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Are my comments too inflammatory?

By oz_uni - 15 November 2006 24

What went wrong?

I was just trying to ask some questions about stuff and you guys ended up hating me, why???

I was just being honest about things and trying to ask for your honest opinions, that’s all.

Please get back to me on this, so I wouldn’t be such a retarded jackass!

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Are my comments too inflammatory?
Thumper 2:10 pm 15 Nov 06

Poorly written and rather silly as well….

blingblingbears 2:07 pm 15 Nov 06

inflammatory? lmao… you just need to perhaps ask one question at a time – ones that are thought through a little better, rather than flooding us with numerous, poorly written questions.

Mr Evil 10:52 am 15 Nov 06

I’m old, grumpy and cynical: that’s my excuse for thinking you were a knob-end!

Danman 10:40 am 15 Nov 06

I concur LG

LurkerGal 10:31 am 15 Nov 06

I dont think anyone “getting back to you on this” will stop you from being a retarded jackass.

VYBerlinaV8 9:59 am 15 Nov 06

“this thread has given me an idea.”

This thread has given me an erection.

Ari 9:57 am 15 Nov 06

AD, does it involve sheep, rabbits & Mrs Evil?

Absent Diane 9:47 am 15 Nov 06

this thread has given me an idea.

RandomGit 9:45 am 15 Nov 06

Your questions give the impression you are a shallow social elitist. Not exactly the best way to win friends and influence people on the intertron.

johnboy 9:39 am 15 Nov 06

Try not flooding the admins with your own personal issues as well.

fnaah 9:29 am 15 Nov 06

It’s often wiser to be silent and let people assume you are a fool, rather than opening your mouth and removing all doubt. (Apologies for the horrible paraphrase.)

When in doubt, lurk. From what I can tell, RiotACT is mostly about local news and opinion, with occasional off-topic social posts. I think you’re looking for a social forum – if you’re into the dance music scene, try the Canberra clubbing scene forum at

Canberra is a nice place, you’ve just got to get past the slightly elitist attitude that some people have developed. 😉

Danman 9:20 am 15 Nov 06

Plus – this is more a news and current affairs forum (concentrating but not limited to local issues)

Yoru questions are more of a social networking nature and as such may opffend a few contributers as this is not really a social networking forum.

Plus some days I am a bit tetchy so that acid tongue comment need applyto me as well – sorry in advance 🙂

We are generally easy going – but some topic will bring out the passion in some members.

Enjoy your stay !!

Absent Diane 9:19 am 15 Nov 06

no your comments aren’t inflammatory… at best a little eager… which most people will mistake for trolling.

S4anta 9:03 am 15 Nov 06

i might like to add that occasionally RA has been known to have an acid tongue. This is generally due to the little fish in a big pond rule.

S4anta 9:02 am 15 Nov 06

Oz, my suggestion would bethat if you are planning on putting out a heap of questions to make you time in Canberra a littlee asier, my suggestion would be to head here set something up, then go get em tiger!

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