walked off in a huff.

I heard this and approached the interstate visitor who said that this was the first hint of negativity he’d encountered during his visit to the caital. I also had a camera and was taking pics at the Show and can vouch for his assertion that the arrogant behaviour by the Yanks was an aberration which almost ruined the entire day.

It then dawned on me who these two men were and why they were here. During this week there have been various Americans in town for defence talks holding top level negotiations with our new government. It strikes me that this type of behaviour is hardly the way to win hearts and minds, especially at a time when the Americans have been telling every journalist within earshot that it is business as usual with the Alliance and that there are no hard feelings after we pulled out of their disgraceful Iraq war.

From anecdotal evidence from others I have told this story to, it would seem that this was not an isolated incident. Do any other Rioters have similar stories about Americans behaving badly during these defence talks?

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Ugly Americans ruin Show
noodle 10:58 pm 24 Feb 08

Can’t believe this experience merits a posting on RiotACT. There are morons everywhere, there are rude people everywhere. Often Australians. I’ve seen some pretty bad behaviour by Australians overseas, way beyond what’s described here. If you’re worried about them having such a bad impression of Australia, why not give them a smile and see if you can change their view?

Ruby Wednesday 10:25 pm 24 Feb 08

What a drama queen post this is. Not every American is rude. Not every rude person is American. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Australians can also be rude too.

I can’t say I’d have been thrilled to go to the Canberra Show either, and there is plenty to whinge about in Australia–just like every other country on earth. It’d be more likely that they were tourists, international students or expats than part of any delegation.

If two people’s conversation on the bus can ruin your day, you have issues.

CanberraResident 10:12 pm 24 Feb 08

Tip of the day: try to see the funny side of every situation; you’ll live longer. Perhaps take a look at yourself and why it is that you were so offended by what happened. After all, people are people, and arrogant ones can be found in every town, city and country on this planet. Where did you grow up? Under a rock? Oh yeah, and to suggest these guys were part of the American delegation is hilarious. To suggest Americans in general are rude is plain wrong and very immature. (laughing hysterically)

flying doormat 9:31 pm 24 Feb 08

a yank says no to having his photo taken by a stranger and it almost ruins your day! Fark me you are kidding right?

shauno 9:17 pm 24 Feb 08

I work for a US company mainly with Americans and I can tell you its like anywhere. Its become some what trendy to bash Americans especially amongst the luny left but at the end of the day their no different from us. There are dickheads in every country.

nyssa76 7:16 pm 24 Feb 08

barney, I second your comment.

When I lived in Maryland, they asked me if we had roads……

Nemo 7:15 pm 24 Feb 08

Perhaps they were just American tourists who didnt want to be bothered by other morons on the bus.

I went to the Canberra show on Saturday, compared to years past I didnt think it had much to offer this year. The crowds seemed down on previous years too…or perhaps everyone was hiding out in the showbag hall.

barney 6:53 pm 24 Feb 08

There are morons in every country.

V8 Berlina with a th 6:32 pm 24 Feb 08

It’s hard to believe Canada and the US are on the same continent. I love Canada and the Candians are really nice people in my experience. US… um, well, almost like a different species.

sepi 4:55 pm 24 Feb 08

I doubt if US types here for high level talks would have been on the bus.
We sat on the same table as some americans at the show and they were fine. No whinging, not even loud. They did have a long discussion about what is in satay – deciding in the end it is like mexican chilli, but apart from that (and the accent) you wouldn’t have known they were US>

Danman 4:31 pm 24 Feb 08

Oh and I am sure we made many enemies on the sickly patriotic Freemont experience….

Danman 4:30 pm 24 Feb 08

Deal with it….

I’m sure heaps of Americans hated Mrs Danman and I’s accent when we were in the US. People actually asked us to slow down our talking so they could understand us…who gives a toss….

ant 3:43 pm 24 Feb 08

It would be interesting to know who they were and where they were from, and if in fact they were involved in ausmin. Americans haven’t yet got the message that the rest of the world judges them, they believe they lead the world.

blingblingbears 3:36 pm 24 Feb 08

whinge, whinge, whinge…

Oh they were Americans, they MUST have been in town for the Defence talks… not necessarily, they could have just been regular tourists

Ari 3:22 pm 24 Feb 08

A couple of mildly obnoxious Americans on a bus is not much of a news story … even if you try to link it to defence talks.

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