Where to open a dental practice?

prettypoem 3 May 2021 26

I am new to Canberra and would like to know where to open a dental practice.

Are there any surburbs where there is a big demand or shortage?

Are Canberra people looking for family or cosmetic dentists?

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26 Responses to Where to open a dental practice?
heymate heymate 8:14 pm 05 Aug 11

Hey just ready your expression of interest. Um Id say open in Calwell, as there is no dentist in Calwell and a new medical cnetre just open up there. Actualy there is no dentist anywher in South Tuggeranong so I guess you would be the only dentist. Id get in touch with Calwell people, or shops and ask them.

rveenen rveenen 1:05 pm 25 Jun 11

I am looking to buy into or establishing a dental practice in Canberra maybe we should discuss if you are looking for an equity partner let me know my wife has 25 years dental experience and we are looking at either buying an existing practice or establish a new one from scratch.

Pear Pear 3:25 pm 22 Apr 11

How about Hackett for family dentistry? I’m looking to change dentists – usually go to Dickson but not happy there.

k63a k63a 7:44 am 08 Apr 11

Hi prettypoem,

We’ve designed and built dental practices in the ACT and region for 25 years. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss 0430 149990.

Chop71 Chop71 9:39 am 06 Apr 11

Hosinator said :

Don’t bother with Charnwood, anyone who lives there dosen’t have teeth.


Charnwood has a Dentist, Medical Centre + a Medical Practice, a couple of Daycare Centres and a shopping centre with some of the best Take Away foods in Canberra ….. oh yeah and residents are known to have “Low Incomes and Large LCD TV’s”

EvanJames EvanJames 8:49 am 06 Apr 11

Dentist-person, this straw poll is good research but you need some more wide-ranging data to make a good decision. You should also try the health consumers association for an opinion, and maybe the chamber of commerce. And those two bodies might also have suggestions for other groups to approach. Someone out there knows where the gap in the market is!

There is probably a market for an out-of-work-hours dentist, but I’m not sure a one-man (or woman) band is the dentist to attempt it.

prettypoem prettypoem 7:54 am 06 Apr 11

So if I opened a surburban practice that opened late would you still go to your dentist near work? I am trying to figure out whether to open in the city or the surburbs? There’s no point opening in the surburbs if peole go to the dentist closest to their work.

miz miz 7:39 am 06 Apr 11

“Lots of Canberra dentists don’t treat children” -this is because the school dentist treats most of them up to the age of 12 (you only have to pay a once a year fee), and if you are financially eligible, up to 14 or 15 (can’t remember which).

Raging Tempest Raging Tempest 7:21 am 06 Apr 11

prettypoem, for many it is easier to go in work hours, and they work in the city. Last time I checked, the locals in my area aren’t open after hours, so work hours are the only option. .

prettypoem prettypoem 10:50 pm 05 Apr 11

Gungalin has free parking but the dental practices there aren’t busy. Why do canberra people always go to the city dentist rather than their local surburban dentist?

I-filed I-filed 8:53 pm 05 Apr 11

prettypoem said :

Can someone respond?

Have you checked out ABS data? YOu could probably glean heaps of demographic info? Would your professional body advise? I’d say a big issue is parking – people HATE paying for parking in Canberra, and because it’s easy to get around here, you might find that having a clinic where a parent can do some shopping or have a coffee while their kid is in the chair, one where there is easy free parking, and generally a pleasant atmosphere in the surroundings, would be as important as whether you are in an area where they have bad teeth or appear to want cosmetic procedures …

prettypoem prettypoem 7:17 pm 05 Apr 11

Can someone respond?

prettypoem prettypoem 8:41 pm 04 Apr 11

so far there’s ainslie, campbell, belconnen and gungaglin. is there any other surburbs that needs a dentist? there’s already dentist in those surburbs, i am interested to hear from riotors who live in those surburbs, are you looking to change dentist? also, what’s the waiting time to see a dentist in those surburbs.

i’m interested in family dentistry and i enjoy seeing kids which i understand is rare for canberra because lots of canberra dentist don’t treat children.

I-filed I-filed 8:35 pm 04 Apr 11

cobberas63 said :

Please please please open one in Ainslie!

We need a family dentist there, as the one we use in Campbell is only taking bookings 12m in advance!

🙂 C/

Isn’t the wonderful Chris Kwoy still there, at the Ainslie Shops? Best dentist ever!

Scrumpox Scrumpox 5:50 pm 04 Apr 11

Have a look at the 2006 Census data for gross individual income per week for ACT suburbs & you’ll get an idea of where you should open a practice (& who is likely to have major dental cover on their health insurance). The data is almost 5 years old but the trends should be OK. Go to http://www.abs.gov.au and find CDataOnline (you can call the help line if you get stuck).
In my opinion, Belconnen Town Centre would be OK – around 5,000 public servants earning about $80K each on average. Not much competition, the existing dentists are poor to really bad. A kickass practice would get all the business. & jazz up the surgery/reception – the current practices look like they’re from 1982.
I have a mate who had a practice in the northern beaches of Sydney – he can’t believe the stories I tell him about Canberra dentists.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:01 pm 04 Apr 11

prettypoem said :

I would prefer braces, crown, preventative. Is there any location where there is a shortgage. I don’t want to open in a surburbs where there is several practices

Let me clarify: Gungahlin is a town centre/suburb, but it is also the name of one of 7 districts in Canberra, and made up of 11 suburbs – 6 currently partially developed/occupied. Harrison where I mentioned is one of those, and currently has no commercial businesses at all. Plus another 4 whole new suburbs to come. In 4 years we went from 31,000 people to 42,000 people. We are on our way to 100,000 – so major client growth potential, and no competition issues.

The site I was talking about is here, one block from where the new high school is currently being built.

eq2 eq2 1:55 pm 04 Apr 11

There is no dentist at the Jamison center yet it is one of the most popular shopping centres in the area. There’s new development as well: http://www.spacemacquarie.com.au/.

prettypoem prettypoem 1:14 pm 04 Apr 11

I would prefer braces, crown, preventative. Is there any location where there is a shortgage. I don’t want to open in a surburbs where there is several practices

Hosinator Hosinator 1:11 pm 04 Apr 11

Don’t bother with Charnwood, anyone who lives there dosen’t have teeth.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 12:56 pm 04 Apr 11

I’m not sure that getting into a dentist is quite the drama that getting into a doctor is. But there is an issue with very steep pricing, as Cross has alluded to.
One dentist in the Gungahlin town centre continues to grow quickly – from 3 to 4 now 5 dentists.

You could come to Gungahlin and get built-in client base growth as the population is among the fastest growing in Australia. The new “nappy valley”, but with very high proportion of dual income families and strong demographics. But the high property prices mean there is also a fairly high level of mortgage stress, so there is room for a practice with a family-friendly pricing model. Availability outside “normal business hours” would be a big plus for “working families”.

But tenancies are hard to find in the district and tend to be able therefore to get away with high prices.

However, there are some new apartments to be built very soon along Flemington Road in Harrison that will have commercial tenancies on the ground floor – maybe for sale so as to avoid the rent grind. Very busy road, so high exposure, and with good service roads in front guaranteeing easy access. They have a little sales office on site.

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