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Where should RiotACT have lunch?

By Barcham - 12 March 2013 50


So this is where John, myself, and George the RiotACT dog have lunch most days. It’s not ideal, we think we can do better.

Occasionally we find enough shrapnel in the RiotACT couch and go splurge on lunch somewhere, we attempt to justify this expense by reviewing the places we visit. These tend to be some of our more popular articles on the site.

Will think twice before reading another Barcham article. The byline is poisoned now. – Grail

So, we like food, you like reading about it, and this table is becoming less and less hygienic. We will kill all these birds and more with one stone@ A regular lunch review section!

For this we are going to need your help Rioters! Between the two of us we know a lot of places, but not all of them. So tell us your favourite places to eat! Once a week, or possibly more or less often, we will look at the suggestions, pick what sounds the cheapest nicest, and go do a review.

For fun and profit! Probably not any profit.

So leave a suggestion in the comments!

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Where should RiotACT have lunch?
poetix 4:18 pm 12 Mar 13

Also Bookplate at the National Library has quite nice sandwiches, though not cheap.

fernandof 4:08 pm 12 Mar 13

I really like the sandwiches from Food with Flair on the crn of Marcus and Uni Ave.

dpm 3:44 pm 12 Mar 13

poetix said :

Suddenly my keyboard looks a lot cleaner…..

Is that simply because iPads are easier to wipe clean? 🙂

damien haas said :

The Pho place in Hibberson St Gungahlin is pretty good. You could catch a Blue Rapid ACTION Bus out there, have lunch and catch a Blue Rapid back in about an hour.

Hmmm, sounds like you’ve just invalidated the need for light rail to Gunners! Sweet! Now, what can we spend all those saved millions on…? 😉

Mess 3:16 pm 12 Mar 13

Ferrari’s on Mort do a pretty decent burger with the lot for $8. I second Snag Stand, that place is awesome.

Kdowgg 3:03 pm 12 Mar 13

$20 all you can eat Yum Cha in the Yum Cha place on Childers street.

Also, the dry chilli beef from the Roti House, for under $13 is enough for 2 people and is probably the best chilli beef in Canberra – or at least Civic (which also, kinda gets itself into the lunch for Under $10 category).

damien haas 2:56 pm 12 Mar 13

The Pho place in Hibberson St Gungahlin is pretty good. You could catch a Blue Rapid ACTION Bus out there, have lunch and catch a Blue Rapid back in about an hour.

Ben_Dover 2:27 pm 12 Mar 13

Hawker chippy.

Keijidosha 1:49 pm 12 Mar 13

Ka Japanese in the new EY building on Marcus Clarke.

poetix 1:43 pm 12 Mar 13

Suddenly my keyboard looks a lot cleaner…

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, how about Lonsdale Street Roasters? And could you try and have a vego meal, just occasionally? (She asked the question plaintively, like a pathetic wilting lettuce.)

Do you still want people to send in reviews as well?

Growling Ferret 1:40 pm 12 Mar 13

There is a new asian cafe/restaurant where Sharlimar was on Marcus Clarke St opposite IGA. Last weeks red curry was delicious.

Takeaway is $8.50. Do it.

EvanJames 1:30 pm 12 Mar 13

Huitzilihuitl said :


Or better yet, Costco! They have an eating area out the front where people, er, eat. It’s not a pretty sight but it is cheap. And you don’t have to be a member. You can admire the tyres while you chew.

Solidarity 1:27 pm 12 Mar 13

Seriously though, Snag Stand.

Solidarity 1:26 pm 12 Mar 13


Every day.


Madam Cholet 1:17 pm 12 Mar 13

Current fave would be Soju Girl. But it’s not cheap.

I hear that there is a new cafe in Odgers Lane – yes, a lane way cafe that will make you feel you are in Melbourne, before you depart back to your unhygienic table in Canberra. Opening next week or so they say.

Huitzilihuitl 1:14 pm 12 Mar 13


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