Unearthed Review. Mouth and the Uncomfortable Silences. Two stars.

Barcham 2 October 2013 3

Unearthed Reviews

Once upon a time, the Unearthed Reviews were about reviewing every ACT band that had a drum next to their name on Unearthed.

Then I finished that, most of them I found rather boring and samey.

Now the Unearthed Reviews are about reviewing bands that have interesting names that I’ve never heard before.

These tend to me much more interesting and varied. Sadly interesting and varied are not synonyms for good, but I’ll take a crap band over a boring one any day of the week.

This time it’s about Mouth and the Uncomfortable Silences.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Est. 2007

Drop Dead in the River (Demo LP, 2008)
Waiting for Kelly (Demo LP, 2010)
Uncomfortable Silences (LP, 2011)

August 12th – Lyneham, ACT – The Front – w/ Nick and Liesl
October 22nd – Canberra, ACT – The Phoenix (@ Bootleg Sessions)

Not much of a bio, but at least it’s useful info so umm… cool.

Here’s what I shave to say about them:

For a magical one minute and 15 seconds I believed I had discovered an awesome new wave synthpop band in Canberra.

I was so goddamn excited.

Then the intro to Your Anguish Sustains Me finished and the real song kicked in… it was all over. My joy left me.

Is it unfair to review a band poorly because you wanted them to be a synthpop band and they weren’t? I don’t care. I actually didn’t know how much I wanted a Canberran Gary Numan until now.

Go listen to the first minute and a bit of Your Anguish Sustains Me, then just stop the song and see if you feel the same as I do.

Where is our goddamn synthpop scene?

Knowing Canberra there is actually a thriving synthpop scene and I’m just ignorant of it. If this is true, hook me up readers.

As for this band… well I’ll use some lyrics from their song My Little Secret to sum them up.

You can’t reveal what I will hide.

You are a dwarf against the tide.

I cannot grant you one last time.

‘Cause I caught you stealing what was mine.

Does any of that make any sense or appeal to you in any way? If so, then you may want to check these guys out, if not then you’ll be glad I saved you the time.

You’re welcome.

Again I find myself with a boring band, they might not be bad, but then again they might be. I’m too bored to be able to tell.

Two stars.

Here, watch this instead:

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3 Responses to Unearthed Review. Mouth and the Uncomfortable Silences. Two stars.
Grrrr Grrrr 2:09 pm 03 Oct 13

*plugs his USB/MIDI keyboard into Macbook, fires up Garageband and picks a synth sound*

Thumper Thumper 9:34 am 03 Oct 13

Just finished reading James Freud’s autobiography and Gary Numan comes across as a complete tosser.

Then again, so does Freud…..

tikbalang tikbalang 9:09 am 03 Oct 13

You need to BE the Canberran Gary Numan, Joel.

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