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Why are ACT clubs so daggy?

By jawgar - 8 September 2011 31

Why dont the ACT clubs get with the times?

They never seem to realize that tacky decor, below average food and beverages and ambience dominated by multiple TV screens of mindless sport and racing are a big turn-off to most people – what a wasted resource they are.

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31 Responses to
Why are ACT clubs so daggy?
shadow boxer 3:19 pm 08 Sep 11

RedDogInCan said :

Stevian said :

I always thought clubs were there to keep the rain off the Poker machines

Whilst it wouldn’t be that practical down here, clubs up north now have outdoor poker machine areas so that punters can keep feeding in the coins whilst enjoying a smoke!

It’s illegal here, you can’t even have them against a window where they can be seen fron outside, hence the Casino like atmosphere.

RedDogInCan 3:12 pm 08 Sep 11

Stevian said :

I always thought clubs were there to keep the rain off the Poker machines

Whilst it wouldn’t be that practical down here, clubs up north now have outdoor poker machine areas so that punters can keep feeding in the coins whilst enjoying a smoke!

shadow boxer 1:52 pm 08 Sep 11

Sport a big turn off to most people,,,,,that’s funny.

I’m willing to bet jawgar is the bloke everyone hates that pulls out an acoustic guitar in the middle of a party

Stevian 1:33 pm 08 Sep 11

I always thought clubs were there to keep the rain off the Poker machines

chewy14 12:42 pm 08 Sep 11

Yeah, I can’t believe clubs that are mostly formed around sporting teams show sport and racing.


They should get with the times and have ……[jawgar can fill in what he/she thinks most people want as he/she is obviously a demographic guru.]

Overheard 12:20 pm 08 Sep 11

Like so many things in this life, if you don’t like them, vote with your feet.

There are alternatives.

I’ve just moved, but while living in inner Belconnen, it was good to have a place just around the corner from home where I could unwind and have a (reasonably-priced) drink late at night. And a bit further afield, another one where I could feed my addiction for round ball games from the other side of the world at ungodly hours, since I didn’t have Foxtel.

If you put a gun to my head, there’s no way I could tell you what colour the carpet or the walls are. Care factor = something less than zero.

M0les 11:46 am 08 Sep 11

I tend to agree with #2 – The “meat” of their trade is well served. But I agree with the original posters desire for better digs.

Several clubs have been trying various ways to move-ahead though:
* The Mawson club is one of the most stylish developments relatively recently. Their decor’s pretty good. However their service has been dropping a bit. Their food’s ambitious, but I find its often not executed very well.
* The Weston club is mostly remodelled in recent years (But Keno screens are still far-too prominent IMHO) Their food’s pretty standard though (Good steak sandwich).
* The Southern Cross has had Cafe Cosmo upstairs for a while, which serves more adventurous food than the trough downstairs.
* The Vikings Tugg. town center club used to have Janette Jeffs’ Ginger restaurant, but alas they were moved-on (sob!). The new deal is called “Baa Moo” and from the one time I’ve been there, seems pretty good.

Don’t forget some old mainstays like the Austrian club and its fantastic staple menu (Bauernshmaus!, Pork Knuckle!).

luther_bendross 11:41 am 08 Sep 11

This isn’t unique to Canberra. Clubs are money-grabbing entities aimed at providing light, cheap entertainment to people with as much artistic interest as Nickelback. Unfortunately the lack of suburban pubs in Canberra means these joints get more airtime than in other places. Due to proximity to my house I’m a member of two clubs and they’re both s***.

EvanJames 11:15 am 08 Sep 11

Club decor seems to be along the lines of a small casino… no windows, lots of lights and horrific carpet. Clubs can do food really well and some do, and the price of beer at bars comes as a shock when you’re used to club prices. But the confusing lack of daylight and lots of artificial light is what gets me.

troll-sniffer 11:06 am 08 Sep 11

Not to mention that the targetted demographic are by definition likely to be absolute middle-of-the-roaders and anything that goes beyong bland, (food especially) would scare them off.

lalainoz 11:06 am 08 Sep 11

I agree they are pretty daggy but they do some to get decent amount of support. Despite thinking they are daggy I am still a member of our local club as pubs as I have known them don’t exist in the suburbs near us.

I would like to see a move towards more modern design and some different spaces rather than the barn-like of some of the clubs. It would be nice to have areas free of the TVs too. Sometime we want to have a drink and a bite to eat without that constant distraction.

Still the clubs are providing a service and without them there wouldn’t be much going on at all outside of the town centres.

johnboy 11:03 am 08 Sep 11

I think a lot of clubs are trying to bore the audience into thinking pokies are exciting.

p1 10:57 am 08 Sep 11

Sadly, ACT clubs seem to be with the times (ie, most Canberra clubs fit your description right now), and good food, cheep drinks, and subtle location of betting facilities (for those who want them to seek out) are things of the past.

neanderthalsis 10:56 am 08 Sep 11

Most ACT clubs cater well to their targeted demographic. The $5 annual membership and cheap steak Tuesdays along with trivia nights, meat trays, pokies, keno and the TAB are what your average punter wants from a club.

If you want a more high brow club experience, join the National Press Club, they have modern decor, very few pokies, no pool tables, keno or TAB and they do have good jazz bands on a Friday evening.

Solidarity 10:43 am 08 Sep 11

Armed with your knowlege of what people want, feel free to open up your own club… according to you, you’ll clean up.

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