WIN news gets bitchy

bd84 4 November 2007 17

I think one local news reader is grateful that they aren’t repeating WIN news at midnight tonight [lastnight – ed]. The classic and dreaded slip of the tongue reared it’s head in Meryn Cooper’s sports bulletin just as I channel flicked tonight.. it was youtube worthy too if someone had the tape running!

In reference to kids cricket she stumbled stating the kids “hit the bitch up” she quickly corrected herself to “pitch” and kept reading with a straight face

[Thanks to scumdorg for the footage. The offending phrase is in the first 5 seconds – ed]

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17 Responses to WIN news gets bitchy
Mælinar Mælinar 1:21 pm 14 Dec 07

As I sit here contemplating my real life backspace and real life delete key, and whether or not they are infact real life or not, I wonder what the point of it all really is about…

Kind of like that post at 1:07.

Thumper Thumper 1:16 pm 14 Dec 07

Tell us what you really think?

egoslayer egoslayer 1:07 pm 14 Dec 07

It’s amazing to see some of the comments left here. It goes to show that our country not only ‘abounds in natures gifts’ but also in f***wits, filled with sanctimonious BS that is spewed out and passed off as ‘opinion’ whilst shrouded in anonymity!! Get out into the real world, you losers, and you will realise that there is no ‘Backspace’ or ‘Delete’ key in real life (nor live TV) and little mistakes are quite common … just like the one your mother made nine months before you were born!! So if you are trawling through the net looking for mediocrity or something to laugh at, please, increase productivity, save some time and go and take a quick look in the mirror…

kylearaus kylearaus 10:18 pm 07 Nov 07

Shocking proofreader here. “I fail to FIND….” aaaarrggghh!!!!

kylearaus kylearaus 10:17 pm 07 Nov 07

I fail to any compelling reason to listen to the Peter Leonard replacement on WAN TV. I wonder how much of a cyclone it would take to ruffle the helmet head haircut? They say some have a head for radio, me for instance, but I think Jessica has the voice for mime.
That is all.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 8:55 pm 04 Nov 07

That’s it?

bd84 bd84 8:34 pm 04 Nov 07

thanks for the youtube video, makes it a better story lol

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 5:56 pm 04 Nov 07

And is that Higgsy, the famous pie-eater, who follows the ‘hit the bitch’ error?

Bit rich, the pie-eater talking about ‘healthy exercise’, methinks.

scumdorg scumdorg 4:55 pm 04 Nov 07

I have just uploaded it to YouTube. The link is:
or else type in WIN News Canberra blooper

jemmy jemmy 3:12 pm 04 Nov 07

I like him. He’s a bit flamboyent, so what! Makes a pleasant change from the usual serious-as-a-dog-taking-a-sh**. I wondered how long it would take for people to start cricising him.

As for Hausseger, I notice she’s at least trying to make an effort with a bit of banter now. The first few weeks though, you could cut the air with a knife! Goodness, we can’t have any frivolity on the ABC, the earth might collapse.

VicePope VicePope 2:57 pm 04 Nov 07

And that, Hasdrubahl, may be an altogether Good Thing, especially if it mutes his nasal tones. It could be worse – imagine Bob Brown as a newsreader.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 2:02 pm 04 Nov 07

The foliage he sports on his lapel grows bigger by the day.

Soon, all we shall see is this gigantic leaf in front of his face.

VicePope VicePope 1:43 pm 04 Nov 07

I suppose someone should start a rant in rap, picking up on the similarity to the “smack my bitch up” lyric that had some brief fame, some years ago. I’ll leave it to those among my homies and bitches who care, yo.

But, on a news-related thing, there was a letter to the editor yesterday about the ABC weather bloke. While my family enjoys the sidelong glances of exasperation he receives from the frosty Haussegger, it is clear that this is not his gig. He is enthusiastic and I am told was a real successs talking about gardening on radio. Perhaps he could do a double act with the fishing bloke from WIN (who also gets the “what the?” look from his colleagues), or any of a number of massively inarticulate sportspeople.

canberra towie canberra towie 10:41 am 04 Nov 07

She must of been listening to a 2pac cd on her way to work hahaha

Heavs Heavs 11:46 am 03 Nov 07

Great head for radio does that one. I have to run screaming from the room when I see her mug on the screen.

TAD TAD 10:45 am 03 Nov 07

Both of their viewers must have had a good laugh at that one.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:37 am 03 Nov 07

Her sing-song sign-off on VT stories always cracks me up: “Meryn Coopaahh, WIN News”.

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