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Utilities tax passed

Kerces 14 December 2006 18

The Legislative Assembly today passed the utilities tax they proposed in the June budget.

This means from January 1 they will charge the various utilities for the land their infrastructure uses, which is supposed to net the government some millions of dollars.

The government told the utilities at the time not to worry about it because they can just past the cost onto consumers.

A Telstra spokesman said the company is going to do exactly this. He said the cost to the average household could be as much as and extra $36 on their phone bills each year.

If you want a laugh, have a read of Jon Stanhope’s old press releases on the topic.

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18 Responses to Utilities tax passed
Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:02 pm 15 Dec 06

I can’t wait to vote this prick stanhope and his hopeless incompetent money squandering colleagues out.

And fuck david hicks too, that idiot deserves everything he gets. But I’ll save this rant for another day.

shauno shauno 5:34 pm 15 Dec 06

“Hey, calm down everyone. While we all sit here and complain, David Hicks is still locked away at Gitmo………and that’s just not right!”

I agree fully to that this fed govt has acted totally piss weak in their refusal to help this guy. I don’t care what he’s accused of he should not be locked up with out trial for 5 bloody years. And then to top it all off hes not going to get a proper fair trial anyway. This sort of shit is what went on Saddam’s era in Iraq.

They think that not opposing this fucked up situation makes them closer buddy’s to uncle same. But its bullshit and its actually shown us up for being weak in the eyes of the vast majority of the US and some of our allies and enemies.

End of off topic rant my apology’s

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:44 pm 15 Dec 06

Hey, calm down everyone. While we all sit here and complain, David Hicks is still locked away at Gitmo………and that’s just not right!

Thumper Thumper 10:56 am 15 Dec 06

dispense with frivolous shite like the chief ministers performance/award/dick holding prize etc etc

Straight to the pool room!

morgan morgan 10:51 am 15 Dec 06

if he is keen to raise more revenue, why not sack some more public servants and dispense with frivolous shite like the chief ministers performance/award/dick holding prize etc etc

…useless c*nts!

youshould_knowthis youshould_knowthis 10:21 am 15 Dec 06

Im sure the Budget papers have something in them about “benchmarking” our taxes against other states (it might be against NSW), with the point being to show how its no worse here than there.

But I don’t see how that could be anymore – with the rates increase, the utilities tax etc. Im pretty sure green slips here cost more than in metro sydney as well

Does anyone know how our tax levels stack up now against other areas / states?

I imagine if we come out worse, that comparison won’t be in next years budget papers……..

Ralph Ralph 9:25 am 15 Dec 06

This opportunistic tax opitimises the staggering incompotence of the ACT Government. Given that the ACT Gov’t owns the electricity and water infrastructure, this is essentially a tax on telecommunication services, which will be passed directly on to ACT businesses and consumers. So much for being the ‘knowledge capital’.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:11 am 15 Dec 06

Gardens and Legal Costs, and Statues to oblique causes.

Just like the rest…

che che 9:06 am 15 Dec 06

so what is he going to spend the extra money on?
I bet its none of the following:
SES/Rural Firies
water conservation/management
more police

so whats it going to be?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:01 am 15 Dec 06

How about Stahope and Co pay the ACT a special tax for every hare-brained scheme, media release or idea that they come up with?

Should net the ACT about $100 billion in the first 6 months, I reckon.

shauno shauno 8:46 am 15 Dec 06

“Thumper” go for it mate if your job allows. I only come back because of family and my mum isn’t to well.
Although its not as bad for me because I’m away so much.

I see Stanhope is gloating about how good the economy is if thats the case why is his budget so fucked up. And why the hell do we need all these bloody taxes.

How about this for an idea Stanhope cut taxes across the board and make the ACT extremely attractive to business and investment. Massively cut back the size of you government so its more like a local Sydney council.

Thumper Thumper 8:21 am 15 Dec 06

I’m seriously thinking of moving from Canberra. Which is a pity because I really like the place.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:15 am 15 Dec 06

That’s Mr. Fuckwit with a Majority Government to us Thumper 🙁

Thumper Thumper 8:13 am 15 Dec 06

Fuck, maybe we should just have our pay directly transferred to the ACT government.

They seem to be getting most of it anyway.

Stanhope, without doubt, is a fuckwit.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:11 am 15 Dec 06

umm, nothing ?

I love Stanhopeless, I am going to steal that one.

diprotodon diprotodon 6:52 am 15 Dec 06

Stanhopeless can’t manage the cash that presently has got, pissing it all up the wall, and nobody knows onto what exactly – except a statue of Al Grassby. What’s to say that Stanhopeless will be able to manage this cash any better?

futto futto 11:36 pm 14 Dec 06

i noticed in today’s paper they can afford to by another 60 or so speed camera vans. One for each duel carriage divided 80 zone!

I would love Adelaide Ave to be 100 km/hr just for a day!

CanberraGreen CanberraGreen 11:02 pm 14 Dec 06

Are things really this bad. Schools closing, taxes on powerlines, sports scholarships slashed. Sounds like the last days of the Kirner Government in Victoria.

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