What is wrong with Monaro?

edglass 13 March 2010 10

I recently saw that Andrew Stoner and Melidna Pavey from the NSW National Party – the “Party for Regional NSW” are holding a function to introduce their candidate for Monaro in Late March.

You would think they would hold this function in Monaro right?

You know, in “Regional NSW” .. say in Cooma, Jindabyne, Braidwood or .. Queanbeyan – but no, where is it going to be held?? In Manuka in the ACT – nothing wrong with Manuka, but to introduce a candidate for Regional NSW?

I wonder what the ‘Independent’ Councilor for Queanbeyan John Baralaro thinks about this?

Maybe he can do small buisness over the boarder (ie the Regional NSW side) a favour and convince Andrew and Melinda to do small biz in Queanbeyan a favor a hold the function in Regional NSW.

John – it might be worth a try!!

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10 Responses to What is wrong with Monaro?
justin heywood justin heywood 10:25 am 20 Mar 10

You know, if we’re going to have shills for political parties, I prefer them to be at least upfront about it.

Literate and interesting would be an added bonus. (Where IS Passy?)

edglass edglass 10:01 am 20 Mar 10

Hi guys, been away for a bit, you know doin this and dat. Great to see the responses and apologies for coming out of nowhere, but newbies tend to do that I spose.

Looks like you guys are a bit sensitive on this – the reactions not unlike those of Phoney Toney when he’s reminded he gouged one billion dollars out of the health system when he was minister.

Not to surprising I spose, I would be a bit defensive if I were a candidate of a party with the slogan “for regional NSW” and my coming out party is held in the ACT’s swanky latte strip! (maybe they think Manaka’s in NSW!).

Anyway who is the NAT candidate anyway? Come to think of it, with the Federal Election coming up soon – who will be running for libs/nats in Eden-Monaro? Their candidate seems pretty quite, not much goin on in the sleepy hollow of Lib house on Monaro Street. Maybe the subject of another post.

Thats all for now cowboys, i’ll check in again later..


Crikey Crikey 9:29 am 17 Mar 10

What Labor’s edglass conveniently neglect to say was that last Sunday’s Telegraph also reported that the same bloke, Steve Whan, who complained about the Coalition having a dinner in Manuka, was a special guest at a $1,000 a head fundraiser with his NSW Labor factional mate, the not so Honourable Joe Tripodi, in the posh Sydney waterfront suburb of Drummoyne.

The invitation to this dinner says:
“This is an opportunity for select business people to come together and
meet with government Ministers, including Steve Whan MP in an intimate

imhotep imhotep 1:55 am 14 Mar 10

Hmm, a newbie appears from nowhere with a none too subtle agenda. (C’mon edglass, tell us about yourself).

If you work for NSW Labor, I’d be worried too. If that lot get re-elected, I’m moving to Zimbabwe.


Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:55 pm 13 Mar 10

Gee, NSW Labor must be getting worried about the next election.

First they have a series of campaign ads featuring Keneally rabbitting on in her painful voice about how wonderful she is, that she’s her own woman, and how she’s going to fix things in NSW. Funny thing is, the ads make no mention of the fact that she belongs to the Joe Tripodi/Eddie Obied Party (formerly known as NSW Labor), because they’re so on the nose in NSW.

Now we have Steve Whan bleating on about a Nats function in Manuka, and how the Nats aren’t representing their electorate. When was the last time that the current bunch of NSW Labor idiots truly given a damn about any electorate that’s outside of metropolitan Sydney?

vg vg 6:18 pm 13 Mar 10

Little easier to get some high profile support if its just down the road from the big house. I would have thought that a little more than obvious

edglass edglass 5:45 pm 13 Mar 10

Ah.. didn’t see that one, thanks for the link housebound. Don’t mind a bit of friendly Queanbeyan bashing, but probably not a good idea for the ‘Pitt Street farmers’ when they are trying to win the seat!

Reckon that independent Queanbeyan Councilor ought to get on it though!!


housebound housebound 4:37 pm 13 Mar 10

This post is completely independent of the snippy Labor comments on the same topic, of course.

sb14 sb14 3:34 pm 13 Mar 10

Cue Queanbeyan bashing

trevar trevar 3:03 pm 13 Mar 10

It is odd… but a large proportion of Monaro voters work in the ACT, and it is also possible that they may be trying to lure television coverage for the Monaro, which is operated from Canberra.

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