We were **** and the ref was a ****

johnboy 4 March 2007 34

Well the headline was a match summary phoned by a drunk to his mate in my hearing last night at the Brumbies.

On the bright side we won the second half 7-0, a feat somewhat marred by a 19-0 spanking in the first half for a humiliating home defeat 19-7.

Planet Rugby’s match report is here for those who want the gory details about our team which can’t catch.

Adding to the fun was the abysmal ticket sales. This was the immobile mob in front of the eastern booth at kickoff time:

(BTW the dude in the foreground with the glasses is a queue-jumper of mammoth proportions, and yes, we were all too gutless to even say anything possibly because he was with a mob of young children)

Not exactly the best use of my leisure spend.

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34 Responses to We were **** and the ref was a ****
teddy bear teddy bear 12:45 pm 05 Mar 07

A pity AnnaBanana didn’t play with the Brumbies. Her aggressive attitude might have resulted in a few more points as long as she didn’t get sent off for bad-mouthing the umpire.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 11:28 am 05 Mar 07

I blame sales people, even 16 year olds, when it’s their fault.

Al Al 11:04 am 05 Mar 07

Oops – forgot about the beard.
So he’s in the clear.

Amazing how easy it is to do that. Had one years ago myself – all my friends didn’t notice for more than 3 weeks when I took it off…

snahon snahon 10:49 am 05 Mar 07

did boxie shave his beard off ?

mutley mutley 10:45 am 05 Mar 07

George Smith has a great work rate, it’s just he’s doing the wrong things.

Somewhere along the line he got the idea he was a premier ball-player, as well as a fetcher, so he spends most of his time in attack looking for chances to to kick, dummy and throw cutouts, none of which he is particularly skilled at.

I think the team looked a lot better in the second half, but until someone in Australian rugby has a word to all the players/coaches about spending a LOT more time doing basic skills, we’re going to keep going backwards.
Look at the all the NZ players. Every single one can run, pass and catch in all conditions, and actually look for support before they get tackled. I think one of the problems here is that rugby league thinking has infiltrated Australian rugby in all areas, not just defence (where it has helped) but also attack, where players only look for support once they have been tackled, and so look for a miracle offload, rather than a good short ball or pop pass just before they hit the line.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:06 am 05 Mar 07

Without wanting to start the whole Nucifora/Fisher thing, I do find it disconcerting that Laurie fronts up to late week press spots telling all and sundry about how well things are going, how the team is really getting it together, how you cant hold a couple of narrow losses against the boys and how the lads are gee’d up to go out on Saturday and do a number on the visiting team. Well Laurie’s either telling porkies or he’s talking about another team.

Also, is there anyone else who thinks that there’s some sort of Samson-like thing happening with George Smith since he cut his hair? He sure as hell doesn’t seem to be as effective (although his work rate stats may disprove that)

sheer sheer 9:33 am 05 Mar 07

hey Al he does too. He’s a bit young though

Al Al 8:34 am 05 Mar 07

The dude you said queue jumped looks like Peter Boxall…

johnboy johnboy 12:24 am 05 Mar 07

The early start did not help.

The complete lack of investment in crowd control barriers is, however, unforgivable.

J Dawg J Dawg 11:53 pm 04 Mar 07

I blame the early start time. Agreed?

johnboy johnboy 10:55 pm 04 Mar 07

Yeah, goddamn those customers wanting service.

AnnaBanana AnnaBanana 10:30 pm 04 Mar 07

Yes, you’re such a polite little man aren’t you?

I really do believe that you speak to salespeople like the real gentleman that you are! 😉

And honey, I don’t work in ticket sales, but I did have a laugh to myself when I was walking through the gates at all the stupid people like yourself getting all worked up over something you have complete control over.

Just because I don’t see the need to blame the salespeople, doesn’t mean I am one. I have however worked in retail for many years, and thus I sympathise with them when they have to deal with self-important jerks like yourself.

johnboy johnboy 10:27 pm 04 Mar 07

getting back to the game, we saw a team that can’t catch, and can’t pass to put a man at speed into the line.

The coach can blame the players all he likes for not following “the plan” but at the end of the day the Brumbies look like a very poorly drilled side, and that’s no-ones fault but Gandalf’s.

johnboy johnboy 10:22 pm 04 Mar 07

a) I’ve worked plexes with a 40,000 weekend walk-in . That’s multiple cinemas with multiple times. One show, one time, 15,000 patrons of which ~8,000 have seasons tickets is a doddle in comparison. A veritable walk in the park.

b) The customer is not always right but if you for a moment make the customer think anything else you have messed up royally. It saddens me that your training has been so diabolically poor.

c) I am always polite to the staff when i (in this case after a very long time) eventually get to the front and actually talk to someone.

d) If your customers are totally browned off by the time they get to speak to you I suggest you take it up with the managers who have understaffed and undertrained you, not the customer who has endured thirty minutes of propoganda announcements while queuing for what is supposed to be “fun” and then has to fork over > $30 for the privilege, having missed a quarter of the game.

AnnaBanana AnnaBanana 10:13 pm 04 Mar 07

The customer is NOT always right, that’s the biggest load of bullsh1t to ever be perpetuated.

Leads to selfish bastards like you who think they can push around 16 year-old girls. Tell me, does it make you feel like a big man to yell at teenage girls?

And selling tickets at Hoyts does not compare to selling tickets at a gigantic stadium for a packed footy match, you ignorant twit.

vg vg 10:13 pm 04 Mar 07

“Australian rugby has been strangled by stretching resources too thin, and the players and coaches inability to take risks”

That and the current crop are nowhere near as good as they think they are, and are paid too much to think that way. The 99 World Cup squad would hand the current guys their arses on a platter.

This saddens me, as I am an Aussie rugby man through and through, but hand the RWC to the All Blacks now and save the surrounding spectacle. The Wallabies won’t make the semis

johnboy johnboy 6:35 pm 04 Mar 07

I love how you just blame everything on the salespeople rather than your inability to get off your arse and get to the game a few minutes earlier.

Rule 1 of customer service, the customer is always right.

Having done a few years of professional ticket sales I know when it’s done well and done badly.

When the line does not move a step forwards for five minutes then the ticket selling is not being done well.

The customers turn up when they damn well want to and if the people selling the tickets want to stay in business they plan for the surge.

If you can’t get off your arse and sell tickets then maybe I’ll stay on mine rather than going to the ground to be treated that way.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 6:24 pm 04 Mar 07


Growling Ferret, thats good, rugby doesn’t need its bandwagon followers who are only interested in games that look like a game of rugby league.

Comment by Avacry — 4 March, 2007 @ 4:14 pm”

Bandwagon followers? Pull ya head in clown. I used to watch the Brumbies at Manuka Oval – I bet you did not even know they played there… I was there the day Roff got 4 on James Smith and made the clown cry.

Bandwagon my arse – Australian rugby has been strangled by stretching resources too thin, and the players and coaches inability to take risks. Shame the current mob could not catch a cold…

AnnaBanana AnnaBanana 6:05 pm 04 Mar 07

I love how you just blame everything on the salespeople rather than your inability to get off your arse and get to the game a few minutes earlier.

J Dawg J Dawg 6:03 pm 04 Mar 07

My left arm is famous!

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