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Watch out for cigarette re-education patrols

By johnboy 23 March 2006 75

Junkies aren’t the only ones leaving their drug paraphenalia around the place, we all see beer bottles hither and yon, and many nicotine addicts are inconsiderate in disposing of the butts.

I don’t know how we missed it, but John Hargreaves is on the job. A few days ago he put out a media release (obviously the headline was written by a recent journalism graduate) warning us:

“A team of brightly dressed young people will this week be approaching smokers in the city’s ‘butt hot spots’ to discuss the environmental impact of littered butts, provide information on disposal options and generally encourage correct disposal,”

Have any of our smokers met these brightly dressed young people? How did the discussion go?

And why not just have rangers hitting offenders with a fine?

What’s Your opinion?

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75 Responses to
Watch out for cigarette re-education patrols
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smokeydelroacho 1:21 am 13 May 06 thats the robert wood johnson foundation theyre pushing harsh drinking laws also funny they sell them patches and nicotine gum ,boycott johnson and johnson.Part of it is is your own money if you smoke from that stupid tobacco settlement,Theres a place here funded by me whose primary goal is to discriminate against smokers.That settlement money pays all sorts of stuff except to smokers grrr.heres a letter i wrote to the editor in 2004 this goes into detail what all contributions smokers make.Next time you see a smoker you should thank them for contributing more to society than anyone.For the butt thing i use a metal film vial as a porta ashtray im not giving those no good evil nannies any ammo. PISSED OFF let them come up to me im waiting i pity whoever does im gonna read them the riot act to put it mildly.Nice group i normally dont post on boards i couldnt resist this one and thanks for the info.smokey

Jazz 2:03 pm 04 Apr 06

i’ve always been of the view that if something is where u don’t want it, apply a derogatory term.

for example.
a whole bunch of butts (or candy wrappers, or banana skins) on the ground on city walk = litter ; same stuff in a bin = acceptable

leaves fallen from a tree on your driveway = leaf LITTER ; on your garden bed = Mulch

lamborghini double parked so that you can’t get around it = pain in the arse; YOUR lamborghini parked anywhere = Brilliant

therefore the argument that butts is not litter is false UNLESS they happen to be in a bin or a container provided courtesy of brightly dressed young people.

social engineering – thats a whole other matter.

erewego 12:10 pm 28 Mar 06

Funded by British American Tobacco,
PR by to reduce perception of smokers as literers, (as opposed to poisoners)

Mr_Shab 3:17 pm 27 Mar 06

but so gracefully…

Absent Diane 2:53 pm 27 Mar 06

hehe – yeah!!!

Mr_Shab 2:29 pm 27 Mar 06

AD – that’s a whole lot of logical gaps you leapt.

Bonfire – the shiny happy thought police are a bit much, but is it that freakin’ difficult to chuck your butts in a bin? I used to manage it just fine. If you can’t find a bin, stick the butts back in the packet. Or get a film cannister.

Also – butts don’t break down like a leaf. I tried composting the little suckers a couple of times. The paper rots away quite swiftly, but the fibres hang around like the proverbial bad smell. If they were gone in a week or two, no-one would bat an eyelid at you turfing your butt in their garden.

Yes, persecuting smokers is social engineering. So was changing the ettiquette to make spitting on the street rude. Both have positive social consequences (less smoking = less illness, less spitting = less transmission of tuberculosis). How else do you propose governments make any changes to public attitudes or practices? Stanhope’s Stasi?

I thought (ideally…) the role of government was to govern for the benefit of the majority. Sorry bonfire, but you’ve become one of the vocal minority groups you love to rail against.

johnboy 1:58 pm 27 Mar 06

which would be fine except you’re fouling the commons.

bonfire 1:53 pm 27 Mar 06

your rights end at the tip of your nose – mine begin at the tip of mine.

Absent Diane 12:45 pm 27 Mar 06

There is no God… so no right’s can be given… most rules that humans follow are created by humans and mostly have no earthly values…. on the whole the only constraint we actually have is physics… therefore something such as smoking isn’t a ‘right’ it is just a reality…

caf 6:55 pm 24 Mar 06

“Help, help, I’m being repressed! My inalienable and god-given right to be a filthy bastard is being infringed!”

This is funny stuff.

Erg0 5:33 pm 24 Mar 06

I’ll agree that smokers are an easy target these days. Then again, so are brightly clothed young people so I fail to see how giving them a spray is going to redress the karmic balance. Perhaps you could direct your diatribes somewhere more useful?

Blamemonkey 4:24 pm 24 Mar 06

Beer is Good… RJ want to go for one??

bonfire 4:19 pm 24 Mar 06

bm – i will not engage in dialogue with my oppressors. you have made me aware of their tactics – why would i talk to them ?

if they approach me they will cop a spray. as would prosletysers, green left sales twats, junkies, pamphleteers and other fools which obstruct me as i go about my business.

my actions regarding recycling have nothing to do with this topic. however, yes i do seperate items which are being disposed of. because i live a fairly spartan life, both bins only get put out at best once a month, and even then they aren’t full.

anyway im off for a beer.

barking toad 4:11 pm 24 Mar 06

This is starting to hurt my brain – going to pub now to make it stop.

Blamemonkey 4:00 pm 24 Mar 06

I figured I would listen to what they had to say, which was not the anti-smoking diatribe i was expecting, and then they gave me a butt bin on a key chain. personally i feel guilty ditching my butts, and i felt this even before i was approached by the Hitler youth.

question bonfire: do you feel the same way about having two bins one for recycling one for rubbish?
do you put the right rubbish in the right bin or you don’t even bother sorting it?? that is a similar concept for the butt bins, the aren’t saying you can’t smoke but could you take care of your butts.

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