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Win a double pass to lunch and a masterclass with the maestro of meat

By Rachel Ziv - 5 July 2016 24


Ten years ago, before eating “organic” and “sustainable” meat was the cool thing to do, Grant Hilliard founded Feather and Bone, a butchery in Sydney with the sole purpose of sourcing and selling the highest quality whole meats in the country.

Over the years, Feather and Bone has developed a stellar reputation – becoming known by restaurateurs all over the country as one of the leading sources of the highest quality meats.

All produce and animals sourced by Grant and his team are subject to an incredibly strict process, including ensuring that they are traceable to farms with transparent breeding and culling practices, chemical and hormone-free, raised on (or with easy access to) quality pasture, fed appropriately and more.


And with all of this experience sourcing and distributing organic and ethically-produced meats, Grant has developed a true understanding of the right way to cook and enjoy them.

This weekend Canberrans are in for a rare treat as Grant Hilliard joins with Pialligo Estate to offer a Masterclass and five course lunch with a focus on learning about, cooking and enjoying the best Feather and Bone has to offer.

The Masterclass, which runs this Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, will provide guests with a lesson on butchery and sustainable production, cooking tips, delicious tastes of different cooked cuts, selected beverages, bespoke Pialligo Estate recipes for home cooking, and a fresh cut of lamb.

The Sunday lunch starts at 1:00pm and offers five courses of decadence, including cured meats, carpaccio of mutton and local olives, rillettes, pate and smoked meats, chargrilled quail, roasted porchetta, salty crackling and more.

The RiotACT has secured a free double pass, and is giving it away to one lucky reader.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us why organic and ethical meat production is important to you.

Spots are filling fast, so leave your comment now or visit Eventbrite to purchase your tickets.

The Masterclass and lunch will be held at Pialligo Estate – 18 Kallaroo Road, Pialligo.

The lucky Winner will be announced Friday the 8th.

To find out more about the Pialligo Estate Winter Series – The Butcher, The Baker and The Merry Maker visit

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24 Responses to
Win a double pass to lunch and a masterclass with the maestro of meat
pink little birdie 3:28 pm 06 Jul 16

justin heywood said :

Organic happy animals and birds taste better

They taste extra delicious.

etasatfs 2:30 pm 06 Jul 16

Paying attention to what and how we consume is very important. I like to know exactly what I am buying and meat is no exception!

JessP 2:27 pm 06 Jul 16

Organic and ethical meat production is important because the animal lived a happy life, the farmer is happy, his product sustainable and he makes a real living from his product and I am happy with a product that tastes wonderful for my family and friends.

Jindy 12:53 pm 06 Jul 16

I prefer ethical meats because it matters to me how the animals lived and died

Auriga_capella 11:08 am 06 Jul 16

I try to get my meat from ethical suppliers. The meat tastes better, I know the animals were treated well and I’m also supporting local farmers. Win win!

Antz409 11:09 pm 05 Jul 16

Locality, ethicality, humaneness, respect for the animal being slaughtered, a fair profit for the farmer and not an unfair one for some conglomerate.

Mordd 8:19 pm 05 Jul 16

Because it probably annoys the heck out of Pauline Hanson every time someone consumes organic, cruelty free meat, especially if it’s halal. So I would eat it in protest to our stupid politicians.

Quantico 7:46 pm 05 Jul 16

As humans we take it for granted that we will always raise animals to be consumed. The least we can do is provide each animal with the healthiest, happiest and most stress-free life we can, and take respect in utilising it completely to honour its existence.

Masquara 7:38 pm 05 Jul 16

The only eco-friendly meat is “no meat”, actually.

Dynamicdumpling 7:05 pm 05 Jul 16

I like to support sustainable farming methods. I feel ethical sourcing of food allows for a greater appreciation for the effort and care it takes to produce good food.
Naturally a happy beast tastes better

clojo15 6:33 pm 05 Jul 16

Organic and ethical meat production is important to me as it reintroduces the importance of taking care in what we do, how we do it and, of course, what we eat! It is also a step towards ensuring that there will be environmental resources for years to come. The world needs to stop consuming in excess and creating more waste, and look towards more sustainable practices. I also think it is incredibly important to use all parts of an animal in cooking and organic and ethical meat production makes sure all parts of an animal will be delicious.

rosscoact 11:48 am 05 Jul 16

Organic happy animals and birds taste better

AkitaMHJ 10:27 am 05 Jul 16

The importance of eating organic and ethical is not just a personal one to me, in which I can take solace in knowing my food was treated with respect and dignity throughout all the processes of paddock to plate, but it has been proven that organic food has better flavour and nutrients than industrially grown. Furthermore, animals that have been reared ethically have had a happier life, which also translates to better flavours on the plate, as what they eat affects the flavour of their meat just as the levels of stress affects the flavour and quality of their meat. The slaughtering process also has a big impact on flavour and tenderness, as animals who are stressed at that time will release chemicals into their meat that give off a metallic smell and the meat will be tough.

So after all this, it makes sense to have an expert butcher who then understands proper hanging and handling, so to get the best.

I would love to attend this opportunity to learn more at the Masterclass!

Ezy 9:59 am 05 Jul 16

It is important to me as it shows that the farmer takes care of their animals and respects the land on which they are farmed. Spraying the fields with fungicides, pesticides and fertilisers will destroy the integrity of the soil over time and essentially end up as an unwelcome guest in my meal.

To put it simply, I give a s$#t about what I eat.

Jigram 9:26 am 05 Jul 16

I like being able to know that my money is going to a local farm that is doing the right thing.

Also my partner is a vegetarian so ethical sourcing is the only way I can get away with eating meat!

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