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Watch out for cigarette re-education patrols

By johnboy - 23 March 2006 75

Junkies aren’t the only ones leaving their drug paraphenalia around the place, we all see beer bottles hither and yon, and many nicotine addicts are inconsiderate in disposing of the butts.

I don’t know how we missed it, but John Hargreaves is on the job. A few days ago he put out a media release (obviously the headline was written by a recent journalism graduate) warning us:

“A team of brightly dressed young people will this week be approaching smokers in the city’s ‘butt hot spots’ to discuss the environmental impact of littered butts, provide information on disposal options and generally encourage correct disposal,”

Have any of our smokers met these brightly dressed young people? How did the discussion go?

And why not just have rangers hitting offenders with a fine?

What’s Your opinion?

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75 Responses to
Watch out for cigarette re-education patrols
nyssa76 9:29 pm 23 Mar 06

There aren’t needle exchanges in most parks either but it doesn’t stop the junkies from dropping their needles on the ground.

Thumper – an excellent solution to those twits.

Personally, if they approach me, I will blast them. I don’t drop my butts anywhere but an ashtray and if one isn’t available, I have a container for them.

FFS. Haven’t these people got better things to do?

seepi 5:42 pm 23 Mar 06

I think if you hear them out they give you a free metal cannister to use as a portable ashtray.
I think this issue, like much litter in Canberra is made much worse by the fact there are no bins in most parts of Canberra (parks, nature reserves etc).

jamius maximus 5:14 pm 23 Mar 06

I don’t smoke anymore but I would be pissed at do-gooders approaching me with big false smiles and warning me not the throw my ciggie butt. I guess better than fines though.

The problem is, whereas the odd butt here and there is no big deal, when they start accumulating in drains and the like they really do look like shit and should at least be cleaned up. Perhaps the brightly coloured young people could be employed to sweep up the spare butts as well.

I also like how these people need to be both brigtly dressed and young; when both of these qualities combined would tend to set off the “potential fuck-stick” alarm.

Thumper 4:02 pm 23 Mar 06

hehehe… Fair call…

Absent Diane 3:58 pm 23 Mar 06

sorry smorking is a word that appears on a lot

Thumper 3:54 pm 23 Mar 06

I tend to smoke as I’m not quite sure what ‘smorking’ is….

Anyone want to come up with a definition of ‘smorking’, as in, ‘to smork’.


Absent Diane 3:19 pm 23 Mar 06

Bonfire Im convinced that you are a comic genius….. I litter butts when I am feeling lazy or angry at the world… but also I understand that its bad and try not to do it on most occassions..
It helps that I only smork when I drink these days…

LurkerGal 3:06 pm 23 Mar 06

Oh dear. Here it comes. BRACE BRACE BRACE.

bonfire 2:53 pm 23 Mar 06

typical softhead social engineering idiocy.

a butt is not litter.

if a butt is litter then its in the same category as a leaf falling from a tree. i dont see patrols of people chiding trees.

the vitriolic propaganda is just nuts. poisoning fish, polluting the water table, killing baby lambs etc. it looks like the anti-plastic bag propaganda poorly reworded.

its also a beautiful example of creeping illegality. the zealots ban smoking indoors, at your desk where you dont harm anyone, forcing you outdoors. they are now banning it in pubs, forcing you outdoors. the zeaots then act outraged, agog and incensed that THERE ARE BUTTS OUTDOORS.

Wringing their hands they exclaim ‘if only they would surrender their lawful enjoyment of a legally sold product and enjoy mungbean salads like i do’.

i think its time they just went about their business and let smokers be. its not as ifd smokers are unaware of the alleged effects of smoking – that propaganda has been blasted in our faces for 50 years.

i shall continue to ignore this idiotic law and if one of these hitler youth darlings approaches me they will cop a spray.

johnboy 2:26 pm 23 Mar 06

maybe they were just reacting to being lectured by children?

Thumper 2:23 pm 23 Mar 06

I used to work for dept of Environment and I’m a greenie at heart…

justbands 2:01 pm 23 Mar 06

I saw them warming up outside the Canberra Centre earlier in the week whilst waiting for my lovely wife to meet me for lunch. At least 3 or 4 smokers watched from a distance & then threw their butts on the ground & walked off. 2 of them within inches of an ashtray. Not all smokers are as good as you obviously Thumper.

Thumper 1:48 pm 23 Mar 06


Sorry, taken….

LurkerGal 1:43 pm 23 Mar 06

Thumper. Marry me.

Thumper 1:39 pm 23 Mar 06

Yes, I met two of them this morning who proceeded to give me a lecture on the ills of dropping butts, which really annoyed me as I was sitting at a table ashing my durrie into an ashtray.

I then proceded to explain how, whilst a grunt, I put cigarette butts in my boots, and these days with SES, do the same. And then to really annoy them I lit a smoke and proceded to regale them with tales of trekking the Tasmanian wilderness, with a film cannister as a butt holder.

And then as a finale, told them to fuck off and bother someone else.

Self righteous fools.

BTW, Who’s initiative is this?

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