27 May 2011

Why yes, we have Juggers!

| johnboy
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Juggers at play

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that there’s a Jugger Canberra group.

Most of you however will have either never heard of, or completely forgotten, the 1989 film The Blood of Heroes, released in Australia as The Salute of the Jugger.

Jugger is a fictional sport from the future:

A violent game has grown popular, a game that basically involves beating your opponents to a pulp whilst trying to stick a dog’s skull on a spike at the end of the field, and not get pulped yourself. This game is played in teams of five, and the players in these teams are known as “Juggers”.

So I’ll admit to being surprised by the real world existence of an Australian Jugger League.

The local lads, seeking to gain access to the big league, train in Glebe Park (where else?) on Sundays from 11am.

If you’re interested they’ve even got a facebook group.

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Hello Rioters

I am one of the members of the Canberra Jugger League. Maybe ‘League’ is a little too strong.

Just wanted to let you all know your welcome to join us. New people find it pretty easy to join in, all it takes is giving it a go.

@ Trevor: It is mentioned “beating to a pulp”, which isn’t really accurate 8). A ‘hit’ is a touch. However, when people are running around, it isn’t always the most gentle. But it is a relatively low contact sport.

@ neanderthalsis: We are in between Live Action Role Play (LARP) (unfortunately) and medieval re-enactment. And I am really happy with it. It is organised in such a way that it is a sport, so it doesn’t have the confusion or variety of rules that LARP or re-enactment can have. Also because it is a sport, it appeals to a wider audience. People that have no interest in medieval re-enactment can come along and join in. Where you really need to be infused with passion to make and outlay the money for weapons and armour.

@harley: Come join us. It isn’t a lazy sport. However, people can play to their advantages if they aren’t fit. But I don’t think that is what you mean’t. 8)

@Bananabanana: They have padded dog skulls at RSPCA? 8)

@Lazy I: Keep in mind those rules are somewhat out of date. There has been changes to the construction and design specifications of weapons. However, most of the rest is still valid.

@ConanofCooma: Thanks! 8) Pretty accurate! I like to say people that it is like a game of touch footy, but with padded weapons. But many people say it really isn’t it. It is unique, people have to come to see what it is really like. 8)

Happy to answer any more questions. Hopefully some of you may consider joining us!


Found the answer to my question:

2.2.1 The “Hit:”

The hit zone is anywhere on the body above the elbows and knees. There are NO hits to the head (including the neck) , punching, kicking, bitting or pulling of hair (penalty at referee’s discretion). Pulling, pushing, shoving and holding are acceptable, but a “hit” will only be counted when made by a weapon. A hit to a player’s head will result in a penalty for the played that executed the hit. This rule also applies to blows to the groin. A hit to the head or groin will result in a base penalty of 5 Stones.

When a Player is hit s/he must kneel where they are and remain inactive for 3 stones. Failure to comply will result in removal from the playing field.

Simultaneous hits are not counted, but both players must declare they are both in agreement.

If the Qwik is hit s/he must place (not throw or drop) the skull immediately on the ground where they were hit and kneel for 3 stones.

The striking area is a little confusing, I gather it is meant to be above knee / below elbow. So essentially strikes to this area result in the attacked player simulating injury for a fixed period of time. So choking people out with the chain results in a penalty then 😀

If it is as brutal as union/league I am concerned that I haven’t been able to find a photo with anyone wearing so much as a mouthguard? Think I might leave this sport for the other rioters. 😉

ConanOfCooma10:11 am 11 May 10

I would have giggled at the comment by neanderthalsis but I’ve seen this played, and calling it one step short of RP is a pretty uneducated comparison.

It’s not a re-creation, it’s an adapted sport. And it’s semi-brutal. Think of a cross between union, league and jousting, with OHS rules.

I never been involved in “jugging”, but having been involved in some pretty enthusiastic bouts of pool noodle combat, I can assure you that they can be wielded with some violence.

+1 neanderthalsis

I did wonder what the World of Warcraft crowd did when the servers were down. 😉

Reading through the rules the weapons portion is a little hard to follow. As they are padded so heavily are the weapons used for more pushing/blocking style resistance/defence? I don’t understand how being struck with a pool noodle at any rate hinders someone’s ability? is it more aggressive than the photos let on?

Also, what kind of use is the ball on the chain? is it practical?

Are the teams split by weight division (or total weight)?

Might have to read the rules in more detail.

Bananabanana8:11 pm 10 May 10

Do they get their dogs’ skulls from the RSPCA?

lol @ neanderthalsis #1

I’d wager they are too lazy or untalented to do the medieval dressups properly…

I knew it existed, but only because, as tends to happen, one of my friends showed up as part of that facebook group.

I don’t see any pulp in the picture… I want to see the pulp!

neanderthalsis4:13 pm 10 May 10

This is what happens when role players stumble out into the sunlight.

It’s only one step shy of medieval reenactment.

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