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Veteran’s Park to be trimmed and overshadowed

By Aubergine - 13 October 2009 21

Do you work in the City?  Do you enjoy the small slice of green space on Bunda Street known as Veteran’s Park?  Well it’s soon set to be trashed by yet another overdevelopment in this increasingly overdeveloped city.  Stockland plan to demolish the AFP headquarters building (plus three others on the block) and construct a great lump of a shadow factory in their place.  Picture twelve storeys shoved up against the northern boundary of the park – closer than the existing building, which has setbacks all the way up its six or so storeys, to allow sun through on to the park.  This piece of crap?  No setbacks, just a big wall.  Bloody wonderful. Check out the details at  Marvel at the shadow diagrams – doesn’t someone at ACTPLA think this is wrong?  No problem as long as the developers cough up the fees?  I also like the “green spaces” diagram – demonstrates perfectly how FEW there are around here.  If we need another office block, why not build it away from the park – in one of those horrible bumpy glass-strewn carparks, perhaps, or up the road in low rise industrial slumville Braddon?  Or in Gungahlin?  Not NEXT TO THE PARK!  Idiots.  How long do we let them get away with this?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Veteran’s Park to be trimmed and overshadowed
George D 4:13 pm 14 Oct 09

Increasingly overdeveloped? I think you meant to write decreasing underdeveloped.

Veterans park won’t be missed. Canberra could do with better urban spaces that encourage mixing of people. The urban design in Canberra just doesn’t work, especially in the cooler months.

Ryan 8:49 pm 13 Oct 09

Looking at this file:

It looks as though Veterans Park won’t actually be any different in size as to what it is now. It takes up roughly a third of the block at the present time and also in their concept.

trevar 5:53 pm 13 Oct 09

Overdeveloped, underdeveloped… this argument is stupid: it’s neither. They’re keeping the park, and they’re increasing the size of the building beside it. Seems rather more balanced than usual to me…

LlamaFrog 4:30 pm 13 Oct 09

over developed. you have to be kidding, it is terrible that civic has so few buildings as it is. more canberra centre developments the better, go to civic on a sunday and it is empty. it is a disgrace.

S4anta 3:24 pm 13 Oct 09

deye said :

if they are demolishing almost the entire block maybe they should move the park to the North side of the block and the building to the south side. Thereby negating the shadow problem. James Court wouldn’t cast much of a shadow over that location.

This solution would also provide a convienient location for drunks to crash their cars

deye 2:56 pm 13 Oct 09

if they are demolishing almost the entire block maybe they should move the park to the North side of the block and the building to the south side. Thereby negating the shadow problem. James Court wouldn’t cast much of a shadow over that location.

S4anta 2:44 pm 13 Oct 09

Perhaps this is a chance for the ACT citizenry to start asking for greenspaces on rooftops?

MrPC 2:41 pm 13 Oct 09

Bulldoze it. Civic is too spread out as it is. If you want a park, there’s plenty just outside Civic.

sepi 1:46 pm 13 Oct 09

Green space is a very important part of big cities. I say retain this tiny bit of green in our city centre.

youami 12:57 pm 13 Oct 09

Overdeveloped? I think you find Canberra is considerably under-developed and the smarter and more efficient use of the land go a long way in making Canberra truly stand out as a city (and city centre) in its own right – rather than a desolate and sterile place to bury public servants. You want a park? Go to Glebe Park or even that 5minute drive to one of the Nature Parks in them thar hills. Seriously, you live in a city not a country town, thus there will be development, accept it and get over it!

Chop71 12:23 pm 13 Oct 09

cement it in and paint it green.

S4anta 12:08 pm 13 Oct 09

Sounds like a perfect excuse to replant the whgole lot with a Wet Eucalypt Forest type of planting scheme.

pmm 10:56 am 13 Oct 09

‘overdevelopment in this increasingly overdeveloped city’ – you are joking right? I think the more development in Civic, the better! It’s about time Civic started looking like a city centre.

Trunking symbols 10:10 am 13 Oct 09

This is even more puzzling when you realise the AFP headquarters and Veteran’s Park were only built and opened in 1986. Is this the new use-by date for buildings? 23 years? Sounds fishy to me . . .

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:04 am 13 Oct 09

I’m sure you and the three other people who use the ‘small slice of green’ must be devastated. Surely it’s only a matter of minutes before somebody at ACTPLA realises that the benefits you derive from the park massively outweigh those created by the new development and they scrap the whole thing.

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