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Whatever happened to…….?

By Anna Key - 9 June 2009 22

I was just thinking of some Canberrans whose fame lasted slightly longer than Mal Meninga’s political career.  Wondering where they are now.  Some suggestions below, I’m sure there must be lots more

Jacqui Rees whose opposition to everything scored plenty of Canberra Times publicity and appearances on ABC tv ( a role since taken over by Val Jeffery).

Ben Vincent whose performance as a wrestler at the Sydney Olympics was so beautifully highlighted by Roy and HG on the Dream.

Paul Osborne who was able to launch a political career based on one offload in the 1994 grand final.

The guy who sang the Hyper-D rap sometime in the mid 90s.  (I need to trawl through some old videos to see if I have this gem committed to tape.)

Cosmo, the Canberra Cosmos mascot. 

Sonja Allitt, the ten capital newsreader (Greg Robson having found ongoing fame advertising luggage)

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22 Responses to
Whatever happened to…….?
Granny 12:23 am 21 Jul 09

Karen Barlin had such a nice face.

: )

Roadrage77 11:40 pm 20 Jul 09

I always thought that Magnet Mart dude with the red sunnies on his head was a likeable sort of fella, not.

Skidd Marx 11:38 pm 20 Jul 09

Last I heard she was working on a cure for cancer.

Die Lefty Scum 11:31 pm 20 Jul 09

That ditsy chick who was on the last Big Brother. She’s so insignificant I’ve already forgotten her name.

Skidd Marx 11:03 pm 20 Jul 09

Hayley Jenson

Roadrage77 10:58 pm 20 Jul 09

Name and shame disposable: Dieter Brummer or Alf Stewart?

Disposable 9:52 pm 12 Jun 09

I read on here a couple of years ago that the Hyper D guy was “spotted” in Civic one night and had the piss beaten out of him. Not that I condone that type of behaviour of course.

I was at a festival 10 years ago when a guy from home and away was spotted by the crowd as he entered the mosh, within 2 minutes the whole crowd started chanting his name and taunting him and he was forced to make a hasty retreat out of there.

frontrow 8:45 pm 09 Jun 09

Here’s a special for farnarkler and CanberraResident:

Juice Terry 7:11 pm 09 Jun 09

A mate of mine got roped into pulling on the Cosmo outfit for a couple of NSL games. He’s been dining out on that story for years.

You’re a sad sad man Mr McKinnon!

astrojax 6:06 pm 09 Jun 09

cosmo is in stasis regeneration awaiting the rise of the canberra griffins, or whatever name the new a-league team will go by, redy to jump and scuffle to the club theme song once again stirring the crowds’ emotions…

farnarkler 1:37 pm 09 Jun 09

how about Karen Barlen (sic) or the clown who used to do the goodnight kids bit on channel ten years ago?

Hercsie 1:19 pm 09 Jun 09

Hector – the road saftey cat (green chap with blue markings)

Watching the pedestrian behaviour in civic it might be worth while digging him back up and running some more of the in school road saftey campaigns – for adults!

farnarkler 11:54 am 09 Jun 09

The bloke who wrote the hype d song used to work at ComSuper. He may still do.

AG Canberra 11:53 am 09 Jun 09

Ozzy looks after registration of player managers in the NRL and still regularly commentates on games for the ABC…

Peewee Slasher 10:40 am 09 Jun 09

Remember Dennis Stevenson? The creepy looking bloke who got into the legislative assembly (of god) on a no self government ticket?

20 years on, things have improved.

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