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Water wastage

By johnboy - 22 March 2007 40

John Hargreaves has taken some time out from his defence of Al Grassby to push out a media release calling on business to impoverish their shareholders to solve his water problems.

Rather than price water to encourage efficiency Mr. Hargreaves seems to hope a media release might guilt a few suckers and band wagon jumpers into re-working their business models.

He’s got as his poster child Capital Linen which has saved “six Olympic swimming pools” of water in the last year. We always urge caution when public figures start speaking in swimming pool equivalents. What is not mentioned is what percentage of their total use this represents (although the keen might be able to work it out from what they hope to save next year).

If only there was a clear price incentive to reduce water use. Just think how many more poster children he would have!

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40 Responses to
Water wastage
johnboy 2:31 pm 22 Mar 07

VY, most businesses already charge as much as they can possibly get away with, but the more valuable their inputs the more efficient they try to be.

bugalugs, what about the economic cost of anyone taking Hargreaves seriously and using more expensive business methods to no advantage?

bugalugs 2:28 pm 22 Mar 07

Of course you need pricing in place – but your simple snide comments allude to the fact you believe that is all that is needed.

It is very easy to say that increasing cigarette taxes has resulted in people you knwo quitting smoking but you show me statistical proof that is the case.

Water pricing (as with most governemnt policy) is a multi dimesnional problem. Sure icnrease the price of water by 10 times but what about the flow on economic consequences of the all the industries and jobs that are lost.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:27 pm 22 Mar 07

Making water more expensive will do 2 things (at least):
1) Some businesses will claim a higher cost base and thus pay less tax; and
2) Other businesses will pass the cost right on through to consumers.

So yay, water use is not reduced by businesses and individuals pay. Again.

Maybe we could take the same approach as for electricity, where when in rains you could catch the water from your roof and sell it back to the ‘grid’.

Bottom line, more storage is needed. That’s where we need to start.

Ralph 2:23 pm 22 Mar 07

I think you mean inelastic sunshine (bugalugs).

johnboy 2:20 pm 22 Mar 07

Without the pricing in place you can’t appeal to even the rational.

Particularly as in this case we’re talking about business consumption.

Cigarette pricing was responsible for more people I know giving up the death sticks than any advertising campaign.

bugalugs 2:20 pm 22 Mar 07

You can find me I’m sure.

I never said I wasn’t arrogant I just said that you were also arrogant and I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

johnboy 2:18 pm 22 Mar 07

You lead with a personal attack, then declare the population is too stupid to act in its economic interest, and then declare me arrogant?

And at the same time your email address has no corresponding website.

Righto then!

bugalugs 2:16 pm 22 Mar 07

Back to the topic at hand.

johnboy proposes pricing water correctly (which I agree with) as the great panacea to solve all our water problems.

Now what if like cigarettes water use is quite elastic and usage doesn’t fall? How are you going to solve our water problem then? Raise prices again.

bugalugs 2:11 pm 22 Mar 07


The majority of the population is stupid. Accept that for starters and things will become easier for you. Governemnts treats us like idiots because that is how we act.

I am strictly apolotical and agree the Stanhope governemnt is on the nose and the Libs aren’t not much better but your constant, negativity, whining and sarcasm drives me over the edge sometimes.

For your information I have 3 business all running succesfully employing 19 people but that is beside the point.

You have a product that could be very popular but I am sure a great number of people are turned off by your arrogant approach to the majority of posts.

johnboy 2:02 pm 22 Mar 07

Your information is a bit off there matey,

But getting momentarily on topic, personally I think these feel good media strategies are counterproductive, and just a diversion from taking real action. That makes them worse than useless.

You seem to be mostly angry that people are listening to what I think. Boo hoo for you.

I’d ask about all the successful businesses you’ve built my friend, but it’s not actually relevant to this discussion.

bugalugs 1:51 pm 22 Mar 07

johnboy – do you ever get tired of negativity?

I mean here is a guy that sits all day and passes comments on others (both sides of government)yet has by any definition been a business failure. Start getting people to pay for ads or I’ll move to Kiami (What a high achiever you are!)

Water pricing is only one component of an effective water strategy.

But I suppose a guy sitting in a 2 bedroom apartment in Braddon unable to make a living knows more about the topic than others.

barking toad 1:34 pm 22 Mar 07

In comparison to the swimming pools ‘saved ‘ by Capital Linen I reckon I save a lot more in proportion by not half-flushing because I water the garden 2-3 times a day. And more on Friday nights and weekends when the flow is encouraged by the extra guzzling of delicious cold beer.

In the overall scheme of things though, it makes fark all difference despite what the minister for press releases says.

As much as turning off all appliances for an hour will save the planet from Al’s gorebal warmening.

johnboy 1:22 pm 22 Mar 07

I think we can safely assume he was talking about filled pools.

Maelinar 1:18 pm 22 Mar 07

So, on account of not being able to fill or empty the aforementioned swimming pools due to the current rules in place, the effectual savings of water is on a base 0 multiplication factor ?

6 swimming pools x 0 = 0
7 swimming pools x 0 = 0 ?

Statistically he can say what he wants because it’s not necessary for them to save any water !

LG 1:04 pm 22 Mar 07

“We always urge caution when public figures start speaking in swimming pool equivalents”

Or ‘cars off the road’ equivalents!

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