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What does Tio do all day?

By johnboy 21 February 2012 43

The Canberra Times is twisting the knife they’ve shoved into Liberal Leader Zed Seselja’s guts by questioning just which community groups director of electorate services Tio Faulkner has been spending his time with?

It’s an important question because according to Zed he’s been so busy “out in the community” that he’s never seen at the place of work he draws an ACT taxpayer funded salary from and in fact was so busy he couldn’t get his timesheets in for 22 months:

More than 20 community groups around Canberra say they have had no dealings with Tio Faulkner in his taxpayer-funded role as director of electorate services for Canberra Liberals’ leader Zed Seselja.

Most of the 22 community and professional groups, industry associations and lobbyists contacted by The Canberra Times said they had never heard of the Canberra Liberals president at the heart of the controversy engulfing Mr Seselja’s office.

Zed in turn says it was other community groups but, sadly, none he’s willing to name.

The real next stage in this saga now that Zed has explained himself to the Assembly [ABC article] will be when an auditor goes over 8 odd man years of backdated timesheets and cross references those probable fantasies to the cold hard reality of building and computer access logs.

Zed is trying to inoculate himself from that:

But he has cast doubt on the methods that will be used to track attendance, including a check of computer log-ins and swipe card access.

He says that is of little use when staff are required to work off-site.

Don’t worry though folks the ABC reports Zed says:

“At all times I’ve been satisfied that staff have been gainfully and appropriately employed,”

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What does Tio do all day?
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SocialHandGrenade said :

NoImRight said :

SocialHandGrenade said :

My husband & I run a small business in Canberra & like the majority of small business owners, we are balancing on the edge of losing everything thanks to union pressure/insurance premiums/ludicrous amounts of unnecessary paperwork/non-payment of work completed.

No one in the labor government has ever made a minute of their time available to speak with us or listen to our concerns for our industry. They are more concerned with keeping their labor bosses at CFMEU happy & not tread on their toes (that alone is a full time job, leaving them available to the rest of us).

On the flipside, from our first meeting with Zed & Tio, they have consistently made themselves available to us anytime we need them. They genuinely share our concerns for our local community & businesses struggling under the labor government. Zed & Tio have completely changed my opinion of politicians & personally I have found them to be dedicated to their community & genuinely good people.

Why the heck are we worrying about time sheets when we should be more concerned with how the labor government & the unions are screwing up our country?!

Can you expand at all on your first paragraph? Genuine question. I see this sort of complaint about Govt but rarely see any specifics. Its easy tsay Unions do this and I have too much paperwork but even just a couple of examples might give me better perspective on what you see as the problem.

The problem with speaking out on the tactics the union use to bully & threaten businesses leaves us open to even more pressure & scrutiny from them. Numerous times I have wanted to contact the media after particularly aggressive threats & run ins with them but quite frankly it would be to our peril. The problem is Canberra is such a small pond, too easy to over govern & without enough small companies to keep them busy enough to even give us 5 minutes to breath. It’s like having a monkey on our back constantly. We are good and honest company. We strive to do the right thing all the time. We should have the right to kindly say ‘no thank you’ to joining the union & not feel threatened. They are a law unto themselves & as business owners, we have no independent third-party to retreat to when they are crossing the line. We are treated as the enemy & have no one to defend us but ourselves.

Along with every other small business owner I have spoken to recently has had no choice but to cut back on staff, is losing work to interstate companies who undercut our prices even though we are pricing to barely make a profit, the insurance premiums are breaking the bank & all the new changes to the Fair Work legislation requires a university degree to understand & comply with. If you don’t comply to their hundreds of pages of documents required to simply put forth a progress payment, you don’t get paid. If it’s for auditing or accreditation, you don’t get passed or you’re heavily fined. We feel that under labor government small business in the ACT is at this stage, doomed to fail.

At least Zed Seselja & the liberal party are willing to work with us to make the necessary changes to ensure small businesses like ours have a fair chance to survive. He has shown genuine concern for our situation & given me some hope of remaining to live & work in Canberra rather than look to start all over again elsewhere. I quite frankly have very much appreciated it & hate seeing him vilified over something as stupid as time sheets when the labor government has some serious failures and are seriously out of control.

You forgot something: Written and authorised by Brian Loughnane, Canberra

dungfungus 9:19 pm 22 Feb 12

Micky_P said :

The President of the ACT branch of the Australian Labor Party is Garrett Purtill who in 2009 was concurrently employed as Senior Advisor to the ACT Deputy Chief Minister and Treasurer.
The position as ALP President might be “essentially ceremonial” but the senior advisor one sounds like it has a salary attached, paid by the ACT taxpayers. Can we see his timesheets now?

You do realise that Garrett Purtill doesn’t do anything for the Labor Party? Yeah? Mr Purtill isn’t rocking up to another office and working a second job, that advisor job is his job. The Liberals are trying to staff their party on taxpayer funds – and it is shameful.

Now I have heard everything – a president of the ACT Labor party that doesn’t do anything? So, why doesn’t he resign and give the job to someone else? It must be true then that the national branch of the ALP has taken over the cashed up ACT branch and made them all eunuchs. I would still like to see his timesheets (for both jobs)

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