What’s the laziest course offered at ANU?

johnboy 13 February 2012 23

A friend posted this on facebook but I thought you lot could have some fun with it:

i need your help everyone! what is the laziest course offered within the ANU with no pre-req’s?

I’m sure some of you have some ideas.

While we’re at it what fits the bill at UC?

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23 Responses to What’s the laziest course offered at ANU?
colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 3:09 pm 09 Mar 12

Was your friend by any chance hoping to be President of ANUSA?

milkman milkman 3:20 pm 19 Feb 12

Many years ago at another university I was in a toilet, and above the toilet paper someone had written “ANU Arts degrees, please take one”.

bethybobs bethybobs 12:52 pm 19 Feb 12

hahahaha gokiburi I know who you are or who you are pretending to be. I have taken your course and would highly recommend it especially if you are holding it over 2 weekends like you did when I took it. Not sure if I would call it a bludge course though but it was GREAT.

AlanHB AlanHB 12:41 pm 19 Feb 12

With no pre-reqs? Well I guess you’d have to look at 1st year undergrad subjects. I saw Legal Theory mentioned above, when I took it I struggled with the subject, purely because I thought it was a load of crap. As a practicing lawyer now, I’ve never once put it to the court to consider the underlying philisophy of why my client opted to do what he did. I can imagine it though – “Your honour, my client’s internal morality clashed with the morality of those who created the law in question, so whilst the law as set was breached, to my client the law was invalid and should not be punished”. Their answer would be “but the law is set, and it was breached knowingly”.

Film studies, I did that in my first year. Yes, it’s pretty easy. Watch one film a week, talk about it (or not talk about it, just show up to the tuts).

The “easiest” courses I ever took would be the preliminary course for my Graduate DIploma of Laws, or the Criminal elective. The former requires showing up, and a simple comprehension exercise. The latter goes for about 5 days total, and you write a 500 word “court report”. Easy.

However I was SHOCKED with my Masters of Law. See, you don’t need an undergraduate degree in law to do the masters. For this reason the “Master Law Subjects” are taught in a way suitable for those whom have never done law before. What does this mean? They’re easier than the undergraduate subjects. So if you have an Undergrad Law Degree, do the Masters, because you already know the material they’re going to teach, and you’ll get higher marks.

majorLazer majorLazer 11:23 am 19 Feb 12


yep COMP1710 is pretty easy but do note it is scaled so the website you have to make at the end of the semester will be graded according to how well others have done on it.

Of course if you do this for a living, should be a breeze.

gokiburi gokiburi 11:26 pm 14 Feb 12

My course! Language in Asia ASIA1001/2002. http://studyat.anu.edu.au/courses/ASIA1001;details.html

Sign up. I need the students.

cegee cegee 2:15 pm 14 Feb 12

Archaeology in Film & Fiction. 12 weeks of watching Indiana Jones movies and other hilarious vaguely archaeology related films. one of the easiest and most fun classes i did when i was there.

Lazy I Lazy I 1:54 pm 14 Feb 12

Bosworth said :

I have heard rumours that your answer is Film Studies, or Movie Appreciation. (or similar name)

+ 1


Film Studies + IMDB = Degree

shadow boxer shadow boxer 1:04 pm 14 Feb 12

Holden Caulfield said :

Deref said :

Anything to do with “complimentary medicine”. There can be no wrong answers.

I dunno, it can be pretty hard to make a pill say, “Wow, you look great today!”

I could get you a couple 😉

Bosworth Bosworth 12:35 pm 14 Feb 12

I have heard rumours that your answer is Film Studies, or Movie Appreciation. (or similar name)

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:51 am 14 Feb 12

Deref said :

Anything to do with “complimentary medicine”. There can be no wrong answers.

I dunno, it can be pretty hard to make a pill say, “Wow, you look great today!”

rescuedg rescuedg 8:34 am 14 Feb 12

I have to agree with markus_k, I took the Art of War and got a HD for an essay that probably would not even pass other courses. No referencing required, there wasnt even a specified length for the essay “just write for as long as you feel necessary”.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 7:34 pm 13 Feb 12

Anything in Philosophy – especially if it’s taught by Brian Garrett.

dtc dtc 4:23 pm 13 Feb 12

Legal Theory. Like philosophy, its impossible to understand unless you spend an awful lot of time thinking about it and doing lots of study. Since no one expects you to do that, you can get away with a very very superficial understanding and the use of words like ‘monolithic’.

As a course pretty cruisy – except you would have to turn up to lectures to pick up the buzz words.

Deref Deref 4:21 pm 13 Feb 12

Anything to do with “complimentary medicine”. There can be no wrong answers.

SnapperJack SnapperJack 4:14 pm 13 Feb 12

Almost 30 years ago the Centre For Continuing Education (run by the ANU) offered a course dedicated to getting the most out of your video store membership and the best videos to rent.

Henry82 Henry82 4:00 pm 13 Feb 12

There was a webdesign course that came under CSIT that was really easy. A quick google shows it’s COMP1710, can’t guarantee that though. Science communication SCOM is a glorified english course, but there is group work involved – which means that you can get stuck with idiots who don’t speak english. ENVS1001 is pretty easy if english is your first language, they’ve made it a little bit more time consuming by including an excursion, not sure if you still have to write a course reflection diary.

I suppose it’s where your strengths are. Generally, first year courses are pretty easy, particularly if you speak english

markus_k markus_k 3:44 pm 13 Feb 12

Mine would have to have been The Art of War, offered by the Asian Studies faculty.

As I recall it consisted solely of reading The Art of War, talking about how awesome it is for most of the classes, then writing a single major essay relating its teachings to anything. Anything at all.
Hell, my friend got drunk and spent the entire night before watching Jackie Chan movies, and got a distinction by relating it back to those movies.

watto23 watto23 3:43 pm 13 Feb 12

Actually to get a student card and cheap software among other things I enrolled in the language courses at the CIT. Problem is they are ceasing the certificate level courses now.

But I’ll vote for arts at any uni as the easiest bludge of a course ever.

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