Well the Methanol VK is good to go for Summernats

johnboy 21 December 2010 18

It’s not long to go now.

The above little piece of YouTube magic was posted by “mswild671” with this note:

New burnout car, Blown & Injected on Methanol VK rolling on 22″.. is finally together, sounding phat and snapy az!

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18 Responses to Well the Methanol VK is good to go for Summernats
Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 8:55 am 22 Dec 10

@LSWCHP (#15): …but even “big-engine/small-dick bozos in their ridiculous cars” are entitled to some (Kapital ‘K’) Kulture… right?

GottaLoveCanberra (#17) – perfect Summery

GottaLoveCanberra GottaLoveCanberra 12:30 am 22 Dec 10

The cars and the effort gone into them I can appreciate.

The majority of the crowds, most of whom probably rocked up in clapped out crappers, on the other hand…..

el el 11:12 pm 21 Dec 10

cmdwedge, could you please point out johnboy’s ‘elitism’ here, ’cause I can’t see it.

He bothered to post the article up in the first place, didn’t he?

LSWCHP LSWCHP 10:59 pm 21 Dec 10

“I think Johnboy’s elitism is starting to show a little”

Bugger me. I’ve been hanging around here for a year now, and all I’ve ever seen is thoughtful, sharp and incisive comments from JB. He seems like a smart guy. If elitist means being able to tell shit from clay, then add me to the list.

As for the summernats, I’ve lived in the inner north during summernats time, and been driven to distraction by all the big-engine/small-dick bozos in their ridiculous cars who felt that the burnouts, drag racing, engine revving and other crap should continue 24/7 in most adjacent suburban streets. It may be better now, I don’t really know, but back in the early to mid ’90s it was crap.

Sometime around ’92 or ’93, a friend and his wife came back from Sydney down Northbourne and accidentally got stuck in the superwank, or whatever the hell it’s called. Obviously his mistake, thinking he could just drive down the damn road to get home without impedance.

Anyway, Some shaggy bearded cock with one foul green tooth ran up out of the crowd of dimwitted losers lining the road and threw a bucket of piss through the open passenger window over my friends wife. He (one-tooth man) was lucky that he ran off real quick into the weeds, because if my mate had caught him I’m pretty sure there would have been a killing.

I’ve heard similar stories of dogshit, beer cans, and general garbage being thrown at cars that don’t come up to scratch.

Don’t get me started about Summernats.

terubo terubo 8:28 pm 21 Dec 10

Suddenly, I think I’ll go down to the coast after all. Tell me when it’s all over.

el el 7:20 pm 21 Dec 10


Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 6:51 pm 21 Dec 10

Inner north whinging wankers

willo willo 4:43 pm 21 Dec 10

let’s just hope that beautiful machine doesn’t end up doing this


cmdwedge cmdwedge 4:21 pm 21 Dec 10

Got to agree with #2 and #4, I think Johnboy’s elitism is starting to show a little.

MRT MRT 3:58 pm 21 Dec 10

Sorry, but I just can’t see this as anything other than a total waste of money, effort, thought, just a pointless exercise! Yeah each to their own, all well and good except they don’t keep the noise and pollution to themselves.

Fresh ain in, pollution out

🙂 whats the bet they smoke at outdoor cafes too ha-ha…

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 1:08 pm 21 Dec 10

Some activities on the planet require talent and a measure of practice and method and little else in the way of money or resources to get to the top of the pile.

At the other end of the scale are the rev head activities where money is about 90% of the result and the other factors come a distant second.

Each to their own I suppose. I am talking from experience to a certain extent, my uncle succeeded in winning a national championhip in drag racing only after he outspent his rivals.

Each to their own I guess…

Spectra Spectra 1:06 pm 21 Dec 10

Man, he’s made a beginner’s error – there’s no way he’s ever going to be able to close the bonnet with that engine in the way.

joeyjojojuniorshabadoo joeyjojojuniorshabadoo 11:14 am 21 Dec 10

6/71 blowers sound awesome, nice work.

braddonboy braddonboy 11:10 am 21 Dec 10

Awesome piece of machinery…and I’m wondering if indigoid is speaking from personal polishing experience?

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 11:04 am 21 Dec 10

Solidarity @ #2, well said.

buzz819 buzz819 11:02 am 21 Dec 10

What’s his problem? I think it is that his Astra Convertible can’t do burn outs…

Solidarity Solidarity 10:37 am 21 Dec 10

Why? Lots of effort and money in that car, not being used for anything illegal, brings the owner joy and will entertain many come Janurary… what’s your problem?

indigoid indigoid 10:12 am 21 Dec 10

polishing of both turds and bogan cars is pointless. They’re both still turds

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