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Where should RiotACT have lunch?

By Barcham 12 March 2013 50


So this is where John, myself, and George the RiotACT dog have lunch most days. It’s not ideal, we think we can do better.

Occasionally we find enough shrapnel in the RiotACT couch and go splurge on lunch somewhere, we attempt to justify this expense by reviewing the places we visit. These tend to be some of our more popular articles on the site.

Will think twice before reading another Barcham article. The byline is poisoned now. – Grail

So, we like food, you like reading about it, and this table is becoming less and less hygienic. We will kill all these birds and more with one stone@ A regular lunch review section!

For this we are going to need your help Rioters! Between the two of us we know a lot of places, but not all of them. So tell us your favourite places to eat! Once a week, or possibly more or less often, we will look at the suggestions, pick what sounds the cheapest nicest, and go do a review.

For fun and profit! Probably not any profit.

So leave a suggestion in the comments!

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Where should RiotACT have lunch?
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poetix 10:34 pm 14 Mar 13

Duxton. O’Connor. Sounds quite nice. Have you ever been there?

Or you could review Tilley’s.

Or Au Lac? (Or, as some might put it, Oh Lack!)

LSWCHP 10:16 pm 14 Mar 13

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

LSWCHP said :

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

I have not been to kingo for years but my experience with cook your own was horrid. Great cuts of meat but way too much heat. Got a decent sweet spot a few centimetres into the steak but outside was burnt and inside was raw.

Can’t comment on the Snag Shack, but just lack of expertise at the Kingo grills, I suggest. I’ve been cooking steaks at the Kingo for over 20 years, and they always come out exactly how I like ’em. Add some barby sauce, mustard, and all the salad you can eat with a bread roll to mop up all the juices…. mmmmmeeuurggh…I’m drowning in my own slobber…

And I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but I’m getting some mixed messages with this marriage and poo-poo business. Not the sort of action that I get into, most days. Each to his own of course, and other Rioters are welcome to it if it revs their motors. 🙂

Don’t knock it until you tried it!

To be fair I always picked quite a thick cut. Maybe il pop in on Friday and try again.

That’s a good starting point. Some of the steaks are like dinosaur thighs, and can be a bit tricky to get right.

thinky 10:01 pm 14 Mar 13

Gianni’s Cafe, Homeworld, Tuggers. Mmmm…pizza…

bigfeet 3:05 pm 14 Mar 13

FioBla said :

Swaggie said :

Pork Barrel. Lovely surrounds.

I don’t know. I hear Julia has some unwanted interruptions while having lunch there one Australia Day.

fernandof 1:00 pm 14 Mar 13

Growling Ferret said :

There is a new asian cafe/restaurant where Sharlimar was on Marcus Clarke St opposite IGA. Last weeks red curry was delicious.

Takeaway is $8.50.

Do it.

I was there today. Ordered a lunch box of steamed rice with some kind of chicken curry and honey chicken strips. The meal was pretty good: the honey chicken was particularly delicious with just the subtle taste of honey.

The place needs to work on their marketing, though. I mean, at 12:15 I was the only customer there and the only used table was occupied by the family/owners (about 5ish people). The whole operation seems a bit like a family reunion, and made me feel like I’m stepping into a family lunch.

Still, the food was good and definitely well priced.

Also, now that I’ve a bit more time, maybe it’s a good chance to elaborate on my previous comment:

fernandof said :

I really like the sandwiches from Food with Flair on the crn of Marcus and Uni Ave.

Food with Flair put some serious effort into their food. The food has this fresh quality to it, and salads have none of that “extra-protein” of the bug variety I unfortunately got accustomed to consume.

Another place I often visit is the sushi place next to Food with Flair. Can’t remember the name, but they serve a descent mixed-box set for $6.5 (although I wouldn’t recommend if you’re feeling hungry, more like a light meal).

For good sushi I go to the sushi place in the Latin American Plaza. A bit pricy, but pretty good quality and more than enough to get you full no matter how hungry you are. I tend to go there occasionally on Fridays as a nice treat.

benett 7:15 pm 13 Mar 13

In all honesty, I think it would prove entertaining to have a long running review of servo food. Where is the best servo for microwaved chicken rolls? Did you get free sauce with your pie? How did the Coke zero’s compare price-wise? Were there any trends identified? To provide a greater level of hilarity, one ould include a 100metre sprint after each meal which should be timed along with gps data.

It’s an idea. One that i think is a good one. You have to think outside the square of “asian lunch box” or “insert latest trend in garema pl”. Take it or leave it.

dpm 2:14 pm 13 Mar 13

I wonder, shouldn’t reviews really be on places ‘at randon’ and not a list of everyone’s *favourite* places? Otherwise, if posters are good judges, surely all will get the same good rating?
Don’t we need a range really?
I think people should be suggesting places, with no comment regarding if they are good or bad (in their opinion!). That can then be up to the RA reviewers, who won’t go there with an idea of what outcome they should be expecting. Just sayin…. 🙂

stormboy 1:13 pm 13 Mar 13

The Fat Goanna Cafe at BBP. Excellent on all fronts. Gourmet menu and awesome service.

poetix 1:03 pm 13 Mar 13

astrojax said :

doesn’t look like an office ergonomic assessment or oh&s assessment has been undertaken, either. should we boycott r/a until our intrepid team are ensured some level of safety?

No, so long as they constantly film each other and post any funny accidents. Unless the dog is injured. That would be sad.

FioBla 1:02 pm 13 Mar 13

Swaggie said :

The Lobby, turn right at the front door and hit the cafe next door

Pork Barrel. Lovely surrounds.

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