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Where can i get decent roo meat?

By ex-vectis - 19 January 2009 40

I know i’ve mentioned this before but i’m actually still searching! 

I’ve search high and low for fresh Roo meat that is not in little plastic vacumn sealed packs at a ridiculous $18 a Kg…  But i just cant find anywhere. 

The Game Butcher in Fyshwick Market only sells the little plastic bags of roo meat (and actually pricier than Woolies!) which tastes just like the bags it is sold in. 

I’m getting so tempted to start going for fresh road-kill it’s just not right. Seems roo/emu/croc is still just for tourists who will pay through the nose for it.

So with apologies for scraping an old topic back up; anyone know of anywhere?  Incidently, if someone does shoot a Roo on their own land, is it legal to sell it?

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Where can i get decent roo meat?
Deadmandrinking 12:13 am 20 Jan 09

I heard that Roo’s don’t carry much in the way of bugs and diseases at all, making them prime candidates for fresh game to be consumed. As a matter of fact, I think people should be eating more roo, since we tend to kill them so frequently.

aussielyn 11:26 pm 19 Jan 09

Health surveyors don’t like roo because they are field killed and carry bugs that can cause birth defects. Try to speak to one at ACT Health Surveillance. Pity because they have very little fat so if cooked too much they dry out and lose juice. Roo shooters are pretty loose cannons and tightly regulated. Hi Gene

p1 10:44 pm 19 Jan 09

mmm roo. And that carrot puree idea has me thinking about lots of things. Now you have made me hungry while I should be going to sleep.

Peanut 9:42 pm 19 Jan 09

Ainslie IGA always seem to have a good selection. You may want to befriend someone who lives in the bush and shoots and butchers them.

kean van choc 8:55 pm 19 Jan 09

I’ve been making beef bourguignon for years and wish i could claim the carrot puree version as mine, but I discovered it while watching food safari on SBS last year (you can get the recipe on the SBS Food Safari site) and I don’t reckon it can be beat; the heavy bay flavour balanced by the sweetness of the carrots… mmmm, even in 35 degree heat I’m tempted to slave over the oven for it! Maybe with some of that venison… Don’t reckon it would work with roo though…

NoAddedMSG 8:48 pm 19 Jan 09

My understanding is that roos can have hydatids (nasty parasite, humans can catch it too) which means you only want to buy roo meat which has been butchered by someone who knows what they are doing. So, I would avoid the roadkill, even if you know it is super fresh.

seekay 8:28 pm 19 Jan 09

I have used veal instead of venison and reckon vension would go down a treat in kean van choc’s beef bourguignon.

Love the sound of that carrot puree!

Primal 7:56 pm 19 Jan 09

Roo steaks are lovely, even at $18/kg.

kean van choc 7:50 pm 19 Jan 09

Apologies for going slightly OT, but venison bourguignon sounds wicked! I make a fine beef one (heavy on the bay with a carrot puree for sweetening). Danman, would you recommend just substituting beef for venison on a standard bourguignon recipe, or are there some substitutions or variances (like wine style) that should be made?

Danman 7:21 pm 19 Jan 09

MMM Bambi is so underrated.

Nothing better in winter than a robust Venison bourguignonne with parisian mashed potato and several glass of shiraz.

seekay 6:35 pm 19 Jan 09

Roo is overrated. Twenty years ago I smuggled some from South Australia to Sydney for some foodie symposium. Can’t imagine any of those types queuing up for roo now.

Buy yourself a good steak instead. It will be lean and tasty. Or go for venison if you want some game.

jessieduck 6:26 pm 19 Jan 09

O’Connor IGA nearly always has some

dexi 5:52 pm 19 Jan 09

Coles sell Roo mince at $7 a kilo. Not sure what it tastes like as we cook it with rice for the dog. She loves it.

niftydog 5:30 pm 19 Jan 09

Yeah, haven’t looked specifically for roo, but the butcher out next to the pet store at belco markets should be able to hook you up – he’s got possum and emu, so surely he’s got roo!

It seems all roo is harvested from the ‘wild’ by licensed shooters.

gomer 5:18 pm 19 Jan 09

I seem to remember that the belconnen markets had a unusual variety of meats.

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