Why are people still buying mass produced ‘art’ from ‘dept stores’?????

brenda.artmine 22 June 2010 56

I really don’t know…do you?

There is so much terrific art in studios and sheds of the Canberra region….%$@#&^R*&(*!!!!

Check out the on-line gallery at www.artmineanddesign.com and come see our first ‘physical’ show at The Front Gallery, Lyneham shops 24 June to 6 July with the opening 24 June at 6PM…

Cheers! Brenda

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56 Responses to Why are people still buying mass produced ‘art’ from ‘dept stores’?????
skewbo skewbo 1:15 pm 26 Sep 11

Telll Fabforty dreams come true! re: tell Jeffree Skewes he’s dreamin….hah sold it! ~ you better stick to what you know, instead of the usual self evident pie on face quote …..I don’t know much bout art but I know what i like…etc
next you might even blame the buyer for your own gaps in art market perception and culture.
Oh go on just do it and confirm your bias. You know I’m right
An appolgy would clean the state.

che che 11:38 am 03 Jul 10

even Aldi sell limited edition original paintings

Jim Jones Jim Jones 1:54 pm 01 Jul 10

That one where the dogs are playing poker sure is funny.

Thumper Thumper 1:49 pm 01 Jul 10

I only buy classy prints of whales, harley davidsons and odd native Americans sitting on wolves or eagles. The latter compliments my native American dream catchers and assorted new age paraphernalia.

All purchased from classy suppliers such as clints and the reject shop, of course.

p1 p1 1:23 pm 01 Jul 10

If you put a wig on a dolphin, it still can’t sing better then Delta, and isn’t as pretty as granny.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 11:47 am 01 Jul 10

Nothing says ‘classy’ like an Athena poster, laminated and block mounted.

“Dolphins! And that black border! It’s like we live in a fancy art museum, except the anme of the print and the photographer are in carefully spaced pastel text at the bottom!”
“And this naked muscly bloke with a baby! So tasteful! Should we get it in black and white, sepia, or the kind of washed out pink one?”
“Go the pink. It’ll look great next to our giant Swatch watch and the Copperart knight!”

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:46 am 01 Jul 10

Does “artmineanddesign” stock that poster of the “tennis girl scratching her arse”, or “scary looking vaguely oriental woman with a green face”, or better still “Three Wolf Moon”?

If not, I can see why people are shopping elsewhere…

p1 p1 10:34 am 01 Jul 10

The only Ikea product in my entire house is our dining table, which my parents bought bordering on 30 years ago.

Personally, I like to take photos, get them printed, put them in frames and hang them on the wall.

CraigT CraigT 6:49 am 01 Jul 10

Maybe the Ikea poster looks good?
I don’t have any Ikea on my walls but I almost bought the Ikea “Eiffel Tower” last time I was up there.

Kuku Kuku 8:41 pm 28 Jun 10

E.L.K said :

The heading was rhetorical, you guys should stop being so fucking serious and check out my stuff at http://www.myspace.com/elkstencils, plus I have a solo show coming up at the Front on 9th July (prints available for poor people)

Luke,Awesome stuff. Move over Banksy. Actually, where is our Canberra street art?

Brenda, I’m with you. Why buy mac-produced crap when you can have an original and support local talent.

And Sepi, +1. I buy too much art and it sits waiting for a spare wall.

For the other whingers….get off your bots and support our arts community. Yes, some is shite, some is great but why oh why would you pay $180 for an ikea poster when you could be giving it back to our arts community?

E.L.K E.L.K 6:12 pm 28 Jun 10

The heading was rhetorical, you guys should stop being so fucking serious and check out my stuff at http://www.myspace.com/elkstencils, plus I have a solo show coming up at the Front on 9th July (prints available for poor people)

sepi sepi 4:04 pm 25 Jun 10

I knew someone would say that. I was gunna say prints, (original prints) but a lot of people think that just means posters.

I have the opposite trouble with art – I buy too much of it, and it just sits around in drawers or the garage…

astrojax astrojax 3:57 pm 25 Jun 10

you just want people to come up and see your etchings, sepi; tumbled your game then… 😉

anu art school open day and other exhibitions in their space is an excellent place to buy local art; as is the capo ball each year, if this is still going..?

cmag have local stuff, too, though more often at the upper end of the price range. otherwise, keep an eye out for opening listings. lots of small gallery spaces in canberra if you hunt.

sepi sepi 3:46 pm 25 Jun 10

Serious art can be bought at the gallery in Deakin. they often have art by artists represented at the National Gallery.

I have real art and posters on my walls. I also have stacks of real art sitting around in teh garage waiting for framing (which often costs more than the art.)

Etchings and the like are a good way to get cheap real art. Also the art school open day often has nice etchings for sale for not much at all.

I find the real art I have is more interesting to look at on the walls over several years than the posters, which are nice, but I don’t’ find I’m seeing new things in them 2 years on.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 2:49 pm 25 Jun 10

I’ve never bought anything that you could call ‘art’ from a department store, but to be honest I’ve had trouble finding art that I’m prepared to pay for in the Canberra area. I’m not talking about crafty stuff, but serious art by serious artists.

Genie Genie 2:40 pm 25 Jun 10

Im sorry hang on a minute ! You sell your art by approaching cafe owners and getting them to hang it on the wall ? The whinge it doesn’t sell ?

How about you get off your arse and actually TRY and sell your products instead of whinging about it.

Geez if it was that easy to get a cafe owner to sell stuff I wouldn’t be getting up at 5am every weekend and attending markets to sell my craft/hobby items. You know spending most of the day there chatting to potential buyers, negotiating a sale etc etc etc.

Hmmmmmmm I wonder if a cafe will put my sewing up on the wall so I can sit back while someone else sells my ‘art’ ?

Lazy I Lazy I 2:18 pm 25 Jun 10

What I love about indie artists is that they convince themselves everyone else has poor or undeveloped taste when they have trouble selling their overpriced crap.

CraigT CraigT 7:12 pm 23 Jun 10

For the same reason people are buying Lime-Green Holden Commodores.

vg vg 6:17 pm 23 Jun 10

“longshanks I don’t care to make money from my art work as I said I have a professional job.”

So art is your hobby. How can I get other people to pay for mine?

“Petrol to drive to the store and purchase items, plus paying for parking $4”

F me. You’re really jumping the shark with this. Costs me more to do my hobby

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:10 am 23 Jun 10

How many of us have heard that some of the most renowned artists of our times such as Van Gogh died penniless, there is a very good reason for this.

They were filthy hippies?

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