Wasabi Teppanyaki – restaurant review

johnboy 5 June 2005 13

Wasabi Teppanyaki
Where: 71/ 2 Cape St Dickson
Cost: $60 (exc booze)
Phone: 6262 7888
Date Reviewed: 03-JUN-05

Wasabi is a new player in the revolving door of restaurants in the new building on Cape Street in Dickson.

The food was very good, with some interesting takes on Japanese Cuisine which were novel to me.

The service on the other hand was poor to the point my entree arrived after the mains.

This was caused by a mixup in the orders which had in turn been exacerbated by a waitress either unable or unwilling to give guidance with the menu.

That’s some achievement as I’m capable of ordering food in Japan without too much trouble.

In a $20 vietnamese or chinese restaurant you can get past poor service. But in a Japanese restaurant prices are high and the service needs to be making the customer forget all about that.

Also the extractors on the teppanyaki bars weren’t doing the business on the night. Which made it smoky at times.

Having said all that the wafu balmain bugs was exceptional. It looked amazing and tasted even better. My sampler entree (when it arrived) was fantastic.

Now, to the subject of teppanyaki. If you’ve never had it before then I envy you deeply. Because the sense of wonder which unfolds the first time you eat that way with the chef slicing, dicing, and sizzling on the big grill in front of you with your friends all around, is something you’ll remember all your life. Subsequent renditions will serve only to remind you of the magic of the first time.

So forget all my quibbles above. If you’ve got a reason to celebrate (or perhaps need cheering up) then get down to Wasabi, lash out on the most expensive Teppanyaki banquet they’ve got.

But if you want a sit down Japanese meal I’d say Iori is a better bet on Friday night’s experience.

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13 Responses to Wasabi Teppanyaki – restaurant review
Ate Ate 4:59 pm 06 Jun 11

In April I booked a table for 17 for teppanyaki at Wasabi Dickson to celebrate my big 30. I made sure I booked well in advance to ensure we got the table. On arriving there was another group of about 10 people around one end of the grill and as such they had just added two tables down the other end of the grill to accommodate my large group. This meant 8 people were ackwardly squished into a corner and were not able to get the full tenapanyaki experience. There was no mention of this at the time of my booking. Had this been the case I probably would have booked somewhere else or booked at Manuka. Dickson being close to work and home for all of us was just more convenient.

I wasnt about to make a fuss to be honest it was my birthday id already had a few GnT’s and i wasnt going to let anything spoil my night.

The food was pretty average but I have to admit the show was fantastic. After many bottles of wine no one seemed to care they were squished in anyway. I certainly wouldnt book for a large group there again but for small groups its a lot of fun and id go again.

kezzafezza kezzafezza 3:33 pm 06 Jun 11

Gungahlin Al said :

We had a late-ish lunch at Wasabi in Manuka on Saturday and the service and food were good.

Only complaint was we really wanted to order a drink but nobody even asked. How does a restaurant stack up financially if they don’t seize every opportunity to cash in on drink sales??

I agree. I’ve been here 4 times now and I’ve always enjoyed it. The food is always delicious. All 4 times I’ve gone it has been hard to get a drink, I’ve had to go to the bar. I just like the yummy food though.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:31 pm 06 Jun 11

We had a late-ish lunch at Wasabi in Manuka on Saturday and the service and food were good.

Only complaint was we really wanted to order a drink but nobody even asked. How does a restaurant stack up financially if they don’t seize every opportunity to cash in on drink sales??

Heffy Heffy 2:07 pm 06 Jun 11

I went here the other night and it was bad bad bad! The service was non existent and the fish was off as well. My girlfriend was quite sick afterwards. I felt okay but the food wasnt that great. I was more annoyed at how small it was and noisy. Also the Waiters were very rude. Its a shame as i was really looking forward to the night and having a great time. I wont be back!

johnboy johnboy 1:44 am 13 Jun 05

The sashimi was actually excellent in a rough-hewn way. (and I mean that as a good thing)

For good sushi in canberra Tasuke in the bus interchange is the king.

nick nick 1:39 am 13 Jun 05

that’s good to know and helpful – i’ve walked by there a few times now on my way to Four Rivers, around the corner – my current fave Canberra restaurant, with excellent Sichuan food – or to the Ethiopian place…

but say more about the sashimi and sushi – that’s what i really go for

oh yeah, and little side type things like tsukemono and edamame…

i miss decent japanese food – i haven’t found any in Canberra yet.

blossy blossy 6:16 am 07 Jun 05

Now you’re talking!

johnboy johnboy 9:45 pm 06 Jun 05

Hmmm, a teppanyaki review club could be a lot of fun.

Fiona Fiona 9:41 pm 06 Jun 05

I went to wasabi over summer… only my second teppanyaki experience, but only came up in second place… I think it was partially because it was so small… and my entretainment rice wasn’t all that entertaining :p

em em 10:00 am 06 Jun 05

OK, the only teppanyaki I ever had was at the place in Dickson that burned down.

Can someone give me a roundup on all the teppanyakis in Canberra – where are they, costs, and how good are they?

blossy blossy 7:37 am 06 Jun 05

they have? ewww, glad I came out of it OK! Not that I’m big on sashimi.

Maybe you just happened apon the place on a bad night?

johnboy johnboy 7:02 am 06 Jun 05

ahh, but shogun have committed the unforgivable sin of serving up dodgy fish in sashimi.

The sashimi at wasabi was tip top.

blossy blossy 6:22 am 06 Jun 05

shame it wasn’t so great. the teppanyaki service at Shogun in Garema Place is OK.

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