Water discipline shot to sh*t

johnboy 12 January 2007 73

The ABC reports that as the temperature soars Canberrans are increasingly ignoring the increasingly shrill demands we use less water.

Cue another round of taxpayer funded ads warning that if we continue to ignore restrictions they’ll continue to spend our money on ads hectoring us about it.

All this while the top price of water remains $1.30 per thousand litres.

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73 Responses to Water discipline shot to sh*t
AG AG 3:30 pm 15 Jan 07


I have no doubt you would wash your car regularly. I assume you have a real hot ride too. You would need this to compensate for your small penis, which is obviously the cause of your pathetic attitude! Get a life you loser.

You sound like the same kind of idot that would feel it is their right to do 130 down the Parkway and then whinge when one of those big white vans with the sign on the roof and the camera inside catch you and send you a ticket!!


Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:34 pm 15 Jan 07

Ralph, I think $200 is the starting point for the fines; and I’m guessing that repeat offenders would have further action taken against them. I know in Melbourne they are threatening to cut repeat offenders water supply to a trickle, but I don’t think the ACT Govt is looking at doing that just yet.

Pandy, do you know anywhere still selling Agent Orange? 🙂

Tool, good on you for using grey water: may your lawn continue to bloom.

Tool Tool 12:08 pm 15 Jan 07

The water police will have their work cut out for them – will be quite interesting

Pandy Pandy 10:51 pm 14 Jan 07

50m2 nothing. Try 300m2

Dew? Never saw it.

Tool Tool 9:59 pm 14 Jan 07

When I say small its about 50m2, but it’s green at the expense of the whole sandpit backyard. I have no doubt people waste water but I must add that there were a few mornings last week that there was quite a heavy dew on the lawn.

Pandy Pandy 9:40 pm 14 Jan 07

If your lawn is small then it is obvious you can keep it green within the restrictions.

However, I live in suburb where lawns are not postage sized like in Gungahlin. I have seen front lawns that are ‘lush’ green all the way to the street ie includes the nature strip. I could understand this happening when we were still allowed to water the lawn by hand for one month. But now?

Also what about the neighbour I have seen who has a back lawn that is wet in the mornings? Bloody suspicious!!

Tool Tool 9:20 pm 14 Jan 07

Pandy, quit making assumptions about peoples lawns. I’m well aware of the restrictions and adhere to them. Your reasoning is based on a lawn obviously the size of yours both front and back.

My backyard has no grass and my front yard had a relatively small patch which with a load of washing every other day keeps it nice and green. So your “obviously flouting the rules” comment is quite misguided and offensive.

Pandy Pandy 9:15 pm 14 Jan 07

Same here seepi. The once a week water for 1.5 hours on the back lawn has not saved the grass that is in the sun most of the time from going brown in patches.

seepi seepi 7:55 pm 14 Jan 07

pandy my yard is pretty shady so parts of it still look good.
the parts in the sun are in bad shape though.

Pandy Pandy 6:02 pm 14 Jan 07

Tool, et al:

Under Stage 3 hand watering of the lawn is not allowed at all Monday to Friday. If you are watering on the weekend on the current exemption regime and diverting grey water (like me), some of your lawn should be browned off by now. And there is no way I can keep the fron and back lawn all green.

And round-up will be used on people who “obviously” are flouting the rules.

Deano Deano 10:23 pm 13 Jan 07

does anyone know, when you buy water in a truck (to fill a tank), where do they get that water from?

The water is drawn from the ACTEW mains at various points around Canberra. The trucks have special hydrants with meters attached and must pay ACTEW for the water.

seepi seepi 9:51 pm 13 Jan 07

does anyone know, when you buy water in a truck (to fill a tank), where do they get that water from?

luca luca 7:34 pm 13 Jan 07

You think we have water problems now! Just wait for a dirty bomb to go off in the Capital City of NSW and half of Sydney hits the Hume! Somehow I don’t think they’ll take too kindly being told to have a drink from the lake!

johnboy johnboy 4:39 pm 13 Jan 07

yeah, because your water restrictions are working so well.

like i keep saying the remaining reserves in the snowy dwarf our local storage and that water is available should we choose to pay for it.

but instead we have to re-live the tragedy of the commons over and over and over again.

The Drewster The Drewster 4:35 pm 13 Jan 07

How hard is it to try to conserve and restrict the amount of water that we use?

seepi seepi 4:09 pm 13 Jan 07

It may not be your ideal scenario, but it is the situation we are currently in.
The dams are down to under 40% with no improvement in sight. Rebelliously refusing to cut back on water use is not promoting your cause.
I don’t mind doing something for the common good – i’m sure lots of people don’t.

johnboy johnboy 3:38 pm 13 Jan 07

Asking people to disadvantage, or even just inconvenience themselves for an abstract common good at a future point is more than just a little on the futile side.

It’s just stupid.

Asking people to choose to use small amounts of a low cost commodity when large amounts are available if they are allowed to pay more is even worse.

It’s a power trip for a few public servants, politicians, and the scum of society who like to inform on their neighbours and tell people how to brush their teeth, but it’s not anything close to good policy.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:31 pm 13 Jan 07

No, I’m not the market, because the Government mandates the price at a trivial $1.30 per thousand litres.

The fact that ActewAGL charges a ridiculously low amount for a kilowatt of polluting electricity doesn’t stop me paying extra for green power instead of wishing the government would install a wind farm in every suburb and put solar panels on my roof.

We all have a choice about how the drought will affect us. Childishly wasting water or flouting the law as a feeble protest won’t change anything except the levels in the dams. Changing the way you think about and use water will. The water that’s “locked up” in the dam because we don’t piss it away today will be there for us to drink later if the drought doesn’t break – or would you rather we ended up like Goulburn, having to keep track of every precious drop?

Be reasonable and a little frugal now, and we won’t have an expensive, life-screwing shortage later – or at least not for a lot longer.

Deano Deano 2:11 pm 13 Jan 07

You are probably one of those people who keeps the water running whilst brushing your teeth.

Let’s look at this bit of non-sense.

I clean my teeth for 2.5 minutes, as per dentist’s recommendations. The tap runs at 1.5 litres per minute (I just measured it). So cleaning my teeth with the tap running uses 3.75 litres of water – 7.5 litres per day for morning and night.

Now, supposing Canberra’s 323,000 residents all clean their teeth twice a day (a tenuous assumption at best ;-#) it would use a total of 2.4 megalitres per day or 884 megalitres per year – 1.7% of our 2004-5 consumption.

If we were all very frugal and manage to clean our teeth in just 0.5 litres (two cups) per session, water usage would be 323 kilolitres or 118 megalitres per year – a saving of 766 megalitres. This would reduce our consumption by 1.5% – ‘buying’ us a total of 5.5 days extra water each year.

It should however be noted that this water is not really wasted as it contributes to environmental flows and is used by communities downstream from us. If we didn’t use this water it would stay ‘locked up’ in our dams.

liberalvoter liberalvoter 7:13 am 13 Jan 07


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