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Win free double passes to Small Brewers Beer Festival

By Barcham - 25 September 2013 37

Beer Fest

The Small Brewers Beer Festival is happening this Saturday, and they’ve given us 10 free double passes to pass on to you guys.

To win one all you have to do is tell us in the comments why you deserve to to win.

Simple right? This way we know the tickets will end up in the most deserving hands.

You’ve got until close of business* Thursday to get your answers in.

Good luck!

*Our business that is, so like 5pm… Not your business. I don’t know what kind of crazy business you work in or when it finishes.

[First filed: Sep 24, 2013 @ 9:51]

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37 Responses to
Win free double passes to Small Brewers Beer Festival
YeahBuddy 4:54 pm 24 Sep 13

cbiscuit said :


Endeavour in particular is tits — though being asked to shill out $9.20 for a stubby of the amber ale at Tilley’s last Friday was f!cking outrageous. And during “happy” hour, no less.

You’re obviously drinking already in anticipation …

cbiscuit 3:53 pm 24 Sep 13

Why do I deserve to win? I don’t — nor does anyone else. Free tickets to a beer festival and, by extension, free beer represents a utopian ideal that should, one could argue, remain firmly beyond the ken of man (and woman). But I’d like to because, well, free beer.

Endeavour in particular is tits — though being asked to shill out $9.20 for a stubby of the amber ale at Tilley’s last Friday was f!cking outrageous. And during “happy” hour, no less.

Padoof 2:31 pm 24 Sep 13

It was Mr Padoof’s turn to buy the tickets for this beer festival; he didn’t get around to buying them. If I am honoured with receiving a double pass, I pledge here and now to be the designated driver and let him catch up with all his man friends who are going. He’s a tops bloke and deserves a good day out.

spinact 2:12 pm 24 Sep 13


karn 1:18 pm 24 Sep 13

I am gluten intolerant and boyfriend adores beer tasting – we rarely get to do it together but I know that a couple of these brewers have delicious gluten-free offerings. It’d be nice to go out and imbibe together! 🙂

Flyinghurts 12:54 pm 24 Sep 13

Following attendance at the small brewers beer festival, I’d be imbued with the liquid courage required to take photos of bad parking while the culprits are standing with their car (and likely expressing slight hostility towards my unauthorised amateur photography)

YeahBuddy 12:17 pm 24 Sep 13

If you don’t give them to me I won’t have anything to do on Saturday, and on Sunday I will be forced into the garden to work due to a lack of hangover.

Please help me.

Wellington Sludge 11:52 am 24 Sep 13

It’s my birthday on Sunday, and so this would make an excellent present! 🙂

fromthecapital 11:48 am 24 Sep 13

My partner is off to a baby shower that day, so she told me to find a way to kill some time that day, this would be the perfect option!

kingstontown 11:42 am 24 Sep 13

Just moved to Canberra since the rugby season is over,I have been looking for active things to do on the weekend (floraid not really my thing) – the small brewers festival sounds like a great way to spend the day, exploring the up and coming beers that will go down perfectly in this great canberra weather

emperorminge 10:56 am 24 Sep 13

I have a new baby. He is 4 months old. I have seen far too much moonlight in those 4 months. I love beer. I live in Downer and can stumble comfortably to EPIC. My wife heartily endorses my attendance at this event. If you are me this is a win win.

poetix 10:50 am 24 Sep 13

Hawthorn beat Geelong by less than a goal last week, and I thought Mr Poetix would have a heart attack. My cunning plan is to ease him into the Grand Final by getting him pleasantly tipsy, so that his life-threatening anxiety is reduced. It’s a plan totally endorsed by the AMA (Alcohol Management Association). Help me save Mr P, RiotACT!

f4te 10:41 am 24 Sep 13

Free beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer (and cider)!

Solidarity 10:22 am 24 Sep 13

I have no appreciation for beer – Simply because I cannot drink it. However, my sister and her boyfriend are both very, very into everything to do with fine beer, (and food in general), so i’d love a pass – Not for me, but so I can hand it to my sister. She’d appreciate it and it’d make me seem like a bit less of an ass.

Mess 10:09 am 24 Sep 13

I would love a double pass so I could take Mrs Mess along and help her develop a deep and lasting appreciation of fine beer.

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