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Unbearable truck noise

By bellaa - 10 July 2009 59

Hello everyone, I recently moved to Canberra, and moved to a very “new” area (unknowingly – we are renters and had to make a quick decision based on website pictures).

We are woken at 6am every morning (even on the weekends) by the noise of trucks driving past our front door.

And I don’t mean moving trucks – I mean semi trailers and B-Doubles.  They come past every 5 minutes or so, using their air brakes the whole way. It goes on like this til about 7pm at night. We have moved from Sydney where we lived under the flight path, and these trucks are worse.

We can’t hear the TV, we have to halt conversation….. it’s unbearable.

A whole new suburb is being built down the road, so it is going to be a very long term thing. And as we are renters, we can’t do much in terms of double glazing or planting trees to try and buffer the noise. 

Is there anyone we can complain to? I am pretty sure that, as a suburban street, there should be regulations about the size of vehicle allowed (at least, there is in Sydney, but not familiar with the rules here). 

I understand our street is a shortcut for the truckies, but I am sure they would know about the rules around using main roads instead of suburban streets. I mean there are little kids on our street that try to ride their bikes around in the afternoon – amongst the semi trailers! At the very least there must be some restrictions on using their air brakes????

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
Unbearable truck noise
Clown Killer 5:34 pm 10 Jul 09

My guess is the Federal Highway up in Watson somewhere – near where the old Starlight Drive-in used to be.

trevar 5:16 pm 10 Jul 09

Oh, that’s so unfeeling… but I also can’t think of anywhere that could happen: where is there a hill big enough for the use of compression braking in a residential area?

el 4:28 pm 10 Jul 09

LlamaFrog said :


can’t help but not care.

+1. I’m struggling to figure out where this is if they really are driving right past this person’s front door.

And 6AM? Luxury…when I were a lad………….

Skidbladnir 4:26 pm 10 Jul 09

So others may also derive some kind of benefit from your story, where exactly is this terror noise zone?

szeretetta 3:45 pm 10 Jul 09

Those signs to limit use of compression braking are currently only suggestions – they aren’t legally binding, and as such, many truck drivers will ignore them. Compression braking is more effective and causes less general wear and tear on the vehicles than using their brakes, particularly for large trucks like b-doubles.

Also: for truck drivers, not B-doubles, there aren’t restrictions on where they can travel unless there’s narrow roads or weight limits.

Gungahlin Al 3:29 pm 10 Jul 09

Ask Roads ACT to consider installing some of those “Please limit use of compression braking” signs coming down the hill.

CapitalK 3:26 pm 10 Jul 09

sorry got distracted doing your research for you..oops

CapitalK 3:26 pm 10 Jul 09

Do we have that many trucks coming into ACT that they come “every 5 minutes or so”?

Anyway start here for all ACT issues

amarooresident2 3:22 pm 10 Jul 09
LlamaFrog 3:13 pm 10 Jul 09


can’t help but not care.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:13 pm 10 Jul 09

Would that be Watson, near the highway?

Loose Brown 3:05 pm 10 Jul 09


punkarella 3:00 pm 10 Jul 09

we ain’t got dem City like rules, Yeeehah! What’s the name of the street?

I’m pretty sure we have some noise pollution laws. Depends of the DB level, but maybe road traffic is exempt?

lobster 2:55 pm 10 Jul 09

What suburb?

gingermick 2:41 pm 10 Jul 09

6 am! Time to be up.

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