Unearthed Review: One Man Ruckus. No stars

johnboy 14 January 2011 7

One Man Ruckus Screenshot

Today with our Unearthed Review hat on we poke a stick at local hip hop attempt “One Man Ruckus” and rather wish we hadn’t.

There are nearly 700 Canberra bands with tracks on the TripleJUnearthed website. In 2011 we’re going to explore them. (Previous reviews are available)

In this outing we lift the lid on One Man Ruckus who couldn’t be bothered filling out the description field.

He also couldn’t be bothered uploading a photo, or putting up more than one track.

In the signal to noise of the Unearthed website One Man Ruckus is the noise.



Where do we start?

The loop is dull, the lyric is profanity strewn without emphasis.

It’s hip hop with a strong Australian accent, which can be a good thing when telling Australian stories. But the only story is how great the singer thinks he is.

The strongest moment is a direct rip of Eminem (“Look who’s back”). There’s a largely deserved go at Justin Bieber fans, but perhaps they don’t deserve to be “lyrically raped”.

I’m sure it’s intentional, but at times it feels like he drops off the beat.


Cliched, not even rising to manage offence, dull.

I turned to facebook asking friends for adjectives and got these: dire, pitiful, embarrassing.

Feel free dear reader to add your own.

No stars

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7 Responses to Unearthed Review: One Man Ruckus. No stars
JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 11:48 pm 14 Jan 11

He’s back. He went to the shops and now he has bread. Hardcore!

Actually I liked a lot about it. I just would have liked the music to develop a bit instead of just looping until it eventually wound down. But that is just my taste as a harmony nerd.

bloodnut bloodnut 8:11 pm 14 Jan 11

ah… not Canberra but great aussie hip-hop…

Shane Skillz



PayAttention PayAttention 8:06 pm 14 Jan 11

C’mon johnboy, it isn’t that bad!

Admittedly, I think I owned a PS1 game called DJ something-or-other, with which I could of made this back in the 1999.

I didn’t realise the player looped so I think I’ve listened to it about 5 times by accident and I’m not yet retarded.

Definitely not my style but I’m sure someone likes this type of repetitive macho bs. I think a 1 star is more deserving.

ps. I do wonder where he is ‘back’ from. Dude, you are on JJJ unearthed, you were never anywhere to begin with!!!!

    johnboy johnboy 8:54 pm 14 Jan 11

    No stars, one star…

    It’s all around the same place.

johnboy johnboy 1:54 pm 14 Jan 11

I’m thinking if I get three randoms in a row that fall below a pass mark I’ll pick something good.

Rogue Rogue 1:50 pm 14 Jan 11

You need to review a decent band – http://www.triplejunearthed.com/PerpetualEnd – absolutely awesome live!

fnaah fnaah 1:36 pm 14 Jan 11

It is the aural equivalent of poking toothpicks under your nails and then typing out a thousand word letter to an ex begging to be taken back. It is also proof that while PC-based multi-channel recording is *available* to everyone, there should be some kind of centrally-organised quality body that prevents atrocities like this being broadcast to the wider public.

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