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Westfield Woden bomb scare

By Cameron - 17 May 2006 27

Seems to be a bit of drama over at Westfield Woden… a suspicious parcel was found early this morning and the plaza has been closed ever since. Apparently it will be hours before it opens again.

I wonder if they’re just being super-safe or there are actual grounds for them to suspect that this may be something other than a misplaced package?

Anyone have any info on what is happening?

UPDATED: Scottie_517 in the comments says that a good source places blame with a pipe bomb.

UPDATE 2 The Canberra Times ran this on their front page this morning, complete with picture of bored shop staff sitting outside (not very far outside, I might add). Simon Corbell says the risk was really real but he can’t give any details. The CT did find out some more by talking to bystanders:

The Canberra Times was told by a retailer who had overheard discussion about the device that it was white, cylindrical and had wires hanging from it.

The toilets where it was found are near the centre of the top level of the shopping complex, close to a Tattersalls outlet.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Westfield Woden bomb scare
Thumper 11:42 am 17 May 06

That is truly amazing….

Two Murray cods in the same city by the name of Murray….

Slinky the Shocker 11:28 am 17 May 06

Close call. It’s actually Murray, but you would never have guessed it.

By the way, I think we adopt this style of hijacking topics on JB’s new site…

Thumper 11:17 am 17 May 06


Absent Diane 11:16 am 17 May 06

im confused

Slinky the Shocker 11:04 am 17 May 06

I have a Murray cod, too, Thumper… Guess what it’s called?

VYBerlinaV8 10:59 am 17 May 06

How does it taste?

Thumper 10:58 am 17 May 06

My murray cod, oddly called Murray, doesn’t sing…

Really, I do have a murray cod….

VYBerlinaV8 10:54 am 17 May 06

Somebody caught Singing Trout with a backpack full of goat eggs. They had to call on the genetically modified gerkhin to open a can of whoop-ass.

grundy 10:13 am 17 May 06

Something more serious may be a cause here.

Over the past week, 3 St George banks have had theirs comms systems sabotaged. ( Cut cables in comms rooms where only 2 keys can get access and both were accounted for! )
As some may have noticed, the Civic branch and a few others were unable to provide any services because all their systems were down. Now Woden was not affected… until this bomb scare…. 😉

Thumper 9:24 am 17 May 06

It was a six foot genetically modified gerkin with a pipe bomb.

What have we done????

tate_alec 9:21 am 17 May 06

The sydney morning herald has a short article about it Here.

scottie_517 6:43 pm 16 May 06

Hi everyone,

I was thinking the same thing until I squeezed a mate of mine in security (who was rubbing shoulders with the police) for some information about the scare – and he says they actually found a small pipe bomb – i assume when the statement was made on the news that “the item poses no risk to the public” it is because they defused it?

Cameron 5:18 pm 16 May 06

Les Whinin, I tend to agree.

emd, if it is indeed a Westfield drill, I wonder if the friendly landlords will be compensating their tenants for loss of business…

Les Whinin 3:50 pm 16 May 06

Of course, the natural progression for a terrorist target is WTC, Pentagon, Bali nightclub strip, Woden Plaza.

Excuse me for appearing blazé about this obviously newsworthy event, but I’m sure this “suspicious package” is no more harmful than a dog turd in a lit brown paper bag.

emd 3:32 pm 16 May 06

I read on another internet forum that it’s just a Westfield drill taken to the extreme. But that’s completely baseless rumour – who knows if it’s true?
They were also talking about it on 666 but I wasn’t really listening and don’t have a radio at my desk.

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