What’s that thing on Mount Ainslie?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 24 August 2005 15

Does anybody know what that thing on top of Mount Ainslie is? And what it is doing there?

From my position in Dickson it looks like a giant orange black and white pole, I can’t work out what it is and would really appreciate it if somebody else could shed some light on it.

And it just had to appear when I don’t have a camera on me too…

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15 Responses to What’s that thing on Mount Ainslie?
Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:38 pm 24 Aug 05

A beer tent for Jesus: water into beer in 10 seconds flat!

bulldog bulldog 2:31 pm 24 Aug 05

The lord he worketh in mysterious ways…

Maelinar Maelinar 2:27 pm 24 Aug 05

Actually bonfire you’re incorrect.

The one in the place that accepts ex nazi’s and great train robbers is the biggest, Dili is the 2nd biggest and Lisbon is a sorry third biggest one in the world.

This is possibly because the one in Lisbon was actually built first, and the Portugese then went on to colonise different places around the world, building bigger and bigger ones wherever they went.

Last rumour I heard was that they were going to build the biggest one in the world right in the ecumenical capital of Australia, that’s correct, TOOWOOMBA QUEENSLAND. Right in the bible belt of absolute weirdo’s that place is.

Other Toowoomba claims to fame is they have the record for most submissions to funniest home video (quite frankly I find that one surprising given that SA has so many weirdo’s with cameras), and it’s the amphetamine production capital of Australia.

Church, Drugs, Home movies, and Zealotry ? All part and par of normal life in that place.

If you want a good laugh, check out the Jesus tent of miracles: http://www.tentofmiracles.com/jesustent.htm

They have an interesting adaptation of how to cleanse your sins – walking on hot coals. Ok we stole it from the natives, but now it’s christian doctrine ok ?

It’s also funny the story of how they managed to buy the tent. Apparently God is a grants programme these days…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:18 pm 24 Aug 05

Actually, I wish to retract my earlier comment about a Stanhope statue: it’d only end up becoming a target for terrorism! 😉

bulldog bulldog 2:12 pm 24 Aug 05

Maybe we could save money and buy a Jesus and just replace his head for Jon’s.

Then again, it would be ironic to save money whilst building a tribute to Stanhopism…

bonfire bonfire 2:01 pm 24 Aug 05

theres one in dili and lisbon also.

giant jesuses on hilltops i mean.

they are all identical.

bulldog bulldog 1:58 pm 24 Aug 05

That’s funny as hell Evil, I can just see the comrade, arms outstrecthed, allowing all to bow before him…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:46 pm 24 Aug 05

Maybe the crane’s up there to erect a 100m high concrete statue of Jon Stanhope to add a little touch of Rio to Canberra. 😉

Chalker Chalker 1:27 pm 24 Aug 05

Maybe they’re putting baskets on top.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 1:15 pm 24 Aug 05

I just stepped outside again and it does look like a crane is doing something to the lamp…it might well be the terrorists stealing our lights for their own purposes…perhaps they want to get some bright lights near ESA to help the others find it.

edlang edlang 12:31 pm 24 Aug 05

I think you mean, it’s terrorists stealing the light bulb! NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT!!!1one!

Geoffco Geoffco 12:27 pm 24 Aug 05

A crane… for changing the lightbulb perhaps?

Ralph Ralph 11:45 am 24 Aug 05

I see it now, it looks like a crane.

Ralph Ralph 11:44 am 24 Aug 05

You’re not talking about that aircraft beacon are you?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:39 am 24 Aug 05

I hope it’s not that horrible spikey sculpture that was going to be erected behind Old Parliament House to celebrate women gaining the vote!

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