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What do you do with a baby?

By burkes08 - 10 June 2009 48

OK, so I have no exposure to children and my best friend is now in possession of her first child.

Social occasions for us have always been a couple (or more) beers somewhere or maybe watching a game of footy or playing some pool.

I need some help with what sort of things we can do together in Canberra now that there is a 4 month old baby to think of.

I have no idea about kids and any help would be appreciated.

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48 Responses to
What do you do with a baby?
peterh 12:21 pm 10 Jun 09

one place that is great fun and allows everone to enjoy the night out is the mawson club. the erindale tuggies has a play area, but you need to negotiate the stairs with a pram.

burkes08 12:18 pm 10 Jun 09

Thanks for the advice everyone. I was just not sure whether they are better staying at home so sleep is not disrupted etc, but, it sounds like outings are all good:)

We have been doing the beers at home in front of the flat screen (upgraded to size HUGE)but we are all trying to be a little healthier and low carb beers just isn’t going far enough.

AGCanberra – you will be pleased to know that I have offered to learn how to babysit so they can go out. Bit nervous about that – but thats a whole new post! I am really good with animals though – I’m sure it’s somewhat similar?

peterh 12:15 pm 10 Jun 09

considering it is winter, perhaps look at events during the day for a coffee and chat, or a dinner at a kid friendly restaurant. Most parents hibernate in winter at night, it is just too much to take the baby out with the associated paraphernalia and still have a good night out.

jessieduck 12:07 pm 10 Jun 09

I have a few friends with kidliewinks and while we do see less of them and the nights wind up earlier, we still manage to hang out. In warmer weather I really like meeting for picnics- the park behind the Hyatt is really nice for lounging around and going to feed the ducks gets a few happy squeals. In winter meeting somewhere cozy like the National Library for coffee and lunch is good fun.

Mostly, I hang out with them at thier place or mine- dinners are usually a bit earlier then they were pre-baby so that they can get home at a reasonable time but it’s not much different to the old days…

AG Canberra 12:04 pm 10 Jun 09

I agree with Ceej – don’t let the baby rule the roost. Go out with them. Take it to restaurants, the shops and even a Brumbies or Raiders game. Anyone that locks them selves in their house because the baby is sleeping, needs to eat, poop etc will quickly find themselves trapped with a kid that puts up with nothing.

The mums and bubs screenings are good. The kids clubs at the licenced clubs are really for kids – not babies. Outdoor cafe’s are often better as there is more space to park a pram (though maybe not in this weather!).

Offer to drop in and do a load of washing for them, order take away and bring a bottle of wine. And being a good friend also means offering to babysit and giving Mum and Dad a night off to have a meal and catch a movie.

trevar 12:04 pm 10 Jun 09

MrMagoo said :

I’m sorry I’m just really perplexed that this whole post makes having kids sound like ‘my life is over’.

I don’t think it sounds like that at all, I think it sounds quite genuine; burkes08 does say s/he has no exposure to children.

ant said :

Social occasions for us have always been a couple (or more) beers somewhere or maybe watching a game of footy or playing some pool.

You may only need to adjust the ‘somewhere’ that you use… do the same things at home! The amount you’d save on buying beer in bulk (or brewing it at home) instead of at a bar would soon pay for a pool table. You might have to drink less of it (depends how much you were drinking before), and I don’t remember the advice on alcohol for breast-feeding mothers, but a child doesn’t change what you enjoy as much as it changes when you enjoy it.

You need to give most consideration to the mother, though, rather than the child. A newborn needs a lot of care, and they aren’t nocturnal, so a new mum is going to be deprived of sleep. Bubs, on the other hand is going to sleep 75% of the time for the first few months, which gives you time to watch television and play pool (or wash dishes, clothes, nappies etc etc etc). And

When our kids were little, we upgraded (and duplicated) the television and all the AV equipment, which was a good investment as it now keeps the little blighters quiet for 20 minutes at least twice a day.

rosiered 11:59 am 10 Jun 09

at 4 months old you can take the baby anywhere a pram can go. they don’t require things to do as they are still very people/mummy orientated. Things like walking around the lake and finishing at bookplate cafe for brunch are good (hopefully bub is asleep by then) or doing the cute shops on lonsdale street and finishing at Debacle for a drink. This is the kind of stuff we used to do with wee bubs.


jackal 11:57 am 10 Jun 09

As an imminent father I hope the birth of our son doesn’t spell the end of going out, and by all accounts it won’t. Especially in the early months when they’re not mobile so you can take them with you places (and hope they don’t start crying and/or soil themselves in the first five minutes). A couple of beers shouldn’t be a problem, I think, just avoid smokers and Mooseheads.

burkes08 11:57 am 10 Jun 09

Yeah, calm down.

“Take possession” was used because the baby was adopted.

I am not saying my life is over. I just want to know what sort of things people do when they have kids. I don’t want to go making suggestions for things that are not appropriate and have her feel bad.

willo 11:56 am 10 Jun 09

ant said :

Make sure the baby only has light beer. Full strength is bad for them.

totally disagree….just make sure it’s one of the low carb full strength beers

sepi 11:56 am 10 Jun 09

Well I find it is pretty hard to socialise with non-baby friends…. good on you for hanging in there and trying to work out how to do it.

I’d say go out to loads of restaurants for dinner quickly, before the baby is old enough to need their own chair, and own food and becomes a tantrum-prone toddler. If baby has crying fits take 3 people to dinner, so two can still eat while one paces outside with baby.

Have them over for dinner / watch football etc. Ask them what time is easiest for them.

Offer to bring takeaway food to their place.

Outdoor picnics etc at Botanic gardens is nice in Summer.

When the child is older the 3 places to go seem to be Green Square Kingston for outdoor cafes and grass for kids, Cafe Enjoy at Gold Creek, which is ugly as but nice food and has a tiny fenced in play area, and poacher’s pantry for nice food and outdoor grass.
(Huge gap in the market for nice restaurant with child-friendly seating and a play area.)

Also Hellenic Club, Mawson Club and Raiders Gungahlin have kiddie play areas inside.

If you don’t work, then Thursday mornings are babies at the movies at Belco. (normal movies – audience is full of babies.)

ant 11:54 am 10 Jun 09

I think you are reading just a tad too much into that post, MrMagoo. The tone seemed very neutral to me.

Ceej1973 11:51 am 10 Jun 09

Take “the baby” with you/her. There are plenty of club freindly locations around. “The baby” will then get used to noises and people, and you will find that going to other events like parties and concerts will not disrupt “its” sleep patterns as much in the long run, and you/she can continue with your social activities. Enjoy “it” being a baby and going out with you/her while you can. When they start to talk, walk, crawl, they are more demanding. Believe me (us), they are easier to take out when just an occassional feed is required and are sleeping long hrs.

MrMagoo 11:44 am 10 Jun 09

I find it interesting that you call it ‘take possession of’ her baby. Almost makes it sound like a bit of an inconvenience really.

Just because you have a child, your life doesn’t come to a screeching halt. You can still do the things you like to do, just less often and it may mean a few beers at home, watching the footy on TV.

I’m sorry I’m just really perplexed that this whole post makes having kids sound like ‘my life is over’.

ant 11:37 am 10 Jun 09

Make sure the baby only has light beer. Full strength is bad for them.

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