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What is this plate?

By johnboy - 30 September 2008 23

[First filed: September 30, 2008 @ 07:53]

Any car nerds want to fill us in on what this number plate is or does?

It was spotted on Canberra Avenue just near the Bus Depot Markets.

Colour of a diplomatic plate but with no DC. Car’s surely too dirty to be some sort of dealer plate…


UPDATE: A very reliable source informs me that this plate is definitely a Western Australian one despite the lack of any State markings. Sandgroper exceptionalism at work again.

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23 Responses to
What is this plate?
ikarus 1:29 pm 30 Sep 08

The_Soarer said :

Its an ACT “International Organisation” plate. Used for registration of a “vehicle of members of personnel of a permanent mission or an international organisation”

Ahh.. So that’s where all the World Vision money goes…

Matto 11:08 am 30 Sep 08

Nice one SheepGroper 😉

The_Soarer 10:50 am 30 Sep 08

Its an ACT “International Organisation” plate. Used for registration of a “vehicle of members of personnel of a permanent mission or an international organisation”

Primal 10:32 am 30 Sep 08

Should have jumped out and gotten a look at his rego sticker.

SheepGroper 10:22 am 30 Sep 08

cranky said :

Suspect it may be NZ.

Wouldn’t NZ plates all start with BAA?

caf 9:41 am 30 Sep 08

Woody MC: I think the prohibition on II, IO, OI, and OO is because automatic number plate recognition systems can mix them up with ones and zeroes.

cranky 9:34 am 30 Sep 08

Suspect it may be NZ.

fnaah 9:27 am 30 Sep 08

In a stunning display of foresight and cleverness, the Secret Squirrels have mandated that their fleet be registered under feindishly obscure license plate numbers.

The secret acronym? Intelligence Officer.

tylersmayhem 9:26 am 30 Sep 08

I’m sure David Koresh from the Branch Davidians has the same style number plate. Was the car driving into a compound?

Aurelius 9:10 am 30 Sep 08

They’re from the volcanic Jovian moon of Io. It says so on the plate.
I welcome our new alien overlords.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:06 am 30 Sep 08

In Victoria, you can’t purchase a plate starting with II, IO, OO, OI or CC so it seems to be something official-like. There’s mention of CC plates in the guidelines for diplomatic / consular plates (something to do with using a diplomatic car outside the ACT, I think). International Official? I dunno.

Hamilton 9:04 am 30 Sep 08

Perhaps its a personalised version of that type of plate? Seems strange that it doesn’t have the letters of the state on it. Good luck trying to fine them for a camera infringment!! If you find out where they are from can you let me know – I might buy a set!!

johnboy 8:46 am 30 Sep 08

A worthy effort Hamilton, but those plates have three letters before the break and a big WA on the plate.

So it’s not this one.

Hamilton 8:28 am 30 Sep 08
Hamilton 8:17 am 30 Sep 08

I’ve seen plates like this before from Western Australia

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