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WIN TV… loves Wollongong… not really Canberra

By greeneyed - 21 August 2009 45

So tonight we hear the news that WIN TV is going to broadcast the Wollongong Dragons V Brisbane Broncos live across their network in NSW and Queensland tomorrow night (Friday 21 August). This is despite Channel Nine broadcasting the Wests Tigers V Parramatta Eels in Sydney, and the normal practice would be… what is seen in Sydney, is seen in NSW and the ACT.

On the (unfortunately rare, and unjustifiably rare) occasions when Channel Nine has decided to put the Canberra Raiders on free to air TV on a Friday night… but invariablly decided to put the Raiders on the delayed game at 9.30pm, we were told that it was IMPOSSIBLE for WIN TV to broadcast the Raiders live at 7.30pm – even if it was a game actually being played outside Canberra. Yes, WIN TV told us we must see what Sydney sees. The Raiders must be on delay, just like in Sydney.

So what gives now? Suddenly it IS possible for WIN TV to flick a switch and show the game that ISN’T on in Sydney?

Yes, we now know, WIN TV doesn’t give a damn about the Canberra audience. It is Wollongong TV, and they are not interested in serving the Canberra TV market.

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
WIN TV… loves Wollongong… not really Canberra
Genie 4:44 pm 21 Aug 09

I believe they covered this on the footy show last year. The 2 Friday night games are usually picked being the 2 best clashes to see that round. (when the schedule is announced and normally involving a QLD team.) As for air times, the QLD teams game would be shown live into QLD, and the other game live in NSW.

But I’m confused.. The Eels games was advertised as being live in Canberra with the Dragons game delayed. Which game is the 730 game and which is the 930 game now ? You guys are making it sound like its the other way around now. Although I would much rather see the top of the table clash between the Dragons and Broncos live, than a middle of the ladder clash.

greeneyed 4:13 pm 21 Aug 09

scoota – The games that WIN declined to cover live this year were played at Penrith and the Gold Coast. Live cover into Canberra wouldn’t have affected the gate at Canberra Stadium…

scoota 3:07 pm 21 Aug 09

Regardless of technical issues etc, any smart person would know that the game at Wollongong is a sell out. Therefore it makes real to televise it dont you think? The game in Canberra however will be lucky to reach 4000 so why make it harder on the Raiders to fill seats by giving it free to air coverage? If all else fails get pay tv or become real paying members of your chosen club.

What did’nt think of that?

Go the Raiders..

Eyeball In A Quart J 3:03 pm 21 Aug 09

WIN Executives are also going to push for a live prime-time broadcast of a game that’s played at ‘WIN Stadium’.

Maybe a re-branding of Canberra stadium is in order?

Eyeball In A Quart J 2:20 pm 21 Aug 09

greeneyed said :

Eyeball – Are you seriously saying that broadcasting the Raiders live into Canberra would be difficult to do technically, in the year 2009? Capital TV, when they had the rights, did it often in the late 1980s!

It’s not impossible, but there’s so many factors at play here.

Also, Capital TV/Southern Cross Ten broadcasts from Canberra. WIN TV doesn’t.

greeneyed 1:43 pm 21 Aug 09

MrMagoo – The games WIN has declined to broadcast live into Canberra were games played in Sydney or Queensland. The impact on gate takings at Canberra Stadium was not an issue.

Eyeball – Are you seriously saying that broadcasting the Raiders live into Canberra would be difficult to do technically, in the year 2009? Capital TV, when they had the rights, did it often in the late 1980s!

Deckard 1:14 pm 21 Aug 09

When 2 games clash on Fox you can press the red button and watch which ever one you want. I wonder when or if this will be happening with Channel 9/WIN?

realityskin 12:34 pm 21 Aug 09


But you can watch it at depending on which game they play first.

Poor second cousin to the TV, but….

dereg52 12:29 pm 21 Aug 09

Maybe it’s because the game’s at WIN Stadium, they want to get the most live coverage and bang for their buck.

I reckon if more people went to Raiders games and they actually reached their goal of 5000 members – they’d get better tv coverage.

Mick 11:40 am 21 Aug 09

I am so pissed off right now.

I am a massive Eels fan and wanted to go up to the game in Sydney, but I have my three kids with me and it’s too hard to get up there this arvo.

So, not only can’t I see the game live at the ground, I can’t even watch it live at home with my kids.

What a load…

PM 10:23 am 21 Aug 09

Go the Saints!

Eyeball In A Quart J 10:10 am 21 Aug 09

It WOULD be impossible for WIN TV to simply ‘flick a switch’ in regards to the Raiders game as they would not have any control over what they were receiving from TCN9 in Sydney.

The obvious difference here is that the Dragons game is being played in Wollongong, and WIN’s facilities up there are probably being utilised in broadcasting the game and sending out to TCN9.

The same couldn’t really apply here in Canberra because the station here is just a small shack that broadcasts nothing but the news.

DrShrink 9:58 am 21 Aug 09

The Dragons are a top 4 team and bring ratings, Canberra isn’t and wont. It has nothing to do with parochialism or schoolyard style liking of one city over the other…
When we get good, they’ll show Raiders games in prime time.

Hells_Bells74 9:52 am 21 Aug 09

Yep.. WIN.. Wollongong Illawarra Nowra! How about ACT TV or CYG TV (Canberra Yass Goulburn)? Or something else that means something to us.

Because in all my time being a Canberran I have had stuff all to ever do with any of those first three places.

It’s dumb!

And their local news, I can’t watch it anymore! Let alone the way they butcher sport for people.

MrMagoo 9:47 am 21 Aug 09

WIN TV is Wollongong based so it’s no real surprise. disappointing though as an Eels fan I was really looking forward to tonights game and a couple of refreshments.

Regarding the Raiders, you may find that Raiders CEO Don Furner has asked not to be the live game as it affects crowd numbers given the freshness of the air at Canberra Stadium of a night. The option to watch it live and not get cold proves too tempting to some fans.

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