17 December 2007

Water Quandaries

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With all the rain we’ve had over the last 6 weeks things must be getting complicated for the folks at ACTEW. Thoughts must be going something like this, “Theres so much rain people aren’t watering their gardens and making us money. I know lets up the price of water so when they do use it, it costs more. Yeah and then lets decrease the restrictions so that they use even more so that makes us even more money. Yeah thats a great idea too. Wow, we are teh roxors.”

Stories from the ABC on the recommended water price hike, why a water price hike is bad for low income earners (also lets us know that there will be public hearings on the proposed price hikes in Feb) and possible lessening of restrictions to allow use of sprinklers.

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Better get going – 44.9 today.

I agree Felix, I think that despite the fact that we’ve had a bit of rain, the good ol’ days of watering (particularly lawns) is well behind us. It’s interesting how quickly we forget though… till the next long dry spell (if we get out of this one).

Well maybe they should concentrate a little more on their local government responsibilities like providing water to their taxpayers.

To make it sound really officious (and therefore attractive to Standope), Lets put it under the U.N. 10 basic necessities (every person has a right to water).

Felix the Cat10:05 pm 17 Dec 07

I think it is irresponsible to allow use of sprinklers again. The damns are still less than 50% capacity with summer pretty much just starting and Canberra’s population growing everyday.

Yippee! I’ve been hoping for a sprinkler exception.

I have a watering system in my garden beds and I can’t use it under restrictions.

I’m surprised they are back to allowing grass watering though.

51modelBloke4:17 pm 17 Dec 07

Actually I do have an alternative, my 850 Litre tank on my broadacres at Watson, until they do as Mr. Evil suggests and start charging for rain water

the riotact: news? no! whinging? yes!

“@Sammy: I think MrE will agree with you, he’s just a bit more cynical than you, that’s all.”

Cynical – Me? 🙂

Go to your nearest lake with your pot and fill it up – there’s your alternative option.

I have seen worse, I didn’t realise actew were particularly bad at this. You’ve got it admit it is generous of them to “voluntarily offset the additional greenhouse gases generated by the projects”

51modelBloke2:31 pm 17 Dec 07

I don’t have a problem with water prices rising if it is justified, however I think it a bit rich with the amount of money they [Actew] spend on self gratification and pour into every function and public event and that happens, not to mention glassworks etc. If I want to give money to these organisations, I’ll do it myself. Perhaps if they didn’t waste so much money the price of water, electricity etc. could be reduced. And we don’t even have the option of going elswhere because now they’re going to buy the opposition…

Snahons_scv6_berlina12:13 pm 17 Dec 07

sux to be you… my 90KL tank is almost full due the rain over the last few months 🙂

Holden Caulfield11:55 am 17 Dec 07

@aa: Sure, the middle east may not have water issues, but their hardly an ideal long term environmental model to wish for. Eek!

@Sammy: I think MrE will agree with you, he’s just a bit more cynical than you, that’s all.

To the contrary Mr Evil, those with rainwater tanks should be given an ongoing rebate for both lessening the need for increased water storage infrastructure, and reducing the stress on the stormwater infrastructure.

I’m waiting for ACTEW to suugeest that all rainwater tanks be registered so they can start charging people for collecting rainwater off their own roof!

In ‘planning’ I believe. To have a specific figure of 78 GL for the enlarged cotter dam implies some planning has certainly taken place.

Other things happening:

I believe now organisations can obtain free recycled water as a result of improvements to the Molonglo Treatment Works..

Middle eastern countries often use desalination since they have little other choice and ample fossil fuels. I would imagine recycled water is a more viable solution here.
I believe due to the upgrades of the

We have been paying for years now for a new dam in Canberra, but where is it? One thing you got to look at is why countries in the middle east that are deserts don’t have water restrictions or problems with water? I think our biggest problem is that in 5 years from now when we don’t have issues with water, we forget about it and don’t do anything to prevent it. It’s not just water, its everything in general, once the crisis is over, people forget about it and rarely do anything to prevent it from happening again.

i agree gregw, water is undervalued and should be priced according to its real value; then we’ll see genuine behaviour change effecting real environmental benefits.

i also think, though, that water rsstrictions should include some capacity for growing food (vege gardens) domestically.

There is no allowed water usage, just a target.

I’m a low income earner but I myself am sick of ACTOSS’s whining, water is undervalued. If these price increases are going to fund infrastructure as claimed by Actew then get on with it..

One idea we were talking about at my work the other day was changing the allowed water usage based on how many people live in a house. eg, why should a house that is occupied by 1 person be allowed the same amount of water as a house with 5 or 6 people in it?

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