Vicki Dunne stands up for the P-platers

johnboy 10 January 2007 43


Vicki Dunne has gone to town in lambasting the recent hysterical attacks on young drivers.

“None of this has been thought through. It seems politicians and groups like the NRMA are in a race to see who can be the most hard-line in their attacks on our children.

“The response of some politicians to any complex social problem is to ramp up the punishments.

“Has anyone asked themselves what the likely reaction will be to a flashing blue light on the part of a young driver who suddenly realises he’s driving 5kph over the limit, and therefore facing the loss of his licence, perhaps his job, and certainly a huge slab of self-esteem? Do we want more car chases and probably MORE deaths?

The whole thing is well worth reading especially in the context of her deputy leader’s statements.

Vicki Dunne, I salute you!

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43 Responses to Vicki Dunne stands up for the P-platers
bighead bighead 2:37 am 12 Jan 07

How about lawas are introduced, this is more aimes at New south wales though as they have made a start.

Stick with first year P’s get no chances, they shouldn’t be speeding or anything like that, its a time to learn on the road by yourself.
Now, in the next 2 years of being on your provisional licence you get 1 strike, then you lose it. That means in 2 years, if you do for some reason go a few km’s over the speed limit, you wont lose you licence, but it makes you prepared for next time.

I think the driver training is a joke as to how easy it was to get my licence, although my driving instructor was great, she made sure I knew things well, and she would not let me go until I knew things perfectally. I would say she had a big impact on how I behave on the roads now, which I would say is more safely than other P platers that I know.

vg, is it illegal to have earphones in while driving?

also, how much consideration do the police give when giving a speeding fine. such as, would you get away with 83km/h in a 80km/h zone?

J Dawg J Dawg 8:34 pm 11 Jan 07

I agree with you there, vg.

vg vg 6:55 pm 11 Jan 07

“One more observant P plater is a good fucking start”

…as is removing people from the road who continually lose their licence from points deductions

johnboy johnboy 6:43 pm 11 Jan 07

Do you think it would have been fair to lose your licence over that one point?

On a related note, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the purpose of demerit points to ensure the wealthy had a deterrent?

(I vaguely recall 12 years ago seeing a ferrari owner asked why he had a car that went so fast when the speed limit was 110 and he explained to the naive young journo “sweetheart, if you can afford a car like this you can afford a speeding fine).

In which case surely the least experienced and youngest drivers would be the ones most chastened by a fine?

So surely there’s a case for giving young drivers more demerit points than the rest of the community?

J Dawg J Dawg 6:41 pm 11 Jan 07

A whole 3 days of driving logs! Gee whiz. Of course participants on the course would never just make it up.

I wasn’t saying “oh look at me I am saying this is a 100% foolproof plan which will mean no P plater deaths, or road deaths ever”. If ONE P plater becomes more observant, that is one better driver on the road. It could be that P plater who, through lack of observation, runs off the road and kills you, or a member of your family, or one of your friends.

One more observant P plater is a good fucking start.

vg vg 6:26 pm 11 Jan 07

annd I’ll add to that in the last 20 years I’ve lost 1 point and owned a number of high powered cars (and driven on plenty of open roads). And I don’t get out of tickets because of my job. The one point I did lost was for 68 in 60 zone on a Canberra speed camera

vg vg 6:25 pm 11 Jan 07

A whole 3 days of driving logs! Gee whiz. Of course participants on the course would never just make it up.

I have lost count of the number of young drivers I have encountered who have done something stupid and, when I ask them where their P’s are, they tell me they have just done the P off course.

“I admit ive lost my licence a few times due to points”

Most people don’t lose theirs once. I’m thinking maybe you’re not the best example to be keeping tabs for them

99% of them just do it to get some extra points

J Dawg J Dawg 5:48 pm 11 Jan 07

P off is a joke

The course isn’t a joke. The removal of P’s is.

