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Where is all the premium unleaded fuel?

By Duke 4 April 2008 33

I lease a car which takes premium unleaded and am required to fill the car at BP petrol stations using a special fuel card.  I can really only go to BP because it is there that they measure my odometre readings each time I fill up to make sure I am driving sufficient kilometres as detailed in my lease.

 Any hoo

Quite often they don’t have any premium unleaded, so I either have to use the ordinary stuff or start calling around all the servos looking for the allusive premium petrol.  Using the wrong fuel (regular unleaded) is technically a breach of my lease but many times I have no choice but to use whatever is available.  I have written to BP and my leasing company with regard to this issue.

Does anybody else have to deal with this problem?

What’s Your opinion?

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Where is all the premium unleaded fuel?
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NathanaelB 8:47 am 09 Apr 08

I’m sure I’ve paid about that before. I was impressed that I got a BP in Sydney that was charging under 150c/l for Ultimate – they must have missed the memo 🙂

Holden Caulfield 11:36 pm 08 Apr 08

Anyone know which BP outlet is charging 169¢ per litre for Ultimate?

caf 12:38 pm 07 Apr 08

natecv8: Your lease agreement requires the use of Plutonium fuel? Are you driving a Delorean by any chance?

natecv8 11:26 am 07 Apr 08

Hi Duke.. unfortunately it is easier than you think. My leasing company got reports sent to them from Coles Express and Mobil, and if anything was out of place I would get an email with the relevant entry from the spreadsheet highlighted and a please explain.

The detail was Date, Time, Location, Rego, Volume, Price, Product and Odometer reading. Often I would get called out because the attendants would put the wrong odometer reading in (say 5000 instead of 50000) and I would be asked why my odo went backwards. So they have all the information they need to identify which fuel you are using if that is their intention.

NathanaelB 5:55 pm 06 Apr 08

natecv8 said :

manufacturers *may* or *may not* have regarding the use of premium unleaded fuel in cars, which often states that they may refuse to cover damage to components under warranty if the incorrect fuel is used.

Well given my recent experience trying to get a part replaced under warranty and having my claim rejected because even though the warranty mentions electrical parts it didn’t explicitly list the MINI’s Body Control Unit module (obviously, being a generic warranty contract and not one specific to my make of car) … so I had to fork out the $1,200 to replace it … so I’m pretty cynical about car warranty now and would say most likely they would NOT cover damage unless they absolutely had to – and they don’t have to 🙂

Duke 11:31 am 06 Apr 08

Yikes, Nate, now you’re making me paranoid – I didn’t even consider that my leasing company, through their flunkies at BP, might be monitoring what fuel I put in my car. Reminds me of a book I once read, Nineteen-eighty something……

natecv8 10:34 am 06 Apr 08

“No vehicle manufacturer gurantees the fuel system component of their engine, that is left up to the fuel supplier, therefore the onus of responsibility falls to whomsoever pumped the fuel into the vehicle, and where they did it at.

Therefore your vehicle is not covered under warranty regardless if you pump fuel reserved specifically for the sultan of Brunei, or the shit they pump towards normal people like you or I.

Try barking up another tree.”

Not sure how you interpreted my post, but I was referring to the requirement that manufacturers *may* or *may not* have regarding the use of premium unleaded fuel in cars, which often states that they may refuse to cover damage to components under warranty if the incorrect fuel is used. This is even more important for lease vehicles as a) the lease agreement will almost require PU fuel be used and b) leasing companies which issue fleet cars can actively monitor the fuel you are using.

I don’t know if you have dealt with leasing companies before Maelinar, but their primary concerns beside pocketing your lease payments are retaining the highest possible capital value for vehicles with the lowest maintenance costs throughout the lease.

Felix the Cat 9:55 pm 05 Apr 08

Shell V-Power racing is 100 RON and is only sold at Shell Dickson and Waniassa . Caltex/Woolies at Dickson doesn’t sell Vortex 98, only 95 (and normal 91 RON ULP of course). Caltex/Woolies at Gungahlin sells both 95 and 98 RON PULP.

There has been a ‘problem’ for months with the availability of PULP (mainly Shell), suposedly due to some refinery breakdown. But then it mysteriously becomes available on Thursdays and Fridays but seems to just as mysteriously runs out again early in the week when the price of petrol is usually lower. The ACCC are only now starting to grow some balls and are doing some fair dinkum investigation into this.

iceu 9:50 am 05 Apr 08

Shell Gungahlin hasn’t had it for a few months but there are signs up to say so. Have to go across the road to Caltex and make sure you go to the pumps at the back, because the front ones don’t have premium!

Myrmecia 7:13 am 05 Apr 08

This is a bit off the premium unleaded topic, but relevant to petrol prices.

There must be someone on Riot-Act who has worked in service stations and had to change the prices. Can you spill the beans for us? How is it done? Does each company have its own controller in Canberra who monitors opposition prices, reports to their company’s national HQ and receives back the order to change prices? Or is it all informal and local?

NathanaelB 12:27 am 05 Apr 08

Barney, I catch the bus 3 times a week and drive in twice a week … what does that make me?

bugmenot 11:28 pm 04 Apr 08

I’ve not noticed any significant issues in getting premium (98) in Canberra. I can only think of once in the last 3 months or so that the servo I went to (Shell Dickson) didn’t have any.

I have only put 98 in my cars for about the last 4 years. Only real issue I had with finding 98 was when touring in Tasmania.

I filled up tonight with 98 from the new Caltex on the Barton Hwy.

bd84 11:22 pm 04 Apr 08

he would have to find one first. One that comes at the time youn need it and actually shows up, isn’t jammed in like a sardine can and doesn’t visit half the suburbs in canberra before getting to the destination.

anyway, i’d say 3 out of the 5 times (weeks) I visit the servo to fill up they’re out of premium no matter where.

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