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water, water etc.

By S4anta - 1 November 2006 29

ACTEW, via ABC have reminded the socially aware that with the intreoduction of Level Two water restrictions you can now shit-can your neighbours without having to throw rubbish over their fence or pour round-up on their vegie patch.

Unfortunately, the stats that have been trotted out to support this are disturbing. 3.8mm’s for a months that usually yeilds 68mm is not a pretty picture to paint. So it is justifiably so.

So fellow rabid commentors, rather than watch the neighbours water usage like a pack of vultures chasing lost tourists in the Veldt, apart from the old chestnuts of dish/washing and grey water onto the ornamentals, and smacking a hole in neighbours water tank up the hill; Have we actually got any salient, vaguely relevant ideas that anyone else hasn’t caught onto yet?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
water, water etc.
S4anta 3:13 pm 01 Nov 06

terubo – shower under your hose. preferably near a bus stop. It used to cause chaos at uni during b&s season.

Absent Diane of the 2:37 pm 01 Nov 06

just cut the pipes and attach new pipes that lead outside.. for extra style you could attach a shower head at the end of the pipe leading out into your garden.

i wouldn’t listen to my advice, so I advise you not too either.

VYBerlinaV8 2:33 pm 01 Nov 06

Last night I extensively watered both front and back gardens/lawns with my sprinklers. I figured hey, it’s the last day for a while.

terubo 2:29 pm 01 Nov 06

Anyone know about plumbing? I reckon there’s a million to be made, diverting shower water onto the garden. Tried it once, but flooded the bathroom…

seepi 2:02 pm 01 Nov 06

I have a small water saving tip:
keep a 2 litre juice bottle by the sink and fill it if you are running the water to get hot. At our place the bottle is almost full by the time the water is hot, and previously all that water was going down the drain. Now it goes on the front yard.

Absent Diane of the 1:59 pm 01 Nov 06

they the guys who take too many vitamins?

Mr Evil 1:57 pm 01 Nov 06

AD, only for members of the Green Party so far.

Absent Diane of the 1:48 pm 01 Nov 06

you mean it isn’t already?

Mr Evil 1:42 pm 01 Nov 06

When will it become compulsory to drink your own urine?

Ralph 1:36 pm 01 Nov 06

Well I’ll continue to wash my ute and water my lawn. I’m taking no notice of these commie water restrictions. Set a market price for the friggin thing and let people be free to choose as to how they use and pay for it.

Mr Evil 1:35 pm 01 Nov 06

“….actually do anything concrete to alleviate the problem.”

Great idea, Thumper: if we all concreted the whole area around our houses, we wouldn’t ever have to worry about watering again!

Also, it’d give everyone a great spot to erect a Jim Morrison statue!

Thumper 1:19 pm 01 Nov 06

Nope. Every aspect of this issue has been explored and widely discussed.

And to put it simply, the government really doesn’t care. It is so much easier just to slap on restrictions than to actually do anything concrete to alleviate the problem.

S4anta 1:18 pm 01 Nov 06

then vote for the LDP

barking toad 1:17 pm 01 Nov 06

the communist manifesto

spy on your neighbours

and report them

johnboy 1:13 pm 01 Nov 06

I wonder how a policy reliant on informing on our neigbours is supposed to be “building our community”

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