One of my friend’s is attending P Off soon, and I was driving with him as he was gathering the ideas for his log book (you must keep a log for 3 days of your driving and other cars on the road before you can attend the course). Keeping tabs for him, comments such as “I’ll stay away from that wanker talking on the mobile” and “that guy up ahead is braking randomly” were plentiful. Surely if every P plater was even half as observant as this (my friend isn’t the most observant driver either) we’d see a great increase in general road awareness?
Food for thought.

vg vg 4:00 pm 11 Jan 07

…and the short period I had a motorbike made me a better driver, plus a lot of work training that showed how the road extended more than 10m past the end of your bonnet

vg vg 3:59 pm 11 Jan 07

“its a privilege to drive not a rite.”

I think the phrase being looked for is that is should be considered a priviledge to have a licence., not a God given right. Prove yourself worthy of a licence through something a bit more rigorous than the testing we have now. An actual training program with some real driving skills being taught prior to any testing would be good, not a couple of hours next to your nearest available family member.

P off is a joke

TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 3:52 pm 11 Jan 07

To do the P’off course you should have to be on full points(Unless thats the way it is already?) Most of the people doing it do it so they can get away with more offences.

terubo terubo 8:06 am 11 Jan 07

Well, maybe we can learn something from China. Road deaths in 2006 down by 9.5%. That’s a paltry 89,455 – according to the ABC last week…

Thumper Thumper 7:42 am 11 Jan 07

Guru’s idea about motorbikes is not that fanciful. Believe me, when you are on the road on a bike you become extrememly aware of your mortality and your place in the universe, which is somewhere very near the bottom of the pile.

As such you become wary, and develop a good sense of road awareness, simply because you have to.

Of course, I’m not advocating that everyone gets a bike.

Greater penalties, two strikes and your out, greater education, less powerful cars?

All, none, some?

shauno shauno 6:31 am 11 Jan 07

Having been a rev head from year dot and owning every thing from 500hp subaru’s, V8’s, rotaries, 6’s and a 911 GT3 I would say that they are on the right track for reducing P plater deaths but and this is a big but. I admit ive lost my licence a few times due to points mainly speeding on aussie empty open roads. Ive had no accidents accept while rally driving on dirt. Ive driven many thousands of kms LHD in Europe on unlimited roads in germany and 130km speed limited roads in France. The fact is its media hysteria. Also Who the fuck made up the stupid comment ” its a privilege to drive not a rite.” My question is why is this and who decided it was a privilege. For fuck sake the rate of deaths on our roads is fuck all. The NT has just reduced its unlimited roads to 130km/hr Id like to be pointed to the fact that the deaths of NT roads were directly attributable to unlimited speed. And yes stiff shit im not politically correct.

crabb crabb 12:08 am 11 Jan 07

FWIW, Police cars were very visible on Northbourne Ave towards EPIC, and even into Gungahlin, all through Summernats. Hadn’t seen that many all year.

johnboy johnboy 11:47 pm 10 Jan 07

Ahh my favourite, the uber-whinger!

A whinger who whinges about whinging.

And apparently someone holds a gun to your head and forces you to view websites you don’t like!

talk some sense talk some sense 11:37 pm 10 Jan 07

Are you people kidding? Joking about banning young men, men, older people from driving as a sarcastic response to the p-plate laws.

Yes p-platers aren’t the only ones dying on our roads. But don’t you think that the older people who are dying were once p-platers who flaunted laws and were lucky to survive this long?

Perhaps these laws will cause a generational change in perceptions, and by targeting the problem with our new drivers, breed better drivers so that there are less people dying across all age groups?

Instead of sitting back ridiculing these decisions with your razor-sharp sarcasm (and thinking you’re clever), try some constructive criticism.

I’ve never seen such a bitchy site where people offer so much criticism and sarcasm, but so little solutions.

talk some sense talk some sense 11:33 pm 10 Jan 07

Are you people kidding? Joking about banning young men, men, older people from driving as a sarcastic response to the p-plate laws.

ross69 ross69 6:43 pm 10 Jan 07

They’ve also started showing ad’s as from today about police targeting P Plater speeding. so those fully licensed drivers who sit on our slow butt’s beeping there horn at us have no worries about being pulled over.

ross69 ross69 6:40 pm 10 Jan 07

I live in sydney (though canberra born and bred) this is obviously a national problem so my main problem is more about the reforms they published in the daily telegraph today but more than likely they will try and enforce the same rules nationally.

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