Water wastage

johnboy 22 March 2007 40

John Hargreaves has taken some time out from his defence of Al Grassby to push out a media release calling on business to impoverish their shareholders to solve his water problems.

Rather than price water to encourage efficiency Mr. Hargreaves seems to hope a media release might guilt a few suckers and band wagon jumpers into re-working their business models.

He’s got as his poster child Capital Linen which has saved “six Olympic swimming pools” of water in the last year. We always urge caution when public figures start speaking in swimming pool equivalents. What is not mentioned is what percentage of their total use this represents (although the keen might be able to work it out from what they hope to save next year).

If only there was a clear price incentive to reduce water use. Just think how many more poster children he would have!

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40 Responses to Water wastage
sheer sheer 8:29 pm 22 Mar 07

God I love this site

schmerica_ schmerica_ 6:16 pm 22 Mar 07

Well we have to ask ourselves why there aren’t not more capable candidates that stand for the job. – bugalugs

Hey, if you think your going to do a better job, i’ll vote for you!

Also, if you don’t like the way the site is run, don’t post and wander off to another corner of the WWW.

Ralph Ralph 6:14 pm 22 Mar 07

I call it Capital Hill from time to time.

Christ he (bugalugs) is irritating. At least we’re managing to wind him up.

johnboy johnboy 5:46 pm 22 Mar 07

That was sourcing what I already knew for the benefit of a person obviously ignorant of a reasonably common usage.

Here’s one from earlier this month.

Do your own research next time.

bugalugs bugalugs 5:34 pm 22 Mar 07

Great johnboy you can use wikipedia!

However my original question still stands – Who calls it Capital Hill.

Use your search skills to show me a reference of a journalist referring to decision making taking place on capital hill.

johnboy johnboy 5:23 pm 22 Mar 07

The sort of people who know it’s the name of the hill perhaps?

bugalugs bugalugs 5:18 pm 22 Mar 07


Of course it isn’t.

However what sort of tosser calls it Capital Hill?

Illusions of grandeur from the small minded maybe?

Ralph Ralph 5:01 pm 22 Mar 07

Um, no. hahaha

bugalugs bugalugs 4:52 pm 22 Mar 07


Capitol Hill!

Ralph Ralph 4:43 pm 22 Mar 07

She is working on Capital Hill (last I heard) in one of the Democrat Senator’s offices.

mutley mutley 4:41 pm 22 Mar 07

the ex rugby bible basher
That would be the ex-mungo bible basher, thank you very much.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 4:14 pm 22 Mar 07

She probably saw what her private sector uni buddies were earning.

bonfire bonfire 4:13 pm 22 Mar 07

id say she made more of a practical contribution than the ex rugby bible basher and his mate. she also had a more realistic view of the world than green hazed tucker.

whatever happened to dundas ?

did she go back to uni ?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 3:06 pm 22 Mar 07

There might be power and perks but most young professionals who are on the high side of $150k per year aren’t all that interested, which is why they are the ones on those salaries.

I for one much prefer to earn my nice high salary, and not have to worry about what the public thinks of me. The public service has great conditions, but in private sector (I’m in IT) the money on offer in this town is unbelievable at the moment.

johnboy johnboy 3:06 pm 22 Mar 07

Roslyn did a better job than most.

Ralph Ralph 3:04 pm 22 Mar 07


bugalugs bugalugs 3:04 pm 22 Mar 07


Fair dinkum! Smoking rates among pregnant woman are susceptible to tax hikes.

Hardly a sample to hang your hat on – but did you ask yourself why they were smoking in the first rate?

bugalugs bugalugs 3:01 pm 22 Mar 07

Well we have to ask ourselves why there aren’t not more capable candidates that stand for the job.

I moved here from Sydney 4 1/2 years ago and I couldn’t believe that a 222 year old who had placed her uni studies on hold (Roslyn Dundas) was considered electable by the populice!

Ralph Ralph 2:59 pm 22 Mar 07

Here you go:

Just one of many.

johnboy johnboy 2:54 pm 22 Mar 07

There’s a lot of power, perks, and getting on the tele which seems to keep them going.

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