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Wayne Sievers – Independant or CAP or Democrats or WTF?

By Headbonius 15 June 2008 18

If anybody saw page of Saturday’s CT would would have seen a photo of an international ‘Man of Mystery’ – Wayne Sievers – candidate in the upcoming ACT elections. I recall Wayne running for the Democrats and not doing too well. Who the hell is he running for now? If the article is anyting to go on he is standing on an anti-corruption platform with a desire to form a new anti-corruption fighting force. Wayne may or not be aware that a new body has been formed ACLEI, which fits the bill for what he wants. If that is all the bloke’s got I’ll be giving him a wide berth on election day.

Can anyone help as to who this moron is and what he stands for? 

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Wayne Sievers – Independant or CAP or Democrats or WTF?
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areaman 12:24 pm 16 Jun 08

The Canberra Times reported that Sievers outpolled sitting MLAs Hargreaves & Gentleman during Labor preselections

I have no idea if that’s true or not, but surely preselection numbers would have little relevance in regards to electability. More of an issues I would think were the questions about his record raised here (if true).

amarooresident 10:42 am 16 Jun 08

Headbonius said :

Never before have I read such self-serving shite in my whole life!!!!!

He’s running for office. What did you expect?

CanberraResident 9:15 am 16 Jun 08

VicePope said :

Headbonius appears to me to have left a gratuitous suggestion hanging in a way that invited speculation

To someone who doesn’t look for things like … ‘gratuitous suggestions’ for example, to me, there was nothing in that comment that invited speculation at all.

Good luck Sievers – the fact that he’s trying again, shows determination. I hope he gets in this time.

PS That bandwagon is getting mighty heavy … even with an ant on board …

Headbonius 6:31 am 16 Jun 08

Vicepope – thanks for playing the RiotAct police man, you are doing a great job. In short – I don’t care what team he bats for and yes it is irrelevant. I wish him all the best in his quest for election.

ant 11:20 pm 15 Jun 08

@ Thumper and Vicepope, agree.

Thumper 10:09 pm 15 Jun 08

Such slurs are uncalled for.

VicePope 9:49 pm 15 Jun 08

CanberraResident – I was pointedly ambiguous (because I genuinely don’t care if S has a wife, a husband or any other companion or combination of companions). Headbonius appears to me to have left a gratuitous suggestion hanging in a way that invited speculation – more like push polling than dogwhistling, in retrospect). It had nothing to do with the subject of the post or the remainder of Headbonius’ comments.

I drew attention to this because, on my reading, Headbonius’ comment created a vague slur. I am interested in why Headbonius might be interested in Mr S’ domestic attributes – has he/she a similar interest in Stanhope or Zed or Stefaniak?

CanberraResident 9:37 pm 15 Jun 08

and by making comment #10, all you’ve done is stick a fluorescent highlighter over #8’s comment. I, for one, couldn’t see any suggestion of Siever’s sexuality in #8, but your comment #10 brought it out, so to speak.

VicePope 9:20 pm 15 Jun 08

Headbonius (#8) – the “wife” comment. Was this am ever-so-subtle piece of dog whistling about Mr S’ sexuality? If so, it’s pretty shameful. If he is a liar about his career, that is relevant to his suitability for election. If he is straight/gay/bi/celibate, that is totally irrelevant to it.

Headbonius 8:53 pm 15 Jun 08

Albo, I googled the website. Never before have I read such self-serving shite in my whole life!!!!! Anyone who feels the need to write themselves up like this smacks of fraudlulent claims – please refer to VG”s comments. Does this bloke’s trip to East Timor make him qualified to be a politician? No it does not. It was a group citation for bravery – obviously well earned but read ‘Group’. The way this bloke writes himself up he took on the TNI by himself, bare fisted and won independance for East Timor and simulataneously uncovering high level Government cover-up. Christ he should be wearing a superman suit either that or a clown suit.

Headbonius 8:32 pm 15 Jun 08

Ahhhhh, I see VG, he is a Mike Kelly type candidate – a “Hero” for want of a better word. Another thing – there is nothing more has been than an ex-cop. I wonder what his wife thinks about him running for the Legislative Assembly. Political life can be hard on the spouse.

vg 8:14 pm 15 Jun 08

He was in the AFP, this was the feature of a number of articles in various parts of the media at various times. There is a monstrous difference between that and ‘being a cop’. He also had published experiences in overseas deployments that people on the same deployment in the same places cannot recall

Enny 6:42 pm 15 Jun 08

He’s Labor – he was down at Lanyon Shops earlier this evening.

VicePope 6:26 pm 15 Jun 08

I think he was one of the better offerings at a recent election. Not many agreed with this assessment. He’s been a cop and shown some principle.

ACLEI is limited to the AFP and the ACC. This is, perhaps, a pity as there are many Commonwealth agencies whose staff do things related to law enforcement from time to time. Immigration, Customs, Tax, ASIC, ASDA, AQIS come to mind.

CanberraResident 4:02 pm 15 Jun 08

Knock Knock …

Who’s there …?


Sievers who …?

Sievers from yet another wannabe politician …

🙂 No offence Wayne (excuse the pun).


Mike Crowther 2:42 pm 15 Jun 08

Definitely not a CAP candidate.

CanberraResident 12:11 pm 15 Jun 08

@Albo – is that you Wayne?

Albo 12:03 pm 15 Jun 08

Try googling, Headbonius, he has a website . The Canberra Times reported that Sievers outpolled sitting MLAs Hargreaves & Gentleman during Labor preselections, so presumably he’ll poll much better as a Labor Assembly candidate than as a Democrat Senate candidate (which no-one has done well at in recent times).

Surely anything that cracks down on corruption has got to be a good thing, so I don’t understand your reaction. As I understand it, the ACLEI was only set up last year by the Howard Govt, & can’t investigate outside of law enforcement agencies. This means it has much less scope at a federal level than ICACs/Crime & Misconduct Commissions have at a state level – I gather from yesterday’s CT that Sievers’ National Integrity Commission would be more like an ICAC in scope & powers. The Federal Govt would have to implement this rather than an ACT Govt, which is presumably why Sievers rather than the ACT Police Minister is speaking about it.

Even if Mark Standen is an exception, it’s hard to believe that State Govts have been prone to corruption but Federal Govt are completely spotless. It seems to me the preemptive establishment of a Federal ICAC-style body, before any major scandal required it, can only be a good thing. How can you possibly have a problem with that?

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