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Waiting, waiting, waiting… [School closures finalised]

By johnboy - 13 December 2006 88

Still no announcement on Schools…

But my sources say 23 will go. Dickson is saved, Kambah and Cook to be comprehensively Barred.

UPDATED: OK, the ABC has the list.

Schools previously down to be closed but now saved are:


Hall preschool
Hackett preschool
Reid preschool
Weston Creek preschool
Chifley preschool
South Curtin preschool
Tharwa preschool
Mt Neighbour preschool
Flynn preschool
Gilmore preschool
Melba preschool


Giralang primary
Gilmore primary
Mt Rogers primary
Isabella Plains primary


Dickson College

ANOTHER UPDATE: More from the ABC now also online, there’s to be a $750 bribe to parents of each effected child and $100,000 of our money spent polishing the turd in advertising. “Would you like sauce with that sandwich?”

FURTHER UPDATES: The Greens’ Deb Foskey is urging school communities to continue the resistance.

Vicki Dunne is deploying churchillian language to describe today’s decisions:

Today an era of Canberra schooling met a bloody end as local neighbourhood schools are demolished to make way for supermarket schools

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times has a piece on the closures as well as a weepy about angry Kambah girls (and others) throwing a tanty about not getting their way.

What’s Your opinion?

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88 Responses to
Waiting, waiting, waiting… [School closures finalised]
toastie 3:45 pm 13 Dec 06

…can someone please explain why this is all so terrible? i thought the idea was that there would be more resources available with the super-school.

areaman 3:45 pm 13 Dec 06

Especially Tharwa as it is the last working link back to Canberra’s rural past.

I’d say with what, 25 students, it’s wasn’t really working.

areaman 3:42 pm 13 Dec 06

Egh, pretty much what I expected. Seems as reasonable as shutting 23 schools and preschools could be. The College system is better protected than it was. nyssa76 isn’t there a p-2 school in Turner somewhere that’s super popular?

Nik_the_Pig 3:29 pm 13 Dec 06

anyone in the real estate bis wish to speculate how this will effect house prices in those areas? I’ve got some friends who bought in a particular area with a view to having and then schooling there kids there. They have just had their kids but by the time they need it the schools will be gone

nyssa76 3:14 pm 13 Dec 06

It’s sickening.

They’re still going to bring in those stupid P-2 schools (2009).

I doubt Chief Numpty and his party will be still in Govt by then.

What’s with the Melba/Copeland mix? And the Hawker Collegiate (is that a word?)?

Someone give me a bucket.

Thumper 3:13 pm 13 Dec 06

Tharwa and Hall are a tragedy.

Especially Tharwa as it is the last working link back to Canberra’s rural past.

humbug 3:12 pm 13 Dec 06

also interesting is Weston pre-school whose primary school IS closing….

seepi 3:10 pm 13 Dec 06

Appernalty all pre-schools are going to amalgamate witha primary school by 2008. Interesting in Hckett where there is no primary school.
And both Hall and Tharwa primaries are gone – sad.

humbug 3:09 pm 13 Dec 06

it is….the two schools near us are still going though 🙁

seepi 3:05 pm 13 Dec 06

Ok – the list is now up on ABC – Hackett preschool is staying open.

humbug 3:05 pm 13 Dec 06

shit…it is too.

they were announcing them on ABC 666 radio (gotta love that station number) about 15 minutes ago

seepi 3:02 pm 13 Dec 06

That’s the old list.
I’ev heard Melrose Primary and Chfley pre-school are gone too.
Dickson is staying – I’m wating on Hackett preschool….

humbug 3:01 pm 13 Dec 06


or for the lazy

Schools to close at the end of 2006:

Chifley Preschool
Flynn Preschool
Flynn Primary School
Giralang Preschool
Giralang Primary School
Hackett Preschool
Hall Preschool
Hall Primary School
Macarthur Preschool
McKellar Preschool
Melrose Primary School
Mount Neighbour Preschool
Mount Neighbour Primary School
Reid Preschool
Rivett Preschool
Rivett Primary School
South Curtin Preschool
Tharwa Preschool
Tharwa Primary School
The Causeway Preschool
Weston Creek Preschool
Weston Creek Primary School

Schools to close at the end of 2007:

Cook Preschool
Cook Primary School
Gilmore Preschool
Gilmore Primary School
Kambah High School
Page Preschool
Village Creek Preschool
Village Creek Primary School

Schools to close at the end of 2008:

Dickson College
Higgins Preschool
Higgins Primary School
Holt Preschool
Holt Primary School
Isabella Plains Preschool
Isabella Plains Primary School
Melba Preschool
Mt Rogers Primary School

humbug 2:59 pm 13 Dec 06
seepi 2:58 pm 13 Dec 06

I’ve heard Giralang is saved and Hall is gone.
Wasn’t 2.30 the annoucement – when will we know??

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