Why do we have a Simon Corbell?

johnboy 16 March 2007 11

Here in the RiotACT bunker we’re a bit confused…

Given a choice of having captains for our volunteer firefighting units, or having Simon Corbell as the Minister for Emergency Services, why did we get stuck with Simon?

How does Mr. Stanhope possibly consider Simon’s contribution to be greater than the entire leadership of our bushfire brigade?

Why is he still here?

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11 Responses to Why do we have a Simon Corbell?
evee evee 10:56 am 19 Mar 07

Simon Corbel is NOT a nice person, he is a compulsive liar and manipulator as far as I’m concerned.

andy andy 1:52 pm 17 Mar 07

the fireys dont give head under th table in the Legislative assembly ?

louise louise 12:31 pm 17 Mar 07

I thought Stafniak did a good angry voice, though.

johnboy johnboy 12:06 pm 17 Mar 07

I was intrigued by the inability to express a sentence let alone an argument.

Swaggie Swaggie 12:02 pm 17 Mar 07

Re the no confidence vote how inept did Steve Pratt look both on interview outside and during the ‘debate’ inside? Bloody useless.

barking toad barking toad 10:02 pm 16 Mar 07

Simon The Sad fronts for the mayor when he can’t froth enough. Often they throw in barr as the lamb to the slaughter.

But it is all froth and bubble. Like the sad one donning the RFS gear – pathetic really. Then the mayor cutting the sipper loose.

These career labor politicians don’t realise that there is a real world beyond their offices and constant meetings where they make decisions based on wank.

When it comes to emergency services – I’ll back the blokes who have done the job for years rather than a politician who, I suspect,donned the gear for the possibility of votes.

Pandy Pandy 7:57 pm 16 Mar 07

He needs to take his drugs.

vg vg 7:27 pm 16 Mar 07

He may read this and get depressed again

mutley mutley 7:18 pm 16 Mar 07

Just think, since he’s also a volunteer, he can be the firecrew captains as well!!

I feel safer already…

Eric Eric 6:08 pm 16 Mar 07

I’m with Louise – he’s a nice bloke, in what to me would be a crap job – hence why I would never be a pollie 🙂

Unfortunately he is being given poor advice from some of his advisers and Departmental heads (eg. ESA Commissioner!). Maybe the action from the other day, and ongoing action, will surface more of the home truths about what’s been going on for some time. But there are so many things going on- education/schools, environment, urban services, social issues, developers etc. etc. – plenty of things for people to get into. Maybe people will even start taking an interest in politics! Must say though I was dismayed when I watched the no confidence motion in the Assembly the other day – talk about lacklustre and simplistic arguments (from all members). Sigh.

louise louise 5:47 pm 16 Mar 07

Simon is a very special person. You shouldn’t be so mean and pick on him for all the failings of his friends.

I think this conversation will head quickly back to the angry mob of the grassby thread.

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